17 Best Free Music Download Sites (To Get 100% Legal mp3 Music)

Published Date : Mar 20, 2024
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Best Free Music Download Sites

Let us introduce you to 17 reliable sites to download music for free in 2024 so you can lose yourself in your favorite music without worrying about legal or monetary issues.

Music is calm in the chaos of our life. It is something that brings happiness to our hearts when we are in emotional turmoil or adds to joyous vibes when we wish to celebrate happy emotions. We all want to listen to our favorite tracks whenever we feel low, on top of the world or simply need some motivation to sail through the day. However, are there any legal music download sites offering free downloads?

Well, you will be delighted to know the digital world has a plethora of free music download sites. However, since not all of them are safe and legal, we decided to dive deep into them to find the truly reliable ones.

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After a careful search and analysis, we have curated a list of the 17 best websites to download music for free. Let us take a look at it without making you wait to experience the joy of music.


List of 17 Best Music Download Sites to Get 100% Free Music (Completely Legal)

Below are the true gems in the world of MP3 music download sites to get MP3s downloaded for free and 100% legally, i.e., with no copyright issues.

1. MP3Skull


Let us first talk about MP3Skull. It is among the most popular music download sites with completely legal and free music. Moreover, it doubles up as a video-to-MP3 converter too.

Furthermore, below are some delightful features making MP3Skull one of the best free music download sites.

Key features of MP3Skull

  • Fully compatible with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
  • Support for all Audio III Layer formats
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Fast search and quick downloads
  • Supports file previewing before downloading them
  • Allows downloading from popular websites, like 4Shared, YouTube, and Deezer
  • Lets you share music directly via Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp
  • You can select the saving directory for your downloaded files

Visit Here

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2. Jamendo


Created in 2004 in Luxembourg, Jamendo makes it to the second position on our list of the best websites to download music for free. Here you can find well-crafted radio stations and a collection of more than 500,000 free songs.

Talking about features, here is what we liked the most about Jamendo.

Key features of Jamendo

  • Protects all songs by Creative Commons License to keep you out of copyright troubles
  • Allows you to explore music from independent artists
  • Availability of royalty-free music you can use commercially
  • There is an in-built online radio
  • A “Latest Music” filter to quickly find recently added tracks and downloadable music from familiar artists

Visit Here

3. SoundCloud


Next, we would like to talk about SoundCloud music downloaders. With 135 million+ tracks, it is among the most popular and best MP3 download sites for features, such as a streaming option before downloading a track, sharing music streaming with family and friends, and placing a video widget on any website.

Additionally, the following are some other remarkable features of this one of the top free music download sites.

Key features of SoundCloud

  • Availability of unlimited audio
  • Unique filters to search for the music of your choice
  • Offers music from both popular and new artists

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4. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library 
YouTube Audio Library

Here comes the YouTube Audio Library. Primarily aimed at users needing royalty-free sound for their YouTube videos, this website offers unlimited songs for download.

Below are a few incredible features of this website that brought it to this post dedicated to the best MP3 music download sites.

Key features of YouTube Audio Library

  • Easily accessible via YouTube Studio
  • Availability of sound effects along with free music
  • You can perform mood and genre-based music search
  • Tracks are available as a part of the Creative Commons License

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5. Bensound


We have Bensound in the fifth position on our list of the best free MP3 music download sites. In addition to mood and genre, it even allows you to apply instrument-based filters in your search for free music to download. Moreover, below are some other fascinating Bensound features.

Key features of Bensound

  • Availability of royalty-free stock music
  • 80+ free tracks available
  • User-friendly interface

Visit Here

6. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is yet another website to download music for free. The website allows you to search for instrumental music and duration-based music search filters. Moreover, you can choose from sixteen genres of music, such as jazz, pop, experimental, international, blues, and novelty.

Furthermore, the following features contribute to making Free Music Archive one of the best free music download sites.

Key features of Free Music Archive

  • Tons of free music categories
  • Allows you to stream music before downloading it
  • High-end search box

Visit Here

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

You may be surprised to find Amazon Music as one of the top 10 music download websites. However, it offers a decent collection of songs you can download for free. You only need to select “Free” from the search bar to find them.

As far as features are concerned, Amazon Music offers many options to filter and modify search results and the following.

Key features of Amazon Music

  • Availability of 4000+ free soundtracks
  • Allows you to customize your download list
  • Lets you preview a song before downloading it

Visit Here

8. ReverbNation


Next, we would like to introduce you to ReverbNation. In addition to free song downloading, ReverbNation offers an option to list tracks streamable through your browser. Moreover, you can find music from both well-known and new artists. Furthermore, here are some other delightful ReverbNation features.

Key features of ReverbNation

  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Genre-based filters to find music effortlessly
  • Plays music with one tap

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9. SoundClick


SoundClick is yet another best website to download music for free. It has music from both signed and unsigned musicians. Moreover, you can create your own radio stations, communicate with others, and know your favorite artists better.

Along with this, the following features are also a reason SoundClick is among the best free MP3 download websites.

Key features of SoundClick

  • Concise and friendly interface
  • Availability of a wide range of music download deals
  • A plethora of genres to choose from

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10. The Internet Archive

Internet Archive

In addition to knowing how the web looked way back in time, you can use The Internet Archive doubles up as one of the best free music download sites. We like it the most for its Live Music Archive.

Additionally, the following are other attractive features of this free website to download music.

Key features of The Internet Archive

  • You can trade some music on this website for non-commercial purposes
  • In addition to music, you can download audiobooks
  • Also available are poetry readings, radio shows, and public affairs talks
  • Allows you to filter the search results by topics, media type, language, and more

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11. Last.fm

Next, we have Last.fm on our list of the best free MP3 music download sites. It allows one-click music downloads and song previewing and offers the following outstanding features that justify its position in this post.

Key features of Last.fm

  • Allows browsing by categories like coming soon, new releases, going through the whole list
  • One selection downloads the complete song
  • Thousands of songs available for streaming
  • Recommends the bands you might like

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12. BeatStars

When talking about the best MP3 download sites, we cannot skip BeatStars. It lists all free downloads together. Moreover, features like the availability of over 8 million beats from a wide range of producers, mood, key, BPM, energy, duration, instrument, and genre-based filters, and the following contribute to justifying BeatStars’s popularity.

Key features of BeatStars

  • A plethora of genres to choose from
  • Allows you to sort the music list by trending, latest, and top-selling

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13. Musopen

Musopen is among the best free music download sites to get classical music downloaded. It offers sheet music and recordings from some highly-popular musicians of the world for free. Moreover, the following are some other fascinating Musopen features.

Features of Musopen

  • Allows you to browse free music by period, instrument, form, composer, or performer
  • An excellent music discovery tool and filters to find the music you wish to download
  • Lets you preview the music before downloading it

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14. Bandcamp

No discussion about the best free MP3 download websites can be complete without Bandcamp. You can effortlessly download songs or complete albums from this website. Moreover, in addition to MP3, it supports WAV, OGG, MP3, AAC, and FLAC formats. Furthermore, the following are its other exciting features.

Key features of Bandcamp

  • No user account is needed to download music from Bandcamp
  • Extensive collection of downloadable music
  • Both free and paid plans are available

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15. Audiomack

Let us conclude the best websites to download music with Audiomack. It comes with a page section to help you find all the newly released music. Additionally, ease of use, multiple ways to filter, sort, and browse music, and the following features justify Audiomack’s name on this list.

Key features of Audiomack

  • Every song is streamable
  • No user account is required to download music
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile apps to stream music

Visit Here

16. Wynk

Wynk is the next name on this list of the best free music download sites in 2024. The Wynk music app is a quite useful platform for music lovers. You can download the app or visit its website to download different songs with ease.

Key features of Wynk

  • Effective music streaming and downloading solution
  • Allows you to download the entire playlist with a click.
  • Customizable UI
  • Contains songs from top artists, genres, and more.

Visit Here

17. Spotify

You must have already heard of Spotify. This is one of the best music streaming platforms but do you know that this is also the best free music download site for you? You can login to the platform and download the required songs with ease.

Key features of Spotify

  • Tons of content from international artists.
  • Allows you to select the genre of music.
  • Podcasts, audio shows, songs, and more.

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Summing Up the Best Music Download Sites in 2024

This article acquainted you with the best free music download sites. You can find and download your favorite music from these websites to soothe your soul with melodious musical tones or dance your heart out on the foot-tapping music.

If you think some other free MP3 music download sites also deserve to be a part of this list or you have any other concerns about this article, please write us a comment. We would be happy to hear from you.

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