22 Best Free PC Games Downloading Sites (Latest 2024)

Published Date : Jun 07, 2024
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Best Free PC Games Downloading Sites

Here is the entire list of the best free PC games download sites in 2024 that you can rely on and download the latest and most beloved games on your wishlist without spending a penny. 

Gaming is one of the best ways to blow off some steam when you are tired from your office job, studies, or any other hectic activity. Additionally, for some top-notch gamers, games are also a source to generate some funds. Some gamers like to stream their gameplay either live or upload to different platforms after recording. While there are others who just like to explore new games and execute different levels just for the thrill of it.

For all of these gamers, one of the major problems that appear is that they can’t find a reliable and best website to download PC games. Although different games are available on platforms like Steam, Battle.net, Uplay, Origin (now EA app), etc., generally, gamers have to pay some money to get the games. However, all gamers may not be able to fork in a few bucks to enjoy any game.

For such gamers, we have brought together this list of the best sites to download PC games. All these websites are tried and tested by us before listing in the article. You can safely download any game you want from the website without having to fear broken links, hidden viruses, trojans, malware, or any other threat. Additionally, these websites also offer you multiple options to download games at once, in parts, from multiple handles, etc. So, let’s have a look at the best website to download PC games for free list, right away.

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22 Best Free PC Games Download Sites in 2024

So, let’s take the first step toward uninterrupted gaming by downloading your favorite games using the PC games download sites provided below. Try to find the games you want on the website and then download from any alternative as required.

1. Ocean Of Games

Ocean Of Games

The first name on this list as the best site to download PC games for free is Ocean Of Games. This website has been in the run for years and offers all the popular PC games to you. You can surf the required games according to different categories like Action, RPG, Adventure, etc. or you can search for specific ones as required. The downloading and installation process of the games offered by the Ocean of Games is a little complicated but once you get a hang of it, you can download any game with ease. Hence, one of the best sites to download PC games.

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2. Steam


Steam is one of the most popular and widely opted gaming client platforms. You can also use Steam as one of the best PC games download sites. Here, you will find a variety of games straight from the house of the developers. Additionally, the platform also allows any developer to upload their games for free. However, for some of the high-end games and editions, you may need to pay some bucks. You can download the game as required and play it right away using this one of the smartest and best free game downloading sites.

3. ThePcGames.Net


Another reliable addition to this free PC game download sites list is ThePCGames.Net. Just like OceanOfGames, you can use the website to download as many games as you want for free. However, what’s the best part about the website is that it provides an option to download games in parts, unlike most other websites to download games for free. Gamers love to use the website but the only bad thing is that it contains a lot of ads and annoying pop-ups.

4. OvaGames


The next entry in this list of the best PC games download sites is OvaGames. This is one of the best websites as OvaGames allows you to download any game you want, at once. Additionally, you can also look for and try different games according to categories. The search feature of the website is also very strong, accurate, and reliable. When you try to download any game, the website offers different options and platforms to you. One thing that may bother you is that this best site to download PC games for free contains a lot of ads.

5. GameJolt


GameJolt is a reliable and trustworthy website that shines bright in this best PC games download sites list. Just like Steam, GameJolt is a standalone gaming client for all. You can first download the app for GameJolt and then download the required games to play using the platform. You should try this best site to download PC games for free if you are looking for games like OddVenture, House Party, and various others for free.

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6. Itch.Io


If you are into Indie games, then you will surely love using this one of the best PC games download sites. On this website, you will find different games from different genres and categories. Both free and paid games are available for all to download and play accordingly. You can look for a particular game or developer if required and subscribe to the same for new updates and additions. If you are looking for free PC game download sites with an easy-to-use interface, then Itch is the one to try.

7. FitGirl Repacks

FitGirl Repacks

Let’s have a look at another one of the best PC games download sites for free. FitGirl Repacks is like a library of games and games’ repacks. You can download games as you want from the website. The website’s interface is quite simple and allows you an entire list of games from A-Z that are easy to navigate. From popular games like the Grand Theft Auto series, and more, you can download any and as many games using this best website to download PC games for free.

8. Reddit 


A lot of gamers may not know this but you can even download games using Reddit. This is one of the best PC games download sites that offer different creators and developers. You can access the latest games from different developers around the globe or even follow specific gamers, creators, or anyone else if you want. However, it is advanced that you proceed with caution as black sheep are everywhere and some creators may upload a broken, virus-infected, malware-carrying, or any other compromised link. As for the rest, this is one of the best names on this free PC game download sites list. You can also use Reddit as one of the best free movie download sites.

9. GameTrex


The next name as one of the best PC games download sites is GameTrex. The interface of this website is one of the best ones yet. Additionally, the website does not contain any broken download links that shatter your expectations. The website may contain some ads by all of these redirects to another tab that you can just close before loading. Search for any game and download using different links with this amazing alternative to free PC games download sites.

10. OldGamesDownload.Com


If you are into retro or vintage games, then you will love OldGamesDownload.Com. This is one of the most reliable PC games download sites that allow you to download games for Windows, DOS, Apple, and other operating systems. Additionally, you can even find games according to the years they were published in. The library of games contains names as old as the early 1970s. All the games on this website are absolutely free to download. Addiatnlly, this is one of those smoothest and simplest websites to download games for free.

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11. Origin


Origin is one of the well-known platforms for downloading PC games. It is owned and operated by EA, a leading gaming company across the world. It comes with built-in Twitch streaming, social media & console account integration, in-depth profile management, and other features. Origin is an ideal choice for finding and playing the games. However, it does not have too many free-to-play games, but there are still numerous good titles available that you can enjoy.

12. G2A

G2A - PC Game Downloading Sites

Let us now take a look at G2A to download PC games. On this PC games downloading site, you get huge discounts on new games. Moreover, it boasts a G2A Loot System where you can connect with other users to exchange coins to access Cases. These Cases allow you to download many free games. If you are a lucky opener, these free games also include the newly released AAA titles.

13. MegaGames


The next name on this list of the Best Free PC Games Downloading Sites for you in 2024 is MegaGames. Established in 1998, MegaGames is a reliable source to download games of multiple genres. With the help of the platform, you can download tons of freeware games. Moreover, you can also find mods for existing games on this website. Lastly, the website also offers the latest news and informational blogs related to the gaming domain as well.

14. Battle.net


Battle.net or BNET is yet another site to download PC games for free. Owned and managed by Activision Blizzard, this platform allows you to find and download popular games like World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and more.

Moreover, Battle.net boasts a proprietary launcher and a friend list to connect with your pals to know what they are up to and ensure your gaming experience is fun.

15. AllGamesAtoZ


Next up on our list of best PC free PC games downloading sites is AllGamesAtoZ. However, solely it is not a site to download personal computer games in contrast to other websites such as Steam and Origin. Instead, it is a database that provides information on all of the PC games that can be downloaded for free. It is mostly a helpful resource that provides lists of the numerous free PC games that are now available in the world. This website is updated at regular intervals with new free games, and it also gives links to other websites, such as Battle.net and Epic Games Store.

16. World Of PC Games

World Of PC Games

The next name on this list of the best free PC games download sites is World Of PC Games. On this website, you will find a collection of high-end and low-end games. The platform offers multiple games to you under various categories. Here, you can download different games and apps according to the operating system you are using. The website offers games for Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and other devices.

17. ApunKaGames.com


Another great addition to this list of the best game-downloading sites is ApunKaGames.com. This website is the house to over 100,000 different games. Here, you can surf the games from multiple categories and genres. For your ease, the website also offers game downloading in parts. Hence, instead of downloading big games right away, you can download small parts of the game and then extract all the files to get the game. The website also allows you to search for games, mods, repacks, etc.

18. Skidrow Games

Skidrow Games

Here comes Skidrow Games. It is among the best free PC game downloading sites because of its enormous collection of the latest and good old PC games with torrent links and direct downloads. Moreover, this website is continuously updated with new games and allows gamers to download them effortlessly. Furthermore, the short game description with license codes and serial numbers helps users get the perfect games for their requirements. The cherry on top is if you do not find your favorite game in the available games, you can request it from Skidrow Games.

19. GOG


The next name on this list of the best free PC games download sites is GOG. GOG is one of the most amazing websites that you will ever try. The website offers a plethora of games to you from multiple genres and categories. The website also allows you to buy different games apart from downloading them for free. With the help of this website, you can even join gamers’ communities to keep in touch with everyone.

20. Games Lab

Games Lab

Games Lab is another free PC games downloading website you can use to play different games. You can play hundreds of puzzles and games online for free. It is straightforward to use, all you have to do is just choose the game you want to play and start playing the game to unlock new challenges and achievements.

The versatile game choices are available that help you select the game of your choice. Mini-game league and unlimited gaming options make Games Lab an excellent choice. With the help of this online gaming website, you can even join the community of gamers worldwide and stay in touch with everyone.

21. GameTop


If you are still looking for a website to download PC games for free, then you can take the help of GameTop. This is a free website that houses a plethora of games for you. You can download any type of game for free using GameTop. The website may contain annoying ads but makes up for it by offering a large variety of games for PC, Android, and other operating systems.

22. Winlator


The next website that you can try to download multiple games for your Windows PC is Winlator. This is one of the best free PC games download websites that allow you to search for the required game and then download it. You download the entire package of the game from this website or use the portable version as required.

Listed: PC Games Download Sites in 2024

So, we hope that you as satisfied with the alternatives or the best sites to download PC games provided above. Using at least one or more of these, you can easily download the latest, oldest, or any other game from any category with ease. All the alternatives allow you to download the best games for free. You can navigate through the website, search for the required games, or even surf different categories of games to find the perfect and required one.

All of these websites offer the same thing to you, games, but in different ways. Some may provide you with download links to the entire game while others may allow you to download in parts. So, you need to use any of these PC games download sites as required. You may not have the system resources or the data packs to download the high-end games at once. So, it’s best to download it in parts, the rest is up to you.

If you want any other help from our end, use the comments section below to convey your queries.

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