10 Best Free Font Download Websites in 2024

Published Date : Jan 10, 2024
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10 best font download website for free in 2024

In this article, we have listed some of the best font download sites you can use to download your favorite fonts easily. To know more about the offering, follow the article.

All the software or programs on your laptop have some or the other default fonts which you can use. The fonts are mostly enough for any program, but you need to have different fonts for some projects where you need to show little creativity and use other languages. Choosing the best font can be very tough if you are new to selecting fonts.

To help you select the best fonts, we have listed the best free fonts download websites that you can use to download the font that suits your requirements. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at the list of best font download websites.

Top 10 Best Free Font Sites to Use in 2024

Here are the best font download sites which you can use and easily download fonts.

1. Google Fonts

Google Fonts

Google has been offering the software and programs which every user wants for their projects and work. Google Fonts is a wonderful creation by Google which gives you every type of font. The website offers an impressive catalog of 980 fonts, which includes more than 130 language fonts. The website does not charge any money for using the fonts, which is why it is considered the best free fonts download website.

Using the website, you can easily find the fonts. All you need to do for searching the font is tap on the search box and search for a font with the name. Google Fonts is an ideal website for every user, even if you are new to the technical world. To help you with the fonts, the website has different categories too. So for all the users who don’t know the name, they can refer to the categories and choose.

Other than the categories, you can easily find fonts based on thickness, slant, and width. You can easily choose the ideal font and download them. You can even preview the fonts and type the letter to check.

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2. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a free fonts download site that you can use to download fonts for your commercial use. The font which can be used for a commercial purpose is dark and thick, while on the other hand, the fonts which are illegal to use for commercial purpose are light in color. We suggest you use only the legal fonts for commercial use. You can use the fonts in commercial software like graphics design software or Interior design software.

The website has a very unique and neat interface that will help you find the best font. The fonts are bifurcated with different signs. The fonts used for computer software and documents have a computer icon, the kindle icon is for eBooks and portable documents, and the phone icon is for mobile apps and software fonts.

The fonts are free to use, and you can effortlessly search them by filtering based on tags, license, size, language, and others. Other than this, you can also filter the fonts based on recently added, most popular, hot today sizes, and hot web fonts. Though you can select the fonts quickly by someone else, this website cannot be included in the list of best font creator tools, but the variety of offerings makes this website one of the best free font sites.

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3. Fontspace


Next up in the list of best font download sites, we have Fontspace. The website offers more than 64k fonts for free. All the fonts which are provided by the website are legal to use and are licensed. You can find the font which fulfills your requirements. On the website page, you can check the preview of the font and choose easily.

Besides just the random fonts view, you can even search for fonts based on popularity and categories. Before choosing the font, the website offers you to check them with different background colors, sizes and combine them with other fonts. After you have selected the font to download, you can simply click on the cloud icon, and it will be downloaded.

You can use the downloaded fonts for your professional software like Interior design or presentations. You don’t have to pay any penny or register yourself to use the fonts. The process is hassle-free which is why the website is one of the best websites to download fonts.

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4. Befonts


Another great free fonts download site in the list that you can consider trying. Befonts is home to all the creative resources. The website has various fonts, which include personal as well as commercial fonts. On the website, there is a separate section named font family. You can click on the section and find the relevant details about the font, including the font format and license.

The best part about the website is that it offers a pictorial view of the fonts using which you can check how the font will look in the project. The picture display is a step ahead of this website, which helps the website be on the list of the best free font download sites.

You can experiment with each font and then select the best font for your project. If you face any difficulty finding fonts, you can click on the categories list on the right corner and choose from them. The list includes basic, display, script, and miscellaneous. These categories further have sub-categories to choose from.

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5. DaFont


If you are looking for the best place to download fonts, then DaFont can end your search. The website has a very interactive and impressive interface that offers a unique category system. You can easily find the right type of font, which can be ideal for your project. To search for fonts, you can search by alphabets, themes, author, country, and others.

Other than this, you can even check for fonts by their name, latest addition, and popularity. If you wish to use only the free fonts, you can filter the search by selecting 100% free fonts. You can preview the fonts and check how it goes with the project. After you have finalized the font, you can click on the download button, and the font will be downloaded in a .ZIP file format. The process is hassle-free as you don’t even have to register to download the best free fonts from this font website.

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6. FFonts


The list of best fonts download sites is packed with the greatest website. The following website on the list is FFonts. It offers more than 100,000 font options to choose from. On the website, you can easily select the font and check the preview before finalizing them. The website’s simple interface makes it very easy for the user to find the best font he/she is looking for.

The user can select the categories from the right side menu. After the user selects the font, the website will display all the details required about the font. As some of the best free font download sites, this website also offers an image preview option. The image preview makes it very easy for the user to choose.

The website also supports importing images for font search. You can simply import the photo with font, and the website will present a list of fonts that are present on the image.

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7. Free Script Fonts

Free Script Fonts

Free Script Fonts is another best website to download fonts. The website offers various types of fonts which can be easily downloaded using Dropbox. If you wish to use the fonts for commercial purposes, you need to pay some money. For commercial use, the website offers a full version of the font. The amount charged by the website is determined by the author.

You can easily search for the ideal fonts by going through the categories. The website has 8 different categories including bold, display, fancy, heart, logotype, kids, wedding font, and feminine. Other than this the website also offers Adobe XD Resources and Most UI kits. All in all, it is not only the best place to download fonts but it also offers other resources too.

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8. Fonts Arena

Fonts Arena

Next in the list of best font download websites, we have Fonts Arena. The website has many beautiful fonts which you can use for your personal as well as professional projects. You can simply search for the type of font which you want and choose them from the list. You can insert the keyword or the category to search effectively.

Other than searching you can also pick fonts from the categorized list. The categories are created on various aspects/names of the font which includes best, sans, serif, variable, etc. After you click the font you will find a detailed description of it which includes license and language support. Other than downloading fonts you can read articles on font and get the latest typeface news.

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9. Pinspiry Fonts

Pinspiry Fonts

There are many sites using which you can download fonts but this is very unique and can end your search for the best sites to download fonts for free. This website has a very interactive and unique interface that attracts most users. The website unlike other font websites offers an image preview on the home page itself with different fonts and different background colors. The website offers a catalog of serif, sans, slab, script, and display fonts that can be downloaded for free.

The website also offers weekly freebies which any user can avail and get the free font for commercial use. Other than just being the best place to download fonts, you can also consider this website for templates, graphics, photos, and mockups.

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10. Unblast


The last website in the list of best font download sites is Unblast. This website is also considered the best place to download fonts. The interface of the website is very unique and clean, you can easily check for fonts on the home page only. The homepage offers a variety of fonts with background images too which makes it very useful for anyone to choose.

The website also suggests the best fonts according to the profession as well. So if you are new to graphic design this site will offer some suggestions which most of the users use for graphics work. So whether you are new to the profession you can still find the ideal font for the project.

The website offers both free as well as premium fonts, which you can choose depending on the requirements. The fonts are organized in different categories including serif, sans serif, display, condensed, vintage, script, and many others. Other than this you can even search for the fonts using the keywords. The fonts which appear in the search result will have an Fn mark below them. The mark depicts that it has been filtered according to the keyword.

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Conclusion: Best Websites to Download Free Fonts in 2024

 If you are looking for a site to download fonts for free then this article is definitely going to help you. The above-mentioned websites are the best font download sites that you can use to download the font for personal as well as professional use. You can read the description and choose the website that fulfills your requirements. We hope that we have helped you in finding the best place to download fonts. If we did rate the article and the quality of content. We would love to hear from your side and will try to improve. For more information articles, subscribe to our newsletter.

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