7 Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools to Use in 2024

Published Date : Jan 24, 2024
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Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools

The best Instagram analytics apps go a long way in helping you boost your Instagram presence and connect with your customers in the right way. Hence, you can read this article to know about them in detail.

“Meet your customers where they are” is a principle businesses have followed for ages. For example, they targeted their marketing effort towards newspapers, magazines, and TV channels when their target audience spent most of their leisure time with these platforms. Now, since Instagram scrolling has replaced newspaper reading as the new morning routine (particularly for the new generation) and people worldwide devote more of their time to it, businesses also rely on Instagram marketing to communicate effectively with their customers, while using Instagram analytics to track and measure their performance.

The Instagram profile analyzers and analytics tools offer insights into your success in engaging with your target audience and increasing your follower base. It helps you identify the gaps between your marketing plans and actual performance so that you can take necessary remedial actions.

Though you may find many free Instagram analytics tools on the web, not all of them check all the right boxes. For example, some of them overlook key Instagram metrics such as the number of accounts that connect with your content, changes to the number of followers, analysis of performance according to the type of content, etc. Even if they take into account all the factors, they do not provide an in-depth analytical report, unless you pay a hefty price.

Hence, we dig deeper into a wide range of tools to find and list the truly best free Instagram analyzers, offering in-depth insights and reports on all stats. Let us get started with them without wasting your valuable time.

List of the Best Instagram Analytics Tools (Free) in 2024

You can try the following carefully curated tools to analyze Instagram profiles, followers, hashtags, and other key stats to identify the room for improvement in your marketing efforts.

1. Iconosquare


Let us introduce you to Iconosquare. It is among the best free Instagram analyzers for large and small businesses with new posts scheduling, tracking the performance of your Instagram stories, complete Instagram audit, and the following delightful features to justify its position on our list.

Key features of Iconosquare

  • You can perform a complete profile analysis, including engagement rate per post, follower growth, impressions, reach, comparison between regular and promotional content, and content categorization
  • It offers Instagram hashtag analytics and competitor tracking to help you beat the competition
  • Iconosquare boasts a buffer-like tool that helps you manage posting across multiple accounts simultaneously
  • There is a media library where you can find ready-to-use content such as high-resolution images
  • It allows you to search for influencers to promote your brand

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2. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights

You can look into your Instagram account if you do not wish to go too far in search of the best Instagram analytics tool. You can use Instagram Insights to keep track of your followers and mentions if you have a business Instagram account. This free tool offers details such as audience demographics, your most popular posts, your account’s reach, and the following helpful features.

Key features of Instagram Insights

  • You can guess the effectiveness of your paid efforts by comparing original posts with promoted versions
  • It offers analytics for the complete account and individual posts
  • With Instagram Insights, you can view details such as total impressions, profile views, and reach for the last seven days
  • It allows you to view the call-to-action button and website clicks

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3. Keyhole


Are you looking for the best free Instagram profile analyzer to understand the sentiments of your customers towards your brand? If yes, you can try Keyhole. It offers influencer performance tracking according to the goals of your campaign, hashtag and keyword analytics to find influencers in your domain, and the following noteworthy features.

Key features of Keyhole

  • You can effortlessly track mentions, accounts, and URLs
  • It allows you to share and download the Instagram analytics report
  • Lets you analyze your competitor’s Instagram profile
  • You can schedule content and publish it straight from the application
  • Keyhole allows Instagram story analysis

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4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Here comes Sprout Social on our list of the best free software for Instagram analytics. This software perfectly marries content creation and management with Instagram analytics. Here, you get an editorial calendar to schedule content across various social media platforms, a centralized library with editing tools to manage media, and the following praiseworthy features.

Key features of Sprout Social

  • It updates the concerned person via a push notification when your content is ready for the next step (such as from preview to the scheduled stage)
  • You get access to the complete social CRM
  • Sprout Social allows you to track hashtag trends, content performance, engagement, and competition
  • You can choose the reporting period and number of profiles to get customized reports
  • With Sprout Social, you can measure key performance indicators for your Instagram stories, such as replies, clicks, etc.

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5. Phlanx


You can try Phlanx if you are looking for the best Instagram analytics for other accounts. It allows you to check the profiles of others to know their average per-post interactions and engagement rate. Moreover, complete influencer profile auditing, availability of an influencer directory, and the following features make this software an excellent tool.

Key features of Phlanx

  • You can software to know your Instagram follower count details, engagement rate, and average interactions on your posts
  • Phlanx boasts a contract generator to help you generate a JPG or PDF contract for influencer marketing
  • There are no limits on the number of business accounts you can audit
  • It allows you to download the Instagram analytics report

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6. Vaizle


Vaizle can be the best choice if you need a utility that brings together performance marketing, competitive analytics, and social media analytics on a single platform. Moreover, it offers effortless import of all your marketing data from different sources to one common place, for example, Google Sheets. Furthermore, below are some other top features of this software.

Key features of Vaizle

  • Boosts your productivity with quick analysis through intuitive charts and graphs
  • Instant and automatic report creation for effortless reporting
  • Vaizle gives a holistic view of your Meta ads, LinkedIn ads, Amazon ads, and Google ads
  • You get detailed insights on the location, gender, age, and device usage of your customers

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7. Pixlee


You can go for Pixlee if you are trying to find a free Instagram profile performance analyzer. With this easy-to-use software, you can monitor Instagram KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as follower count, number of publications, impressions, reach, how many users have clicked on the link in your Instagram bio, engagements, and engagement rate. Moreover, here are some other features that justify why we choose to list Pixlee as one of the best Instagram profile analyzer tools.

Key features of Pixlee

  • This software allows you to create reports (weekly and shareable) with metrics and analysis
  • Pixlee helps identify social media influencers and brand advocates to promote your brand
  • You can use this tool to check hashtag statistics and track hashtags
  • With this software, you can transform customer videos and photos into high-converting and engaging brand-creative

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Summing Up the Best Instagram Analytics Tools

Above, we did a rundown of the best free tools for Instagram analytics to help you channel your marketing efforts in the right direction. You can weigh the features of the above-listed tools in terms of your requirements to choose the perfect fit for you. Also, do not forget to comment on which tool you chose and why to help our other readers make their selections.

However, if you still have any lingering questions or have any suggestions about this piece of writing, please drop a comment in the comments section to get the discussion started without any hesitation. We will see you soon with another set of software recommendations and guides to make your life easier with technology.

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