15 Best Free File Managers For Windows 10, 11 In 2024

Published Date : Dec 21, 2023
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Best Free File Managers For windows 10 In 2024

Although Windows is powered with a default file manager tool, it fails to meet the requirements of Pro and tech-savvy users. In such scenarios, you need a powerful and the best file manager for your Windows 10 device that is packed with an array of useful functionalities and features.

Unlike the default tool, a third-party file manager for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 covers all the advanced features that a tech freak would prefer. Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the feature-rich, top-rated, best, and free file manager tools for Windows 10.

The section below covers a comprehensive list of features, including advanced file search, bookmarks, keyboard shortcuts, and a history of both paid and free file manager software alternatives.

What Are the Best Free File Managers For Windows 10 in 2024?

Here are some of the most powerful and effective file managers for Windows 10 that you can pick in 2024.

1. Explore Max

Explore Max

Our first pick on the list of best free file managers for windows 10 is this easy and efficient tool. Packed with plenty of advanced and useful features Explore Max promises unbeatable results.

Its interface is quite simple and straightforward. Tab browsing and timeline are two of the most important features of this Windows 10 file manager.

Here is what we love about Explore Max:

  • It has a modern design and an adaptive interface.
  • Explore Max is popular for its class-apart working powered with a quick search mechanism that offers organized outputs.
  • It also helps you get group results and fully supports dark and light skin.
  • In addition to this, you can also use it to zip/unzip and rename batch files.
  • A dual-pane is another feature that makes it’s working extra effective.


  • Dual panel interface
  • Simple and neat interface
  • Dark mode available
  • Faster search results
  • The software supports five different languages


  • Requires subscription

Download Here

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2. Explorer ++

Explorer ++

Next on our list of best free file explorers for Windows 10 is Explorer++. If you want to enjoy a great Windows experience then Explorer ++ is what you need. This open-source and free file management tool is best known for its plethora of features and fully customizable interface.

You can effortlessly download this compact software to your 64 and 32-bit Windows device.

Here is what we love about Explorer ++

  • It offers all the basic file functions including moving, sorting, filtering, splitting, and splitting files.
  • It comes with an uncluttered and efficient interface.
  • Enjoy cutting-edge features like a dual-pane interface, folder tabs, and One Drive integration with this best free file manager for Windows 10.
  • In addition to this, it also allows you to set bookmarks, change the attributes and dates of your files and also help you to save directory listings.


  • Free-to-use software
  • No need for the formal installation
  • Replaces Files Explorer from the default


  • Lacks on getting updates
  • The search function is not refined

Download Here

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3. Free Commander

Free Commander file manager

Next on our list of best file managers for Windows 10 is Free Commander. Best known for its simple appearance Freecommander has a lot to offer. You can use free file management software to shred files, rename batches, merging/splitting various files, archiving, zipping/unzipping files and for creating and validating checksum files.

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Here is what we love about Free Commander:

  • This best free file manager for Windows 10 offers a convenient interface with fast navigation options.
  • With its dual-pane interface, you can access and view two folders at a single time, which also makes copying and moving of folders easy.
  • It allows you to add folders tabs to each pane.
  • It is completely free of cost.
  • The only downside of this incredible file manager for Windows 10 is that it does not support One Drive or cloud services.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Effective keyboard shortcuts to ease the work
  • Restore and backup options are available


  • Marketed for tech-savvy users only
  • Irregular updates

Download Here

4. Directory Opus

Directory Opus

Directory Opus is another best free file manager for Windows 10 that you can pick. It is one of the oddest file manager tools that you can currently find and offers you an option to choose from single and double-pane.

Here is what we love about Directory Opus:

  • This incredible file manager for Windows 10 comes with a straightforward and intuitive interface.
  • With its powerful search options, users can easily look out for specific files and folders.
  • In addition to this, you can also use its file tree mechanism to toggle between various files in a hassle-free manner.
  • For convenient working it also lets you add tags and descriptions to various files. Moreover, you can also add ratings, colors, and icons for easy identification.
  • Apart from this, you can also pick it to enjoy a few cutting-edge features like:
  1. In-built support for FTP.
  2. It supports file renaming in batches.
  3. In addition to this, it also works as an integrated image converter and uploader.
  4. It also supports multiple file archive formats and metadata.


  • Clutter-free interface
  • The software offers both double-pane views as well as single-pane view
  • You can open multiple directories with the software easily
  • Search for files using the search feature


  • Expensive software
  • Limited support for users

Download Here

5. One Commander

One Commander

Next on our list of best file managers for Windows 10 is Once Commander. The tool comes with a minimalistic interface and an impressive design. With this stunning tool, you can get an integrated view of all your video, text, and audio files.

Here is what we love about One Commander:

  • Multi-column and double window viewing is what we love the most about this best free file manager for Windows 10.
  • You can use its folder bar to check the sub-folders in the folder tree pattern which supports easy navigation.
  • The tool is based on the icon menu.
  • In addition to this, a history panel is also available for you.
  • Apart from this you also get an option to choose from light, dark and white themes.
  • It is a free file manager tool for Windows 10.


  • The simple interface of the software
  • Backed with advanced features and shortcuts
  • Compatible with most of the Windows OS


  • The software doesn’t look complete
  • Requires subscription to use additional features

Download Here

6. Total Commander

Total Commander

If you are looking for a file manager for Windows 10 free download then Total Commander is what you need. This age-old tool has grown with time and has a lot to offer, cloud storage services being a major highlight.

Here is what we love about Total Commander:

  • The tool is designed in a classic layout and is packed with a plethora of basic and advanced features.
  • It provides an effortless way to organize and move your files, additionally, you also get to check the progress of your file transfer. The tool also lets you pause and resume file transfer as per your choice.
  • Adjustable keyboards, speedy navigation along with fully integrated file archiving options are few of its other features.
  • It is one of the best free file managers for Windows 10 that you can pick.


  • It supports multiple plugins
  • The software offers various advanced options
  • Charges no cost for usage
  • Compares files to show the difference


  • Not compatible with Linux and Mac OS
  • Custom configuration takes time

Download Here

7. Multi-Commander

Multi-Commander file managers

If you are looking for a file manager for Windows that offers a massive variety of plug-ing and tools, then Multi-Commander is what will suit your needs. It makes one of the best file explorers for Windows 10 because of the following features.

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Here is what we love about Multi-Commander:

  • For better user experience, the tool has many easily adjustable buttons.
  • What you also get with this best and free file manager for Windows 10 is drive shortcuts that ensure easy access to various files.
  • Filter-based file coloring is another useful feature that you can access.
  • It is a free tool and is also available in a portable version.
  • The only downside is its complicated parameters.


  • Dual-Pane view
  • Offers multiple tools for images and videos
  • Highly customizable software


  • Outdated interface
  • Complex to function

Download Here

8. Q-Dir – The Quad Explorer

Q-Dir - The Quad Explorer

Image Source: Portable apps

Enjoy a four-pane view with this impressive and best file manager for windows 10. If you want to manage your files in a hassle-free manner then there is no better option than Q-Dir.

Here is what we love about Q-Dir – The Quad Explorer

  • You can use it to create and customize folder tabs for easy working.
  • It lets you organize your files in a specific pattern.
  • It is a free file management tool that you can pick in 2021.


  • Offers multiple windows to function
  • Windows can have further tabs for ease
  • Free software to use
  • Fully customizable


  • Sometimes the users witness bugs
  • No option for search

Download Here

9. WinDirStat


Powered with an intuitive and standard interface, WinDirStat is our next pick. It is an open-source and free file manager tool for Windows 10.

Here is what we love about WinDirStat:

  • It helps in the easy identification of multiple files by using color coding.
  • Apart from this it also uses different file colors in accordance with the space they are occupying, for instance, the bulkiest file is colored in blue.
  • It also gives you daily space usage statistics by various files daily.


  • Check the status of disk space
  • Stats of the usages are also offered by the software
  • The cleanup tool is also available
  • Charges no cost for usage


  • Automatically removes files

Download Here

10. XYplorer


Next on our list of best file managers for Windows 10 is XYplorer. Enjoy smooth navigation with its folder tree structure and access your files in the dual pane.

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Here is what we love about XYplorer:

  • With its mini tree feature, you can easily toggle between various directories and find your targeted file.
  • It also supports content search, supports standard expressions, uses advanced patterns, and also supports fuzzy matching.
  • With its search feature, you can also locate duplicate files.
  • It also tags various files for better organization.


  • Compact software which uses very little RAM
  • Customizable with modes
  • Different tabs for easy switching


  • Premium account holder can use is after the trial

Download Here

11. FileVoyager


Image Source: FileVoyager

Enjoy unmatched functions and an extensive list of tools with this best and free file manager for Windows 10. The tool has several display modes to offer along with a dual-pane layout.

Here is what we love about FileVoyager:

  • It offers all the benchmark features including copying, deleting, moving, and renaming of files.
  • With its portable version, you can access shortcuts to several folders.
  • It is a free tool.


  • Offers various features to ease the work
  • The software has a portable version
  • Free to use software with multiple features


  • Outdated interface
  • New user can get confused

Download Here

12. Files & Folder lite

Files & Folder lite - File Manager

Files & Folder lite is known for its simple working and an easily understandable UI. With its fully extendable navigation windows, you can easily look out for your important files.

It also supports file compression and decompression and is fully compatible with Onedrive and FTP. It also has a built-in media player.


  • Supports cloud services
  • The software is compatible with most of the devices
  • Catchy and interesting themes


  • For advanced features, you need to upgrade to premium
  • Too many updates

Download Here

13. Xplorer2


Image Source: Softpedia

Our last pick on the list of best file managers for Windows 10 is Xplorer 2. The tool comes in a modern design and is powered with a conventional menu bar.

Some of its notable offerings include:

  • It can easily identify duplicate files.
  • It uses color codes to differentiate file type.
  • The tool comes with a 21-day free trial period post which you can buy its paid version at $29.95.


  • Works faster than other programs
  • You can add up to 250 file attributes to the software
  • The software has a feature to rename files in bulk
  • You can easily add tabs and subdirectories


  • The software is still using the old techniques
  • No updates

Download Here

14. TagSpaces

Image Source: tagspaces.org

The next best free file manager to be used in 2024 is TagSpaces. It improves productivity by allowing users to add tags, colors, and descriptions to files. This helps manage your data easily. Apart from managing tags, you can also use the File manager as a file viewer. As soon as you open a folder all the files are displayed in the side panel. Given below are the remarkable features of TagSpaces that sets it apart from the File Managers of this category.

Features of TagSpaces:

  • Users have complete control over their data and no registration or internet connection is required to access files.
  • Provides tags, colors, and descriptions to data that are in readable format for humans.
  • Available even without internet connectivity
  • Open source and can be extended easily with the help of plugins.
  • The user Interface is easy to use
  • Add description tags to files and folders.
  • Make digital notes as files
  • Browse folders and preview the required files


  • Create and collect web pages, geographical coordinates, screenshots, and bookmarks.
  • Search and find the desired files
  • Organize and annotate data
  • Extend it using plugins or extensions.


  • The Pro version is Pricey
  • The support team is limited

Download Here

15. Double Commander

Double Commander

Let us look at Double Commander. It is an open-source file management software well-known for its dual panels that are positioned alongside one another. Moreover, this software boasts Unicode support, a tabbed interface, a multi-rename tool, custom columns, and the following incredible features.

Here is what we love about Double Commander

  • In-built file viewer to view hex, text, or binary files
  • Internal text editor along with syntax highlighting
  • Easy file copying to and from archive files
  • Support for WCX, WFX, WLX, and WDX plugins


  • FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH+SCP, and FTPES protocol support
  • Configurable button bars
  • Allows full-text search in files
  • Functions in background


  • Occasional freezes after double-clicking on a directory item
  • No file editing on remote FTP servers

Download Here

Conclusion: File Manager for Windows 10 Free Download

We hope that the above-mentioned best and free file manager for Windows 10 has been of great assistance to you. A powerful and feature-rich file manager will help you manage numerous files in a simple and hassle-free manner. So thoroughly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each software and pick the best file manager for Windows 10, 11, 8, or 7 devices.

Refer to our list and pick the best-suited tool for yourself.

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