7 Best Free Crossword Solver Apps and Websites in 2024

Published Date : Jan 02, 2024
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Best Free Crossword Solver Apps and Websites

Here’s a list of some of the best free crossword solver apps and websites for you in 2024 to help you solve any crossword puzzle with ease. 

For a great mental challenge, you may try your hand at a crossword puzzle. It just takes a few minutes to complete the simpler ones, while the difficult ones might take more time, and sometimes, many days. Crossword, in addition to being one of the most well-liked word puzzles in the world, is also an excellent method for acquiring new knowledge.

It turns out that there are instances when we bite off more than we are able to chew into. There are really a lot of websites and applications that may assist you in times when you are completely at a loss for words.

In this article, we will discuss the most effective crossword solvers that are available for Android, web, iPhones, iPads, and various other devices and operating systems. If you use them, you should have no trouble solving those crossword puzzles. So, let’s proceed to have a look at some of the best free crossword solver apps and websites, right away.

7 Best Crossword Solver for Free to Try in 2024

In the coming sections of this guide, we will have a look at some of the most amazing best free crossword solver apps and websites. Go through the list of apps and websites first and then use the one(s) you like the most.

1. Word Unscrambler

Word Unscrambler

The first name on this list of the best free crossword solver alternatives is Word Unscrambler. It is by design that this crossword puzzle solution is straightforward, so that you may quickly answer challenging crossword problem clues and go on to the next one. Just input the clues, and if you like, you can even add a pattern, and it will handle everything else!

A variety of prominent media, including Daily Celebrity, The Guardian, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and more, have contributed hints to the answers. Word Unscrambler, in order to aid you in completing the problem, will take the clue and, if you like, a response pattern of your choice. In order to make use of wildcards, you will need to create a pattern. So, go ahead and give this quick crossword solver a try.

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2. Bestcrosswords.com


Bestcrosswords.com is the next best free crossword solver for you. On this website, you will find competitions for participants who wish to put their ability to solve puzzles to the test. Each participant receives a score based on their speed and accuracy. On a daily basis, seven new puzzles are published and made available for play on the same day. Sign up for the competition that will take place this month.

On a regular basis, a group of knowledgeable writers publishes themed crossword puzzles on the website bestcrosswords.com. You may explore their database of thousands of puzzles with a variety of subjects, difficulty levels, and orientation (American, straight, British, or cryptic) by using the filter option.

What’s more in this best crossword solver? The most current crossword you can play is available by clicking on the link below. There is a daily publication of new riddles. Despite their cleverness, sophistication, and humor, the riddles are not too difficult to complete. Everyone who uses the service may access the crosswords without cost. Commence playing the theme for today.

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3. Crossword Solver on Dictionary.com

Crossword Solver on Dictionary(dot)com

Playing the daily crossword puzzle on Dictionary.com is a great way to expand your vocabulary and enhance your language abilities. While you are playing the daily crossword puzzle on this best free crossword solver, you will have the opportunity to learn new terms and improve your ability to solve problems. When you are trying to fill in all of the clues, you may use the crossword solver that is available on Dictionary.com.

Are you struggling to find the last answer to a hint that has left you perplexed, then this is the best crossword solver app for you. Using the crossword solver on Dictionary.com, you may search through hundreds of different crossword puzzle solutions. Not only will you discover this greatest crossword solver on the games part of the website, but you will also find word puzzles, quizzes, daily crossword puzzles, and a Scrabble word finder.

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4. Crossword-solver.io


Crossword-solver.io is the next best free crossword solver for you. Do you aspire to become the most skilled crossword solver? Allow this application to assist you in finding solutions to online crossword puzzles, regardless of whether you have a phrase on the tip of your tongue or only need one more clue. In order to avoid having to wait for the newspaper the next day, the crossword puzzle solutions for the day are already accessible.

Two basic methods are available for obtaining assistance with crossword puzzles via the use of this application. You may use the word-solver to get the precise word you are searching for based on the letters you have and the size of the area you need to fill in. Alternatively, once you have entered the clue, the crossword tracker will automatically retrieve the solutions.

Fans of crossword puzzles may quickly input the clues that are stumping them by utilizing the web-based word finder that is available on crossword-solver.io. This quick crossword solver will then discover many distinct possibilities for them to choose from.

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5. Moonflower Wordsolver

Moonflower Wordsolver

Why is Moonflower Wordsolver in this list of the best free crossword solver apps? The answer is very straightforward. With Moonflower Wordsolver, it is possible to see the meaning of any word on the results page by clicking on it. The built-in dictionary will provide the definition. In addition, Wordsolver has additional filters that allow letter inputs to wrap around letters that have been on the board by other players.

Wordsolver is able to solve crossword problems in an instant, making it suitable for the majority of crossword-based word games. This best crossword solver app can handle online word games as well as the conventional crossword puzzles seen in newspapers. Input a maximum of fifteen letters, and use question marks (?) to represent the tiles that are blank. Using those letters, Wordsolver will provide a list of all the valid words that can be created using those components.

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6. Havos Crossword Solver

Havos Crossword Solver

Havos Crossword Solver is the next best free crossword solver that you should try. In order to narrow down the list of potential responses, the application offers filters. When just a few letters are known, it is necessary to have done so. The language of the word list is even a choice that you have. At the moment, the downloaded dictionaries are accessible in a total of 36 different languages.

Havos Crossword Solver is a database that contains thousands of Proper Nouns. These Proper Nouns include occupations, complete names, country, date of death, year of birth, and other details of multiple renowned individuals. In addition to this, there are over 20,000 different locations for brain teasing as well.

Moreover, this is the best crossword solver as it includes the names and other information of ninety thousand proper noun pieces. This group of proper nouns is very necessary for completing general knowledge clues, which make up twenty to twenty-five percent of all crossword clues.

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7. Crossword Clue Solver

Crossword Clue Solver

Although it is not a straightforward crossword solver, Crossword Clue Solver is the best free crossword solver. It is prompt enough to produce a solution according to the pattern or the clue in a short amount of time. Through the use of the Thesaurus dictionary, the app is able to quickly and easily locate related terms and synonyms, making the process straightforward, efficient, & successful. It is necessary to have an online connection in order to stay up-to-date with the wordlist.

However, this is the best crossword solver for free that works offline as well. Without the need for an online connection, it enables you to complete any and all crossword puzzles without connecting to the internet.

You have the ability to download and save crossword puzzles presented in the American format. If this does not satisfy your need for crossword puzzles, the app also includes four difficulty levels every week: very hard, hard, medium, and easy. Additionally, the app includes thousands of crossword puzzles that are extremely challenging.

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Which is the Best Free Crossword Solver?: Closing Words

So, these were the best free crossword solver apps and websites that we had to share with you. 7 different alternatives are offered above to help you choose the best. If you are unable to find the answer to the crossword on one website or app, you can always try another one for ease.

Do let us know which one of the above ones is the best crossword solver for you. You can use the comments section below for ease. Also, write your queries in the same. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms as well as subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update from our blog page.

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