7 Best Free Blinkist Alternatives Apps In 2021 (Android/iOS)

Published Date : Feb 11, 2021
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7 Best Free Blinkist Alternatives Apps In 2021 (Android/iOS)

Looking for Blinkist alternative apps that are pocket friendly and loaded with books? Worry not we have filtered some of the best alternatives for you.

Blinkist is an app that offers users more than 3000 best-selling nonfiction books. Over the past few years, the app has certainly gained a huge following by its unique offerings to the users. One of which is the user can enjoy books in two formats including text and audio. Using the audio format the user can complete a macro-book in 15 minutes.

Every app has downsides, the same way Blinkist also has some. Talking about the shortcomings of the app, it supports only two languages including English and German. The user can enjoy a limited period free trial which later requires a subscription. The premium version of the app costs $12.99/ month.

With better features and cheaper subscriptions, the best free alternatives to Blinkist listed below can become favorites.

Top 7 Best Blinkist Alternatives Apps For Android & iOS

Here at TechPout, we have shortlisted some apps similar to Blinkist that you can consider. Let’s read more about them.

1. Joosr


Being an app similar to Blinkist, Joosr has adopted some of the features like the audio format. But with increased time and better sound quality. The app has increased the time by 25 percent which makes it 20 minute read. A book that has complex words and titles can be understood easily with the pace offered by the Joosr audio.

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The user can enjoy a limited-time free trial of the app which later requires a subscription fee. The premium plan of the app offers an unlimited ebook at $5.99/ month and the prime plan costs $6.99/ month with unlimited audiobooks as well.

Joosr app is available on Android devices.

Download App: Android

2. StoryShots


Next in the list of Blinkist free alternatives, we have StoryShots. The app has animated summaries of the book, which a user can watch and understand. Other than this the app also has ‘read the summary’ and ‘listen to the audio’ option. It can be considered as a free app like Blinkist, as most of the content on the app is free and subscription charges are very minimal, which is $1.99/ month. Looking at the content quality and offerings this app is best priced.

Android and iOS users can enjoy this amazing alternative to Blinkist.

Download App: Android and iOS

3. 12min


In every list of Blinkist similar apps, 12min will be there as the app offers the same features as Blinkist. Using the app users can ‘listen’ to or ‘read’ the best-selling non-fiction books in just a few minutes. With the ‘curated list’ feature the users can easily find the books that they like and enjoy reading.

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The books in the app are available offline which makes it easy for the reader to read according to their preferences. Try the app before subscribing, this is what the company aims at and offers a limited-time free trial after that the user can subscribe by paying $49/ year.

12min is one of the best Blinkist alternatives that can be accessed by Android, iOS, and the web.

Download App: Android and iOS

4. Instaread


Instaread has been the competitor of Blinkist for a long time. Try this Blinkist free alternative which offers more than 800 titles to the readers. It does not just provide ebooks but also offers ‘The New York Times Magazine’ articles. The unique content offered by the app has become its USP now and the user likes the content offered. Easily download the book and read depending on the preference. Other than these features the user can also track their completion rates in the app.

Android, iOS, and web users can enjoy this amazing free app like Blinkist.

Download App: Android and iOS

5. Bookbhook


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The app has a very different interface to provide a summary, it feels like a messenger application. Bookbhook translates to ‘bookhungry’ in English. The app offers 3000-word book summaries in the chat form. Other than having a very unique interface, the app offers more than 300 titles to select from a variety of current affairs and environment genres. All in all the app is a free Blinkist alternative which a user should try.

The app is available for Android users.

Download App: Android

6. Snapreads


Snapreads is a great app that offers the user small summaries of the non-fiction book. This Blinkist alternative offers the users options using which they can read and listen to the summary. With more than 600 books collection the user can enjoy the 15 minutes read whenever they want. It is a free alternative to Blinkist that offers free one-month usage.

The iOS users can download the app from the App store.

Download App: iOS

7. getAbstract


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For all the readers who have their own reading list, try getAbstract as it is more concentrated on personalized reading. This app has the biggest collection of non-fiction books that other Blinkist alternatives cannot even match. The app has very straightforward summaries which can take 10 minutes for completing. It supports multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

The premium version of the app costs $5.99. Users can access this app similar to Blinkist from Android, iOS, and the web.

Download App: Android and iOS

Concluding the Search for Blinkist Alternatives

While searching for alternatives the user should seek a better app that offers better features. In this article, we have presented some of the best alternatives to Blinkist, which offers more features at a pocket-friendly subscription price. Using the above-listed apps the user can experience a better reading experience. So what are you waiting for? Download the best free Blinkist alternative app now. For more technology-related stuff, subscribe to our newsletter.

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