10 Best Laptop Battery Testing Software for Windows 10

Published Date : May 02, 2021
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10 Best Laptop Battery Testing Software for Windows 10

To help you with the best laptop battery testing software for Windows, we have created this article. Below you will find the list of the best software and their offerings. To know more about them follow the article.

The major difference between a laptop and a computer is the battery. You can carry your laptop to any place and work without any interruption, this is not possible with a computer. For computers, you need to set up the components near the electricity supply. The USP of laptops has helped it to gain the market, but everything has a disadvantage or a downside to it. The battery can have an issue that can cause an error while you use the laptop.

No one wants any interruption or error while they work. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best battery analyzer tools that you can use in 2021. So without any further delay let’s check the offerings of these software.

Best Laptop Battery Testing Software for Windows 10 in 2021

Here is the list of laptop battery analyzer software that you need to check before choosing any software.

1. iOlO System Mechanic

iOlO System Mechanic

First place in the list of laptop battery testing software is secured by iOlO System Mechanic. This is great software that lets you unlock the full potential of the hardware with ease. The software manages in such a way that it helps in improving the life of the hardware. It controls the system and works in making the system brand new.

Using reliable tools the software helps in improving life. Till now the software has not affected any hardware’s performance or life. The best part about this software is that it has a very simple and easy user interface which can be adapted by every user, even if you are a beginner or first-timer you will easily use this software. All you need to learn is English to use this software.

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2. AIDA64


AIDA64 is another great tool that you can try for battery testing on a laptop. This can be the ideal software for everyone including the common user and IT experts. Irrespective of the work you do you can still simply enhance the performance and life easier. The software comes with a battery monitor which makes it easy for the user to make further decisions.

You get to check in-depth reports for the battery’s maximum capacity, current status, use percentage, lifespan, and other crucial things. The software not only shows the report but also suggests some of the best measures which you can follow to extend your battery’s lifespan for the long run. To check how the software performs you can simply download and use the software for free (limited time trial).

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3. Reviversoft Total PC Care

Reviversoft Total PC Care

Next laptop battery analyzer on the list is Reviversoft Total PC Care. This software can be used for the general purpose of taking care of the PC which will help in increasing the life of your PC or laptop. Other than the common features offered by the laptop battery analyzer software, this software offers features like RAM manager and memory cleaner.

This software not only offers a battery analyzer but also offers features that can help you in maintaining your laptop and increase its lifespan. The software is really easy to use and you can simply check for the issue with the battery. The software will suggest some of the measures which you can follow if you don’t know much about how to boost performance and lifespan. You can try this professional laptop battery analyzer tool for your laptop.

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4. Reviversoft Battery Optimizer

Reviversoft Battery Optimizer

Most of the users face issues with the battery, they constantly need to charge the battery to have a smooth functioning. To resolve this issue you can use this best battery analyzer for Windows 10 and older versions. The software has advanced scan options which can help you in enhancing the battery life of the laptop.

The tool is created to offer the best result, using the software you will never feel face issue with the battery life. To know more in detail about the software click the link mentioned below.

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5. IObit Advanced System Care

IObit Advanced System Care

This laptop battery testing software is developed by the world’s leading software company. The company offers tools like updaters, uninstallers and now they have developed the optimization tool.  The IObit Advanced System Care perfectly balances the features and interface. The interface is very simple, everyone can use this software easily. Though the tools are specially designed to help users with every sought issue related to the battery.

You can use this software to unlock the capability of the laptop. To check how the software works you can download the software and use it for free. The software has a limited-time free trial to offer all the new customers.

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6. BatteryInfoView


Next up in the list of laptop battery analyzer tools we have BatteryInfoView. It is a straightforward tool that offers every information related to your laptop’s battery. The best part about this software is unlike other software which offer detailed reports it doesn’t consume much space on the hard disk. It is a very lightweight software and can be used in any Windows OS.

The software splits into two different segments to offer you the analysis. The first segment offers information related to the current capacity and wear level of the battery. Whereas the second segment showcases an ongoing log of bare essentials like the voltage, rate capacity value, power state, and capacity.

You can easily keep a track of all the activity and past performance of the battery. You can download this professional laptop battery analyzer from the link mentioned below.

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7. Battery Status Monitor

Battery Status Monitor

Another great laptop battery analyser for Windows 10 and older versions. The software works as a little floating widget that you can easily drag anywhere on the desktop. The software has a separate bar that offers a percentage of the charge status of your battery.

You can check more options by right-clicking on the widget. By clicking you will get options like changing power scheme, hibernating, standby, and other useful options which can help in turning off the screen.

This is a great software to choose for battery analysis in Windows 10 and older versions, the software saves battery while you leave the laptop idle.

8. BatteryMon


BatteryMon is a must software is the list of professional laptop battery testing software. This software shows the battery capacity and the discharge rates in graphical representation. There are lots of issues that you can face with a battery over time which is why you need to stay aware of the changes which the hardware goes through.

The software offers the easiest way using which you can monitor the battery performance in a real-time graph. Using the software it is very easy to find out the information which is affecting health.

Other than the features the software is customizable, you can easily set the display to a smaller widget and you can even set up email notification in case any parameter reaches a milestone. The software has a tool logging functionality which you can use to keep track of the performance. These offerings are not common among the competitors which is why users also consider it as one of the best laptop battery analyzer tools for Windows.

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9. BatteryCare


As the name suggests BatteryCare is developed to take care of your laptop’s battery. The software will help you to recalibrate your battery gauge through international discharge cycling. To keep your battery in the best condition you need to understand the best practises regarding discharge.

According to experts, you should not let your battery drain as it affects the battery in the long term. While it is recommended to let it drain partially and charge frequently. The software will offer information and details about the battery and things which you should consider while using the laptop. To ensure accurate readouts you need to charge the battery completely and then drain it to the lowest safe level.

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10. BatteryBar


Last software on the list of professional laptop battery testing software is BatteryBar. This is a lightweight utility that offers battery information. The default battery icon shows very minimum information whereas, on the other hand, this software shows every detail within seconds. It delivers only the relevant figures without taking your whole screen.

The software basic version is available for free, if you want to purchase the Pro version then you need to pay $4. The link mentioned below will redirect you to the official website of the software.

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Final Words on Best Laptop Battery Testing Software for Windows 10

The above-listed software are the best battery test for Windows 10 that you can try in 2021. You can check the offerings and details of the software and easily choose the best software. We hope that we have helped you find the best software to test the battery. If we did, let us know in the comment section below.

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