13 Best Free Janam Kundali Software For Windows PC (2024)

Published Date : Jan 30, 2024
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10 Best Free Janam Kundali Software For Windows PC (2021)

Nowadays the internet is booming with thousands of online platforms because of ever-increasing awareness of Janam Kundali Predictions and its accuracy. These predictions can give you insight into each and every aspect of your life.

Also, your Birth Chart foresees your present, and future life and gives you a clear reflection of your life’s path. Accurate interpretation of your Janam Kundali can be the sure-shot way to achieve success! It gives an overview of career, love, finance, and other profound life areas

However, with so many online Janam Kundali software coming to the fore, it becomes quite difficult to pick the most authentic and accurate one. Knowing the best ten can be a chance to get the most authentic source in hand! Let’s take a look :

What Are the Best Janam Kundali Software For Windows in 2024?

Here’s a well-researched list of top Kundli software for PC to aims to provide the most precise future predictions based on ancient Vedic Astrology science.

1. mPanchang Janam Kundali Software

mPanchang Kundali Software

mPanchang is one of the leading astrology portals and tops the list of best Janam Kundali software consistently for the last few years. The very first thing you will note when you visit this platform is its simple and accurate presentation of Astro aspects.


  • It is the single source of information for all concerns related to Astrology.
  • The software will give you in-depth information about various Astrological aspects with brilliant visuals
  • Offers accurate Birth chart or Natal chart with all the necessary details
  • Being the most popular one, for its Kundali Matching, it extensively focuses on traditional Vedic Astrology for Kundali Match.
  • With Guna Milan, it gives the most scientific evaluation of both the future partners’ compatibility. It generates an elaborate Kundali Milan report assessing all thirty-two points of Astrology guidelines in a clear and lucid language
  • Need daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes to plan your life? Download this hassle-free software to get reliable insights
  • Get your hands on detailed Hindu Panchang with this software for free. Know the auspicious timings for Pooja and other traditional rituals.
  • Know Hindu Tithi and days for Vrat, Upvas, and other festival details.
  • Feed your curiosity about zodiac signs and related characteristics for free along with sign compatibility!

What else do you need in Astro software! mPanchang can be your one-stop Astro assistant! This best Janam Kundali Software For Windows is just a click away!

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2. Anytime Astro

Anytime Astro kundali software

Next on our list of best Janam Kundali software for Windows in 2024 is Anytime Astro. It is one of the most reliable sources to get your Janam Kundali. Apart from this you can also match your Kundali, and get daily horoscope, Panchang, and Choghadiya updates on their website. For personal sessions the app allows you to connect with experienced astrologers.


  • One-stop destination for astrology relates queries.
  • In-detail Janam Kundali details solutions and remedies from astrologers
  • Get a daily horoscope for your zodiac and readings from experienced Vedic astrologers
  • On the website, you get Choghadiya updates, mahurat for marriage, a new purchase, property, business, etc.
  • Characteristics about your zodiac, favorable colors, and numbers
  • Chat or talk to the county’s most reliable and experienced astrologers to get your questions answered.

The website has a lot of information available for free. However, to consult with the astrologers your first chat is free. And after which you need to pay a certain amount for your readings.

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3. Astrosage Kundali 7

Astrosage Kundali 7

Simple, reliable, and authentic software! You can have complete access to your life with astrological guidance from this effective and easy-to-use software. Check out its features listed below!


  • Forms distinct Kundli elements such as the North, South, and Bangla Charts and other Astro charts
  • Gives daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Horoscopes accurately
  • You can buy paid Astro readings and other effective astrological products
  • Provides planetary positions, complete Nirayana Bhava Chalit, Birth details, etc
  • Offers astrological guidelines such as Ratna suggestions, Planetary Dosha, Yantra, and Mantra

It also comes with the facility to help you learn and understand various astrology charts. The Pro version is worth buying for more in-depth assistance!

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4. Astro-Vision Kundli Software

Astro-Vision Kundli Software

This software uses traditional Vedic Astrology and provides precise Astrology reports in Hindi, English, and other languages


  • Gives Kundli match reports in regional languages such as Hindi
  • Accurate Kundali Matching with easy language and access to all the traditional Astrology guidelines
  • Get all the general Astro services for free with this software
  • Know the various alignment factors of two individuals in detail. Also, it provides accurate Janam Kundali predictions
  • Predicts Planetary Dosha, Papa Samya, and other Astro reports
  • Get your Janam Kundali in Hindi to use astrology without any language barrier

Its completely free software with all the general Astro insights one may need!

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5. Online Jyotish

online jyotish kundali software

The unique feature of this software is instant Kundli matching services with its quick and automated system.

Apart from Kundli matching, it also helps in the creation of Janam Kundli in Hindi with the help of birthdate, time of birth, and place of birth.


  • With the assistance of this software, users can calculate all the gunas and doshas between the birth charts of the bride and groom.
  • User-friendly interface with visually attractive designs
  • Horoscope and other Astro services are available
  • Free software with easy setup and installation gives free Janam Kundali analysis

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6. Astrocomp Astrology Kundli 2018

Astrocomp Astrology Kundli 2018

A very elaborate software giving you all the necessary Astro guidance with below mentioned special features


  • The best feature of this software is you just need to provide your details only once. It saves all your data for future use
  • Globally accessible with the option of different time zones
  • Printing options for specific pages are also available
  • Trace current planetary movements and their impacts effectively
  • All general Astro guidance is readily possible with this user-friendly software
  • The free version gives limited access; however, the paid version is worth buying!

Solve your Astro doubts with the help of this software globally as even traces various latitudes and longitudes to give accurate predictions.

7. Maiterya


Another software in our list of Best Janam Kundali software for Windows is very user-friendly and precise. You can use it anytime, anywhere with your laptop or even a cellphone!


  • Maiterya is a useful free Kundli software, which gives a birth chart in both Vedic and Western traditions.
  • Get your free Janam Kundali along with accurate prediction, including South, North, and East Indian style.
  • It provides Vargas, Dasa view, Transit view, Yoga view, and Solar view for free
  • The only software in our list which uses multi-language, different languages like English, French, Italian, Tamil, Telugu, etc. are supported
  • You can save and print your Kundali for free!

8. My Kundali- Kundli Milan Software

My Kundali- Kundli Milan Software

This software offers all needful services like Kundali matching, love match, Janam Kundali, numerology insights calculator, etc. for free.


  • Newborn Janma Kundali and accurate matrimonial predictions
  • Standard Kundali matching reports with detailed analysis as per the Astrology guidelines
  • Automated software discards human errors and provides instant results
  • Free and visually attractive software with simple language
  • Vedic Hindu-styled horoscope calculations with all types of charts
  • Calculations of various planetary positions and its impacts on your life

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9. Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini

Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini

The next free Kundli Milan and astrology software on our list is called LifeSign Mini. Created by Astro-Vision, LifeSign Mini focuses on providing detailed Kundli matching reports with Vedic horoscope calculation and predictions chart.

All in all, LifeSign Mini is an excellent free horoscope software for Windows users and is strongly recommended for horoscope matching and future life predictions.


  • It comes with an elegant and clutter-free interface which is available in more than 9 languages, including Bengali and Tamil.
  • This Kundli software offers free horoscope reports about all aspects of life, including education, marriage, career, etc.
  • It provides a detailed analysis report on current dasha predictions.
  • It provides free matrimonial compatibility analysis reports between the bride and groom on the basis of Gun Milan, Papa Samyam, and Manglik Dosha.

10. ClickAstro


ClickAstro is one of the fastest software available in the market. Other than just being the fastest the software is very precise and follows the directives of the Vedic astrology system. The software has a very easy and user-friendly interface that can be adapted by anyone. To generate Kundali all you need to do is just enter the birth details of both the groom and bride and then the software will process the results.

The software not only shows the results but also analyses them and offers an analysis report. By reading the report, users can easily understand the attributes which can affect married life. The software also provides an overall compatibility score which can be considered before moving further. Though the percentage can never be exact, but it is observed that most of the time Kundali works as predicted.


  • The software follows the authentic ancient Vedic astrology system to predict
  • Irrespective of the location you can witness the way of matching using this software
  • The software uses star, rasi, and gun milan-like signs for predicting the result or for matchmaking
  • It checks for 10 poruthams or kootas before offering results
  • Moreover, the software compares Papa-Samya

11. AstroTalk

Astrotalk Kundali Software

Astro Talk is one of the best free Kundli software for PCs that you should try in 2024. The software claims to offer accurate horoscope prediction and Kundali making. For more information or prediction you can talk to the astrologer via chat or call. You can ask for lucky numbers/ days or any other doubts too.  Using this software you can seek guidance from experts for the fields like business, career, and love.

You can also obtain a Celtic sign, to obtain that you need to opt for Chinese astrology and then proceed further. Other than this the software has many other features, to know more about the feature of this software refer to the list below.


  • The software offers a daily horoscope for all the sun signs
  • You can easily estimate the compatibility by using this amazing predictor
  • The software is free to use, you can upgrade and talk to an astrologer to solve your doubts(talking to an astrologer requires some amount of money)
  • You can also purchase some of the important gems and religious decor items through this app
  • You can choose the astrologer by yourself with whom you wish to talk

12. Kundli Chakra

Kundli Chakra

Let us introduce you to Kundli Chakra. You can use this software to generate advanced-level predictions with one click. Moreover, it offers chart customization, kundali matching for compatibility analysis between two individuals, astrological predictions via K.P and S.P.S system, and the following helpful features.


  • Helps you track the future star and planet positions
  • You can use the native’s birth details to select a good name for them
  • Boasts an option to name the native according to Western astrology
  • Offers predictions for love, lagna, nakshatra, planets, etc.
  • Allows you to study I-Ching, comprehensive graphs, Primary and Secondary rhythms, and various other biorhythms
  • Atlas integration with accurate future predictions for nearly 2.5 lakh cities
  • Other significant features, such as time correction, lal kitab analysis, gemstone analysis, Kaalsarpa dosh and manglik analysis, etc.

13. Parashar’s Light

Parashar’s Light

If want a simple tool to look for Janam Kundali, then you can try Parashar’s Light. This is a lightweight Janam Kundali software for Windows. The usage of the software is quite simple. All you need to do is enter the details asked and then generate results.


  • Reliable results within a minute.
  • Simple and comprehensive UI
  • Free for all
  • Smart user interface with multiple functionalities.

To Sum Up: Best Free Kundali Software for PC (2024)

Free Janam Kundali analysis guides you throughout life in all different areas. Be it money, love, career, marriage, health, or relationship; your Janam Kundali serves you as an astrological guide.

Moreover, accurate Janam Kundali Software is the easiest way to get your future forecasts. Get comprehensive software that provides every Astro detail with specific predictions.

Align yourself with planets and choose the best software from the list mentioned above. Your Janam Kundali predictions are just a tap away!

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