9 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android Phones 2024

Published Date : Jan 05, 2024
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Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android Phones

A smartphone is like a personal locker where we store all our private and confidential data, personal details, videos, photographs and much more.

Thankfully several fingerprint lock apps help you to keep your data hidden from unwanted eyes. These apps allow you to lock your private stuff with passwords, PIN, fingerprints and even face recognition.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best fingerprint lock apps for Android phones in 2024 which can add an extra layer of security to your device.

9 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android in 2024

1. AppLock: Fingerprint & Pin

Best Fingerprint Lock Apps - AppLock Fingerprint & Pin

Next on our list of best android finger scanning apps is AppLock- Fingerprint & Pin. It comes with a clean and simple working. It offers multiple device locking options which include pattern screen lock, PIN and fingerprint lock.

It allows you to lock your social apps, messaging applications, photo gallery and much more. On top of it, it can also capture intruders’ pictures whenever someone tries to break into your device.

As an added benefit the app comes in two lock engines. Its basic and default version is fast but its “Improved lock Engine” is much more advanced and does not drain your device battery.

All-in-all it is a good pick if you wish to secure your device.

2. AppLock: Fingerprint (SpSoft)

Best Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android- AppLock Fingerprint

Another most popular fingerprint lock app is AppLock by SpSoft. Use it to protect your phone from unwanted eyes and lock any app. Apart from this, it also allows you to hide your private photos and videos from unauthorized access.

You can lock them and store them in a private vault. The application asks you to keep a lock which is required every time you need to access it. In addition to a pattern lock, it also allows you to set a PIN password and face recognition to secure your apps. The app is available in 30 different languages.

3. LOCKit


Next on our list of best Android fingerprint scanning apps is LOCKIt. The app comes with a friendly UI and offers easy methods to secure your apps and private data. Use it to lock your phone screen and keep your data hidden. It also comes with a built-in file scanner, phone booster, and notification cleaner.

With it, you can hide your private photos and keep them inside a separate vault. You can use a pattern, PIN or fingerprint password to prevent unauthorized access.

Power-saving mode, intruders selfie are few of its notable features. Besides, it also prevents the uninstallation of any locked apps.

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4. Applock- Fingerprint Password

Applock Fingerprint Password

Another most impressive tool that allows you to lock your apps with a fingerprint sensor is Applock- Fingerprint Password.

Use it to hide your pictures and videos, along with various apps like Snapchat, Photo Gallery, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The tool is completely free of cost.

In addition to a fingerprint sensor, you can also use a pattern password or numeric PIN to lock the apps on your Android device.

5. Applock Pro – App Lock & Guard

Applock Pro App Lock Guard

Loaded with several amazing features “Applock Pro – App Lock & Guard” secures your apps and data in a super easy manner.

It deploys multiple methods to lock your apps including Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern, Disguise cover, and a face tracking lock. Prevent uninstallation of apps, hide photos and secure your apps with this amazing tool.

6. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock

Our next fingerprint lock app comes from a big name in the Antivirus software vendors. Pick this fantastic tool today to secure your apps with a PIN/Pattern password or Fingerprint sensor.

You can use it to hide your images, prevent uninstallation of apps, and safeguard your apps. Apart from this it also takes a picture of the intruders trying to break into your device.

Over-all the app is fairly good.

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7. Fingerprint Lock Screen

Fingerprint Lock Screen

This classic app comes with a lot of modern features and offerings. It uses a fingerprint sensor that ensures the highest level of security of your Android device.

It comes in around 60 different languages and uses powerful graphics for the fingerprint scanning process. To add a different layer of security it also allows you to set a PIN password over your fingerprint.

Pick it today to hide your private stuff in a secret vault. The app comes in a beautiful, lightweight and simple to use design.

8. Fingerprint App Lock IN

Fingerprint App Lock IN

Next on our list of best fingerprint lock for Android phones in 2024 is Fingerprint App Lock IN. It uses a military grade-encryption to lock your photos and videos. Apart from this, it can also lock your contacts, emails, messenger, SMS, incoming calls and various other useful applications.

You can use a PIN/ Pattern password or fingerprint recognition to safeguard your private stuff.

Use it to lock everything behind a lock, secure your photos, safeguard your privacy and save phone space.

9. AppLocker: Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern

AppLocker | Lock Apps

Last on our list of best fingerprint lock apps in 2024 is this incredible tool by BGNmobi. Use this app protector to safeguard your privacy with a PIN/ Pattern or fingerprint password.

It prevents anyone from uninstalling your apps, protects your images and locks various apps like Social media apps and photo galleries.

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Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the best fingerprint lock apps that you can consider in 2024 for your Android device. These apps are highly reliable and fully secure to use.

Pick the best-suited protection app for yourself and safeguard your private data from snoopers and unauthorized access.

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