11 Best File Shredder Software For Mac in 2021

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11 Best File Shredder Software for Mac in 2021

Nowadays, data security has become the prime focus in the realm of technology due to rapid surge in malware and phishing attacks worldwide. Therefore, it is extremely important to have an efficient file shredder software installed on your Mac. 

Now you might ask, how does a Mac file shredder work? And why do you need a file shredder utility to safeguard your data? Well, it would sound a bit strange, but deleting the data from your Mac doesn’t destroy it permanently until the space occupied by the same file is overwritten by something else.

And that’s where file shredder software comes in handy. It overwrites the already deleted files, ensuring that they remain permanently deleted and could not be recovered or un-deleted even with a data recovery program.

With the plethora of file shredder tools available online, shortlisting the best one for your Mac is an extremely painstaking task.

But, don’t worry, we are here to help! To make your job a little bit easier, we’ve prepared a well-researched list detailed around the best file shredder programs to help you find the perfect one for your Mac.

Best File Shredder Software for Mac 2021:

Deleting files permanently from your Mac or storage media has never been this easier, thanks to the arrival of file shredder apps. Let’s get into it:

1. Stellar Wipe Mac

Stellar Wipe Mac - Best Mac File Shredder Software

Stellar Wipe Mac is undeniably one of the best file shredder software available in the marketplace today. With the plethora of cleaning & optimization tools offered by this application, users can securely erase the data from selected hard drives and systems. The beautifully designed, clutter-free interface and advanced file erasing tools make it an ideal cleaner for Mac devices.

The best thing about Stellar Wipe is that it destroys your sensitive information such as internet activities, system traces, cookies, and unused space, without leaving any scope for data recovery.

2. MacClean File Eraser

MacClean File Eraser - Best File Shredder Software 2020

File Eraser from Mac Clean is a prominent professional file shredder utility for Mac and comes with a wide array of powerful disk cleaning tools. It allows you to permanently delete out-of-date and large files from your Mac drives and external storage devices, rendering them unrecoverable. It also aims to keep your online identity safe from spying entities by wiping out the malicious cookies, junk and privacy exposing items, app usage data, search history, and more.

3. VoidTech’s File Shredder

VoidTech’s File Shredder Software For Mac

VoidTech’s file shredder software provides an easy solution to erase all the information from your Mac, beyond the scope of any kind of recovery. With the help of this Mac file shredder app, users can permanently delete files/folders or securely erase Mac drives and systems with great ease. You can either choose the Shred or Secure Shred option to securely delete the data.

‘Secure Shred’ option is more preferable as it overwrites the file on the hard disk, making it impossible for anyone to recover the deleted data.

4. Mac Optimizer Pro

Mac Optimizer Pro - Best File Shredder Software in 2020

Want to protect your privacy and confidential information? But, don’t know how to permanently erase the stored data from your hard drive? To destroy your sensitive information securely from the system, all you need is the best Mac file shredder. 

And Mac Optimizer Pro is one such nifty program that can help you keep your privacy intact by permanently deleting files containing sensitive data. The thing that makes Mac Optimizer Pro a stand out from the crowd is that it comes with a military-grade file shredder utility which ensures that even the most sophisticated data recovery tools can never recover the deleted files.

5. Permanent Eraser

Permanent Eraser - Best File Shredder Utility

Permanent Eraser currently ranks among the best file shredder software for Mac due to its smart cleaning functions, efficiency, and user-friendly interface. It uses advanced cleaning algorithms such as 35-pass Gutmann and 3-pass DoE to erase data permanently. It repeatedly overwrites the deleted file, jumbles its original name, and truncates the size of the file to zero before it finally unlinks (removes the symbolic link) it from the operating system. 

And once it erases the data from the hard disk drive, you will no longer be able to retrieve the same by using any existing technology or recovery tools available in the marketplace.

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6. Easy Mac Care

Easy Mac Care - Best File Shredder Software

Many people have the question, ‘What is the Best Mac File Shredder?’ and the plain answer to it is Easy Mac Care. It comes with a wide range of comprehensive cleaning modules to help you wipe out the unwanted files and app data cluttered on your hard drive, making it impossible for anyone to retrieve it.

It also prevents your sensitive and confidential data from being exposed to hackers and prying eyes by clearing out browser history, duplicate and junk files, cached data, app leftovers, and more. Simply put, Easy Mac Care is an ideal solution to optimize the security and performance of your Mac.

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7. Cleanmymac 3

Cleanmymac 3 - File Shredder Software For Mac

Cleanmymac 3 from Macpaw is an ultimate cleanup tool that comprises all the essential optimization and cleaning features that you search for in an ideal Mac shredder app. It helps you delete both personal and confidential data from your Mac without leaving any trail for recovery. The application also acts as a Mac app uninstaller, miscellaneous cleaner, cache and junk remover, and disk storage space manager.

8. ShredIt

ShredIt - Mac Shredder App

By using this well-designed file shredder software, optimizing Mac performance and security, reclaiming lost storage space, deleting confidential files or folders permanently will all be a child’s play. Also, due to its excellent file erasing capabilities, it is currently acknowledged as the ‘best permanent eraser’ for Mac devices. 

Safe Place, Confirm before Shred, and Don’t Panic are some of the prominent safety features that make it a perfect option for any Mac user out there.

9. DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac

DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac

Being the best Mac file shredder in 2021, DoYourData aims to offer many flexible solutions to help you completely delete data from Mac, hard drive, USB flash drive, and other external storage devices.

So, if you’re looking for a way to shred your confidential data into million pieces, DoYourData Super Eraser is highly recommended.

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10. File Shredder by Sunyouth

File Shredder Software Developed by Sunyouth

This is another highly-rated file shredder for Mac developed by Sunyouth. It comes with many useful data removal solutions that allows you to wipe the free storage space of the hard drive by permanently erasing the already deleted files/folders. It is very easy to install and has a simple user-friendly interface.

11. Incinerator

Incinerator - Best File Shredder Software For Mac

Incinerator might be the last software in our list of best Mac file shredder but it’s still a great option, especially if you want to keep your sensitive documents away from prying eyes. With the help of this excellent program, you can wipe the unused or unallocated space to permanently erase the already deleted files/folders from Mac drives.

Final Verdict

It’s 2021, but still the majority of people are not well aware of the fact that deleting or removing data from your hard drive, USB flash drive, or other external storage devices doesn’t destroy it completely from your Mac. Instead, it remains on your computer until that same storage space is overwritten by some new data.

That’s why, it is important to have a good file shredder utility as it not only helps you clean up your Mac and reclaim lost disk space, but also allows you to permanently erase all the sensitive and confidential information from your Mac.

All of the aforementioned tools are some of the best file shredder software for Mac in 2021. Download your favorite one now to make sure that your privacy is never compromised!

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