7 Best Download Managers for Mac in 2022

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Best Download Managers for Mac

Are you searching for the best download manager for Mac? If yes, then your search may end here. In this blog post, you will find 7 leading download management tools that can help you download and manage the downloaded files. Read more for complete details!

Downloading any audio, video, or any kind of document/file from the web browser is certainly a quick way but sometimes you want a little bit more from what has been already available on your Mac. Isn’t it so? Well, it contains download managers which are specially designed for making the process of downloading large movie files, video games, apps, books, music, and torrents pretty much easier.

Not only download the documents/files directly, but download managers also offer a good variety of customization features for automation. With all that, they save your time & ample space on your hard drive by enabling you to choose what downloads should be running, & which ones need to be stopped/paused.

A plethora of download manager options are available in the market, both free and paid versions, but this article is only dedicated to providing you with the best ones. Continue reading!

A List of 7 Best Download Managers for Mac

After a thorough analysis, we have shortlisted the 7 top download managers you can use on your macOS. Check them out below:

1. Folx


One of the popular applications for downloads. Most Mac users love this application for its good range of advanced features, ease of use, and compatibility with Apple’s every operating system. This Mac download manager already boasts a Mac-style user interface with several convenient tagging features in order to save your download files conveniently.

Folx has a free version as well as a pro version. The free version of this download manager for Mac contains all the basic features and is perfect for those who do not prefer to download files from the internet frequently. But with the Pro Upgrade, you can access all the advanced features of Folx including password saver, built-in torrent search, smart speed control, and a lot more. The icing on the cake is – Folx works with all the popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox. In sum, if you are searching for a powerful and easy-to-use download manager for Mac, then Folx is definitely worth considering.

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2. JDownloader


JDownloader is an open-source and completely free download management tool that makes the downloading process as simple and fast as it should be. With this tool, users can stop, start, or pause downloads, auto-extract archives, set bandwidth limits, and more.

The software can also be run on macOS Catalina & can easily be modified with easy coding features to function properly on any machine. The only drawback of this download manager for Mac is, it gets a little slow during the startup, and sometimes shows ads as well. With JDownloader, you can download numerous files at once with multiple connections. The tool has its own robust OCR module,  24/7 technical assistance, and multilingual support.

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3. iGetter


Another best download manager for Mac that you can use is – iGetter. It is a popular and entirely free-to-use application that can effortlessly integrate with your machine. The customization level of this tool is a big plus point as users can easily customize all the possible preferences such as connection timeout at a single location, download scheduling, and download speed on their own terms.

Some additional features incorporate built-in Site Explorer, File-Avenue support, and Site Manager. It is one of the most deserving full-featured download managers and accelerators. Apart from this, iGetter also enables auto resumes on broken downloads, auto shutdown/sleep on completion, download scheduling for low-traffic spells, and a lot more. If you are looking for a freemium and lightweight download manager for Mac, then iGetter is a perfect fit for you.

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4. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager

Next on this list of best download managers for Mac is Ninja Download Manager (NDM). The tool provides you with blazing-fast downloads as it can easily connect with multiple connections simultaneously. Plus, you can add various files that you want to download and start later.

Download scheduling, pause & resume downloads, sequential file writing, drag & drop, download queues, and full-speed control makes Ninja an excellent choice. Unlike others, this download management program comes with a built-in password manager which could securely keep a log of numerous sites’ login credentials. However, it does not offer a free or trial version. But, investing in software like Ninja actually makes sense.

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5. Progressive DownloaderProgressive Downloader

A lightweight and simple-to-use interface makes this download manager for Mac an ideal choice for users. Progressive Downloader is packed with rich features like scheduling downloads, pause & resume functions, and much more.

Apart from that, it also has a special clipboard-based download function. And, you can also use this tool for organizing content over FTP. It has integrated with all popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser, and more. Additionally, it comes with a built-in SFTP/FTP browser to control all your remote resources.

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6. Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager is another finest download manager for Mac that you can consider. As claimed by the organization, this tool can maximize the download speed by up to 500%, and boost overall productivity. What’s more, the program can easily convert streaming videos from different platforms including Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube. It can also integrate web browsers such as Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome, and Firefox.

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7. Leech


Last but not least, Leech is another great download manager for Mac that is highly capable of quick and smooth integration into your web browser. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use, and you only need to drag & drop the URL in the download area and the rest is assured by the software.

Using the tool, you can set bandwidth limits or extend the same, and control the scheduling, and downloads. Its simple user interface is a significant aspect for newbies. Comparatively, Leech doesn’t provide better services than others mentioned in this list. Do note that Leech may not work accurately with file hosting services that utilize custom authentication methods.

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Final Words on Best Download Manager for Mac in 2022

We think that the above-shared applications would help users download all types of files they need on their Mac. Most of the apps are completely free to use however some offer paid versions. Although, you can use the free version for basic downloading features, but if you wish to get the most out of them, then you should rely on the premium version.

Whichever download manager for Mac you will choose, it will help you in the best way possible to store your downloaded files. That’s all! Hopefully, you have liked the information in this guide. Please share your queries, questions, or any better suggestions with us in the comments box below.

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