11 Best Free Alternative of Internet Download Manager (IDM) in 2024

Published Date : Dec 28, 2023
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Best Free Alternative of Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Downloading anything from the internet is really simple through the softwares like Internet Download Manager. You just have to click on the download button and it will be downloaded whether it’s a picture, video or anything else. The app gives the user freedom to download anything.

The Internet Download Manager is a paid app and it charges $24.95 to use after the trial period. In this article we will suggest the best free alternative for internet Download Manager in 2024.

There are many IDM alternatives available but out of the many some are paid and some doesn’t function the way users expect. But worry not we have been helping you to find the best and this time also we will suggest 11 best alternatives for IDM. Not just alternatives for IDM but free alternatives for the IDM with similar features.

Internet Download Manager or the IDM is the most popular download manager on the Internet. It offers some amazing features like the download speed acceleration, download resume, schedule downloading and browser integration. These features can make the life of any tech geek easy. But the app is available for the licensed users only.

Best Free Alternative for Internet Download Manager in 2024

In the below list we have covered the best free alternatives for the IDM in 2024, which will help the user have the same functionality as the IDM.

1. JDownloader


JDownloader is the best alternative of IDM. This app offers the same functionality which is offered by the most popular download manager which is Internet Download Manager. Irrespective of the functionality the software is available on the internet for free, which makes the software top the list of free IDM alternatives.

Other than the feature the software also offers Automatic CAPTCHA solving, which means the software will solve the CAPTHA’s itself without requesting you to solve and this makes the process of download uninterrupted.

The JDowloader is available in Windows, macOS and Linux.

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2. Free Download Manager (FDM)

Free Download Manager (FDM)

With features like the Internet Download Manager the Free Download Manager (FDM) is another app in the list of best alternatives of IDM. As the name suggests the Free Download Manager is free and it offers features like the download acceleration and download resumption which is offered by the IDM at some cost. Other than being available on Windows the app is also available in Android.

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The software doesn’t support the video grabbing feature but with the links pasted on the browser it shows the download menu with the resolution options to choose from for downloads. Excluding that the software is one of the best alternatives of IDM.

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3. EagleGet


In third position for the best free IDM alternative the list has EagleGet. EagleGet is a great software with numerous capabilities to offer. This software is lightweight and has an easy user interface, which means a new user can easily adapt the software and its functions. Besides being a lightweight software, it offers the same features as the IDM like schedule downloading, download acceleration and themes.

Other than these features the software also checks for malware to protect your PC. EagleGet is a two in one software, which makes it the best free IDM alternative.

Instead of searching for IDM like software, search for EagleGet as it also offers import download lists from other download managers. By importing the download list to the panel, the software will take care of the downloads whether they are pending or the link has expired. EagleGet can be named as the self-assist IDM software, because it handles every action on its own while the user relaxes.

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4. FlashGet


In the race of IDM like software, FlashGet has made its way to Fourth position but in terms of download acceleration the app has even beaten IDM. Being in the list of alternatives of IDM the app offers the user with 10X download acceleration. As compared to the IDM it’s double, as IDM offers 5X. Other than these features the app offers unlimited download categorization and it also brings up the anti virus after the file has been downloaded.

FlashGet was earlier named as the “Jet Car” which later changed, but the functioning of the software stayed the same. Till now the app has made its way to Windows.

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5. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator

The way Internet Download Accelerator itself seems alternative of Internet Download Manager, the same way it has similarity in function. IDA offers the same features like schedule downloads, audio download, video download, download acceleration and themes.

While the app offers the above mentioned features for free but ads can interrupt the user downloading experience.

The app also offers a Pro version which has some features extra, including the download speed control, FTP and ad free experience. The app costs $9.95 for a single user, the charges can go high depending on the users. The software is available only for Windows users.

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6. uGet Download Manager

uGet Download Manager

uGet Download Manager was launched in the year 2003 only for Linux OS. But as the app got popularity it later got launched for other OS including Windows, macOS and Android.

Other than the popularity the app also shares the same features like the IDM including the collective download operations, schedule download, resume and pause downloads and other features. The similarity and no cost for the software make this an IDM like software.

The software is free of cost and is available on many platforms.

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7. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager operates differently, where other apps required to be downloaded Ninja Download Manager can work as browser extensions. This unique interface of the Ninja Download Manager makes it the best free alternative of IDM.

As said the software works as the extension, it automatically removes burden from your PC. Being an IDM alternative the software offers the same features like the limit speed, change theme, resume and pause download etc.

The Software offers a pro version for macOS and Windows. The extension for all the operating systems works for free.

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8. Motrix


When talking about the alternative for IDM, Motrix is a new addition to the list. The software has a clean user interface and straightforward UI.The software offers several features like UPnP and NAT-PMP Port Mapping, 10 concurrent downloads, 64 thread download support and same download speed as the IDM.

Adding to the list the Software supports torrent and magnets at best speeds. A stand out feature which Motrix has from most of the alternatives of IDM is that it has a dark mode.

The software is new in the market and is developing every day so the user can observe some bugs during the use. The software once developed fully can become a software like IDM. Motrix is available in Windows and macOS.

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9. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

The list of IDM alternatives can go on and on but the list has the software with the same functionality. The Turbo Download Manager has many features same as the IDM like the pause and resume downloads. The best feature which helps the software make its way in the list of alternatives of IDM is the multi-threading downloads. Multi-threading helps in boosting the speed of the downloads.

The app is easy to use and newcomers can also get used to the app. TDM supports video grabbing, same as the IDM and after all the similar features the app is supported by every OS and is still free to use. The app also supports browser extension.

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10. Aria2


We are on the last for the list but this software has a different audience. If you want your software to take less space and run smooth then aria2 is the one you should choose. This is ideal for both newcomers and old users, it has a simple, smooth interface which every user would like.

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Downloading is made easy with aria2 which makes it the perfect alternative for IDM. The app offers faster download speed, multi connection downloads and BitTorrent client to support Torrent downloads. Being lightweight and easy to use makes it the ideal alternative for Internet Download Manager. The app is available in Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

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11. DownThemAll


In contrast to the Internet download manager alternatives that we have discussed up to this point, DownThemAll is an exclusive option. To give you an example, you may download files by using the context menu. It is also possible to control the overall speed of the downloads via the use of several parameters. In the event that you choose to proceed in the traditional manner, you may easily input the URL and download the specified file.

Having said that, here is the thing. It is not true that DownThemAll speeds up the download speed in and of itself. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive collection of download management choices, you have arrived at the perfect location. It extends the capabilities of your online browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and

Opera, to provide more complex download choices. A free extension that, once installed, may make things simpler than they have ever been before.

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Now Choose The Best Alternative of IDM

After the list now you don’t have to rely on the Internet Download Manager and pay the subscription fees for the app. You have got a bunch of alternatives for IDM to choose from for free of cost with the same and better features.

There are several websites available on the internet which offer malware free download. Click the link below the app description to get the app not the malware.

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