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Published Date : Feb 05, 2024
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Best Android Browser With Flash Player 2021

Web browser forms an integral part of any desktop or smartphone, and the same can be said for a Flash player software too. 

Flash players for Android browsers are essential for streaming audio, playing PC games, and also for watching online TV shows, movies. Most websites and animations require an efficient flash player for seamless working. 

Using an Android browser with an in-build flash is always recommended by experts and is best suited for gaming freaks and movie lovers. 

In this post, we will discuss some of the Best Web Browser For Android Mobile. Since the market is filled with multiple options, finding the right pick can be an overwhelming task. To ease your job, we have prepared a well-researched rundown of useful web browsers that supports flash player for Android.

Let’s have a look at them one by one. 

What Are the Best Android Browsers with Flash Player in 2024?

Let’s take a look at our curated list below to know about the best flash supported browsers for Android to use in 2024.

1. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular and successful Android browsers that the market has seen until now. It is known for its high-speed surfing and an array of useful features that it offers. Some of the most noticeable offerings include ad-block, theming, incognito mode, flash support, personalized search, multiple taskbars, and gesture controls. 

You can enjoy high-speed and uninterrupted browsing experience with it and opt for various extensions and add-ons whenever needed.

It works incredibly well on smartphones and is available on Google play store for free. 


2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Of course, this is one of the most lauded about the Browser and is widely used by masses of all ages and groups. It is probably the first name that strikes our mind when we think of downloading a browser and is exceptionally easy to use.

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It comes with an extensive list of useful features for both power and primary users.

Some of the main features are: 

  • It offers incognito browsing.
  • It supports fast downloading and offline videos.
  • It can easily sync across devices.
  • Unlimited browsing tabs. 

Most beneficial point: Google Chrome is always the first to get updated with all new Android features. 


3. Firefox


If you are looking for a browser that supports flash, is fast, and also keeps your online activities private, then Firefox is an excellent option to consider. You get access to a vast list of incredible features that promises easy functionality and user-friendly experience. 

Its intelligent search engine supports fast browsing and relevant results. Moreover, its advanced tracking protection mechanism is ideal for enjoying next-level privacy. 

Download Firefox today to enjoy multiple benefits.

  • Seamless browsing.
  • Safe, private, and fast browsing experience.
  • It can be easily synced across devices.
  • It offers intuitive tabs and also provides multiple add-ons. 


4. Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Next on our list of Best Android Browser with an in-built Flash Player is Opera Browser. It is best suited for an Android OS and supports a highly private browsing user experience. On performance ground, it is on par with Google Chrome.

There are several notable features and benefits attached to it, some of the most prominent ones are: 

  • It blocks unwanted ads that support uninterrupted browsing and speeds up the loading process.
  • Its incognito mode keeps your surfing private and ensures that you do not leave any traces behind.
  • Night mode and text size setting promise a comfortable reading experience.
  • It has an in-built VPN connection that keeps all your online activity hidden from unwanted eyes.


5. UC Browser

UC Browser

Are you searching for a Flash-supported web browser for your Android device? Then, the UC Browser is an excellent choice for you. UC Browser is a fast, secure, and smart web browser. It is designed for an amazing, easy, and enhanced browsing experience. No matter whether you are visiting sites, surfing, watching videos, or downloading files, UC Browser provides you with a smooth possible experience.

Key Features:

  • This web browser brings numerous add-ons and features like compressed browning in fast mode, download manager, and night mode.
  • Simple navigation and fast access.
  • It offers Incognito mode for safe and secure browsing. This makes your watching and browsing experience completely private.


6. Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser

If you love breathtaking speed, then Puffin Browser is specially designed for you. It is listed as one of the fastest mobile Browser which offers wicked and unmatchable speed. With its customizable features, you can easily enjoy a desktop-like experience on your smartphone screen. 

It’s intelligent working shifts your device resources optimally to support fast browsing and is powered with the latest version of Flash player. 

Major Highlights:

  • It offers an incognito tab.
  • It comes with a virtual gamepad and trackpad.
  • Unmatchable web experience for desktop and smartphones.
  • Incredible rendering and loading speed.
  • Cloud protection.


7. Photon Browser – Flash Player and Browser

Photon Browser - Flash Player and Browser

Download this capable Android browser with flash directly from Google Play Store. It comes with a built-in flash player and supports significant features for faster speed and easy browsing.

From high-definition games to online video streaming, it effortlessly leverages your web-experience. It is more-or-less free from annoying ads, but you can also opt for its premium subscription to enjoy a completely ad-free experience. 

To activate the flash player, click on the bolt button available on its main screen. 

Key Features: 

  • Incognito and private browsing support.
  • Supports various versions of Flash Players.
  • It comes with an ad-blocker tool. 
  • VPN connection. 


8. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser

Next on our list of best Android Browser with Flash player is Maxthon. It is listed as one of the fastest and secure cloud-based browsers and is fully compatible with Android devices, Windows, and iOS platforms. 

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With Maxthon, you get a bag full of stunning features which include: 

  • Data Saving
  • Fetch Mode
  • Password manager tool.
  • Incognito Mode and Night Mode.
  • Tab Management, easy synchronization, multi-language support, and night mode.

9. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Experience a continuous and uninterrupted browsing experience with this fast, safe, and secure Android Browser. It is known for providing legal services and offers light but useful functionalities. 

In addition to Android devices, it also works incredibly well on Microsoft and Windows 10 Systems. It is your perfect web partner.

Key Features:

  • Blocks Ads
  • It supports private browsing.
  • It provides a lot of customizable features.


10. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi is one of the newest browsers which uses Chromium, this means you get access to several setting options and visuals. Browse in peace with its fast page load speed and block all unwanted ads. Unlike other web browsers, you will find its address bar at the bottom of the screen.

It’s the only downside is, you don’t get a desktop sync option with it but still offers multiple functionalities to keep its users satisfied.

Key Features:

  • Ad Blocking
  • Night Mode
  • Cryptojacking Protection.
  • East language translations.


11. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Another new entrant in the market of web browsers that supports flash player for Android is FireFox Focus. It is built to ensure complete and all-round security. 

It can delete your entire browsing history in a single tap, so not recommended for people who avoid multiple sign-ins. 

Top Features: 

  • Decent ad-blocking tool
  • One-tap history deletion system.
  • Automatic privacy and fast browsing. 


12. Lynket


Initially known as Chromer, Lynket manages to secure a place on our list of best Web Browser For Android Mobile.

Although it was renamed in 2018, its core functions remain the same. It works on a Custom Tabs protocol mechanism. 

With its multitasking ability, it is best suited for frequent browsers. 


Final Words: Best Android Browsers with Built-in Flash Player

So, here is the list of top browsers that supports flash player for Android. Most of our picks are light-weight and offers lightning-quick browsing speed which is essential for online games, animations, and movies. 

Choose the best-suited Android browser for you and enjoy a seamless browsing experience anywhere at any time.

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