8 Best Apps To Remotely Control Your Android Device in 2024

Published Date : Dec 19, 2023
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Best Apps to Remotely Control Your Android Device

Ever thought of remotely controlling your Android devices? Never, right. Well, now you can.

Technology is defeating itself day by day. Although we are yet to enter an era where one single device will be able to control and monitor other devices, we are not far from it. Technological advancement has given us a decent amount of control over various electronic devices around us.

The marketplace is full of multi-functional apps, with new getting added to it daily. These apps can perform amazingly well and can also turn your Android phone into a remote control which can control your TV, media center, PC along with other home devices.

Since the options are endless, here we have picked some of the most popular and useful remote android control apps for you to consider. Let’s get started now.

8 Best Android Remote Control Apps:

1. Android TV RemoteFree app

Android TV Remote - Free app

Are you wondering if there is a way out, with which you can control your TV through your Android phone? Yes, Android TV Remote offers the exact functionality. It works as a generic remote for Android TV by providing navigation control of your Android device interface.

With it, you can easily connect your TV to your smartphone via a local network or Bluetooth. It can also support voice controls and can turn your phone into a virtual keyboard. It also helps easy toggling between touchpad, gamepad, and D-pad for easy navigation.

It is compatible with all Android platforms.

2. Amazon Fire TV Remote

Amazon Fire TV Remote

Amazon Fire TV is known for its video streaming functionality and comes with a Wi-Fi-enabled remote. However, if you wish to add on to its incredible working, you can do it with Amazon Fire TV remote.

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It can perform all basic functionalities of your handheld remote, which means easy navigation controls. With this incredible tool, you can convert the touchscreen of your phone into a virtual keyboard and enjoy complete controls.

It also supports voice commands.

3. Peel Smart Remote

Peel Smart Remote App For Android

Peel Smart Remote is a perfect replacement for your primary remote control. More than just being a universal remote, it can also be customized to act as a personalized TV controller.

With this Remote access software, you can also control other home devices like Heaters and AC. It is free of cost and can perform well on all Android devices. It also learns from your selection pattern for giving suggestions.

4. AnyMote Smart Universal Remote

Anymote Universal Remote -Best Remote Control App

If your phone is pre-enabled with an IR Blaster, then there is no better Remotely access android phone application than AnyMote Smart Universal Remote. With the IR blaster, you can effortlessly convert your phone in an android remote control.

It also gives you an option to customize various features to support your needs and preferences. It works by creating custom macros and controls various media centers with a Wi-Fi connection.

This incredible app is priced at an affordable rate of $4.99

5. Sure Universal

Sure Universal - Best Android Remote Control App

Sure Universal is a world-leading universal remote control app that gives you the power to control various devices at your home. With it, you can easily share and send music files and pictures to smart media devices, including a smart TV.

It is known to offer incredible home IoT solutions and can efficiently work on voice commands. You can use it to play music and stream photos.

6. Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote Controller

Xiomi develops Mi Remote controller. It not only works on Xiomi phones but can also perform incredibly well on other android devices. With it, you can easily convert your phone into a remote control.

Mi controller is compatible with android gadgets powered with IR Blaster. With this remote access software, you can manage all IR enables devices without even leaving your cozy corner of the room.

Use it to control SmartTV’s, Mi TV, along with TV scheduling.

7. Google Home

Google Home

Effortlessly control your Chromecast and assistant speakers with this multi-functional app. Use it to control your video and audio stream, manage volume, play and pause them without getting out of your bed.

All-in-all it provides you with single touch control of your entire home, including TV, lights, AC, and other smart devices.

8. IR Universal Remote

IR Universal Remote Control Apps

Finding a way to replace your TV remote, well IR Universal is the best substitute. Use it to control, switch on and off your TV, fans, lights, heaters, and other electronic devices.

It comes with an array of advanced features and can be easily configured. You can create custom remotes and setup macros for all personalized needs.

It works well on all android devices, which are enabled with an in-build IR Blaster.

With these stunning applications mentioned above, you can create a fully controlled environment around yourself.

Choose a good android remote control app to create and remotely control your Android phone and other gadgets. These apps are easy to use and are highly versatile.

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