Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Review 2021 [Complete Guide]

Published Date : Jul 30, 2021
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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Review 2021 [Complete Guide]

In this Auslogics Duplicate File Finder review, we are going to share each and every detail that would help you in assessing the performance and worth of this file finder software.

Files and folders on PC keep on adding up with time. Along with important files you get some temporary files that are useful for a short span of time and other than these files you might get duplicates and copies of the files. All these files after being used are useless and are not important but finding them for removal becomes very tough as they are saved at different locations.

Manually proceeding with the process can be very time-consuming and frustrating, but there is another alternative that you can use to proceed with this process that is using the Auslogics Duplicate File Finder software. The software is great when it comes to helping you with making space and finding useless files. Here in this article, we have reviewed Auslogics Duplicate File Finder software to help you in making a decision. Below the review is divided into different sections, before we start the review let’s first check what exactly is Auslogics Duplicate File Finder.

What is Auslogics Duplicate File Finder?

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a one-stop solution for removing all the duplicates and useless files from your computer. This software effectively scans each and every drive and folder to find those files and then presents them to you from removing them. You can simply select the files and remove them either manually or automatically by assigning the software.

This is just a short brief to help you understand what exactly software and what all action it can help you with. Now, let’s start the review and take a look at other offerings and the pros/ cons of the software.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Review 2021: Complete Guide

Starting the review of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, in the first section, we have the features which will make your work easy. So let’s look at what the software has to offer to all its users.

Features of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Below are the features which will help you in eliminating all the unnecessary and duplicate files. Keep reading to know more about them.

1. Smart Algorithm

The software has a smart algorithm that works effectively in finding and removing duplicates even from the deepest and darkest corners of your disk. They may take time depending on the files which need to be scanned so the results will be presented accurately.

2. Fully Customizable

The software is fully customizable according to your requirements, you can easily select the files or folders which you wish to scan, and then in the results section too you get full freedom to select the files which you wish to remove. Everything starting from scanning to removing files you have full right to customize.

3. Free to use

Unlike most duplicate finder software, Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is available for free, you can easily use each and every tool offered by the software without paying any extra amount. The tools offered are ideal for home as well as for commercial use. Being free software doesn’t make it any less useful.

5. Data Security

One of the best Auslogics Duplicate File Finder features is that it keeps all your data secured. While there are many software that leak data for some money but Auslogics has proven its security has been acknowledged by industry experts. You can easily rely on the software and let it search for duplicates.

These were some of the features which we really liked about this software. If you also loved the software till now, then we can take you to the next section which is Pros and Cons.


  • The software charges no money for using it. You get every tool for free.
  • It performs swiftly and offers accurate results
  • You can choose files and folders for scanning and removal
  • The software’s rescue center features let you easily recover the files which you accidentally deleted


  • Depending on the size of files the software sometimes lack in scanning some files which is the only negative point

These were some pros and cons which you should consider while choosing this software. It is very common with software to have some negative points as there is no “perfect” software. If till now you have liked the Auslogics Duplicate File Finder review, then let’s move onto the next section which is how to use Auslogics Duplicate File Finder.

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How to Find Duplicate Files Using Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Software?

The Auslogics Duplicate File Finder review is incomplete without knowing the process. So here we have shared the steps that you would have to follow with this software to remove all the duplicates and useless files from your PC.

  • After downloading and installing the software, you have to click on the icon to run it.
  • Once the software opens, you have to select the location for which you wish to scan.
  • Now after selecting the location, click on the ‘Next’ option from the bottom right corner of the window.
    Location Select with Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
  • In the next window, you will be asked to select the criteria for which you want to scan. The option includes ‘Matching Criteria’, ‘Advanced Criteria’, and ‘File Types’.
  • Once you are done with all the selection you can proceed further by clicking the ‘Scan’ button from the bottom right corner of the screen.
    Enable Matching Criteria & File Type in Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
  • Now after a few minutes, you will get the results on your screen, from the displayed list you can easily either select manually or can select every file and then click on the ‘Delete’ option.
    Duplicate Files in Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

By looking at the steps you must have thought about how easy it is to remove all the duplicates. Indeed, it is very easy with the Auslogics Duplicate File Finder software. Now that you have loved the software till now, let’s take you to the final section which will define whether your PC is compatible to use this software or not.

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System Requirements to Use Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Software

System requirements are the minimum hardware or software requirements that your computer should have for running any software. To know more about Auslogics Duplicate File Finder system requirements scroll down.

Supported Operating System: The software supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 both 32 and 64 bit

Minimum Hard Disk Space: The PC should at least have 40 MB of empty space.

Minimum Memory: The system should have a minimum of 32 MB to run this software

Screen Resolution Recommended: For running this software recommended screen resolution is 1024×650.

The End: Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Review 2021

That was all in the Auslogics Duplicate File Finder review. We hope that we have delivered relevant information to you and have helped you in making a decision. You can check reviews of other competitors too for better understanding. According to us, we would definitely recommend you Auslogics Duplicate File Finder software.

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