Android Malware ‘Unkillable’ Gives Hackers Full Remote Access to Your Phone

Published Date : Apr 20, 2020
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Android Malware 'Unkillable' Gives Hackers Full Remote Access to Your Phone

The development of malware has now become a continuous process with advances and deadly ones getting added on a daily basis. Recently the security experts have identified highly stubborn malware that is nearly impossible to remove. 

A researcher from Kaspersyly, Igor Golovin has recently discussed this new cyber PC threat in one of his blogs. He quoted that xHELPER is a highly stubborn malware and deploys a chain of nested programs to infect computer systems.

He stated that although the malware was detected last year, it’s now that the security experts have been able to find out and understand its nature of the activity, how it infects your PC. The malware keeps coming back even after a system reboot, he further added.

Google Play is a massive reservoir of useful applications for Android users but unfortunately, it is not fully safe from digital attacks. Many third-party apps that are placed on Google play store are often infected and are used by cybercriminals to break into various devices and smartphones. 

As a possible corrective measure to this issue, Google’s App screening service removed and blocked nearly 1.9 million third-party apps. These apps were mainly disguised as system maintenance, clean up  and phone booster apps. Some of the removed apps also included a few sides installed and loaded apps from unidentified and unofficial sources. 

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xHelper – All You Need to Know

As identified by Golovin, xHELPER initially deploys a trojan *dropper* to break into a system and collect useful information and make way for other trojans. Cybercriminals use these trojans to drop harmful codes into the system, access victims’ systems and exploit them in whatever possible way.

He stated that once the victim’s phone is infected it gets really difficult to get rid of the infection. These dropper trojans get deep inside your system and get attached to various programs. They start processing every time you reboot your system.

Golovin quoted that rebooting your smartphone might not be of much help in certain scenarios. Especially when the trojan has attached itself with installed firmware. He further stated that a lot of components of your phone may also stop functioning properly. 

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Golovin has also advised smartphone users to carry precautions and exercise proper etiquettes. He stated that using an infected phone can lead to major data loss. He said that the malware is highly stubborn and has the ability to execute several harmful commands and steal your key personal and confidential information. It can exploit your device and access it from a remote location. 

Exercising vigilance and caution is what our security experts advice to keep our smartphones guarded against this malicious malware.

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