Welcome To The Virtual World: 3 Ways Technology Is Enabling A New World Online

Published Date : Dec 23, 2020
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Welcome To The Virtual World: 3 Ways Technology Is Enabling A New World Online

The world as we know it has changed: it has gone virtual. In the last few decades, consumers have truly embraced technology. From their workplaces to their homes, a record number of Americans are now living virtual life. The year 2020 alone has seen the adoption of remote working accelerated by years ahead of its original estimates. Meanwhile, in American homes, only 10 percent do not use the internet.

In the market, tech companies are working tirelessly to bring new, innovative products to consumers – products that have, in turn, transformed the landscape of everyday life for everyone. Whether it has been business communication technology enabling workers and businesses to adopt remote working or the use of virtual reality apps for real-life experiences, there is no question that technology is at the forefront of what we do now.

Technology & Remote Working: Enabling A Better Work-Life Balance

If there is one notable impact of technology in recent years, it is the way it has aided in the advancement of flexible and remote working. For years, workers have asked for more flexible work policies as they commonly battle with their work-life balance. Thanks to technological inventions like GSuite, Asana, and Slack, employers no longer need to splash out on overheads such as office space. They can now reap the benefits of a remote workforce, including increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and a better employer brand.

The use of technology in remote working has also helped in minimizing business disruptions, as particularly seen over this year. The rapid shift to an eCommerce model of business and the use of social media to establish an online presence has helped businesses connect with their customers and potential employees, building trust along the way. When it comes to employee management, there is now time tracking software for remote workers like TimeDoctor, and employee productivity programs like 15Five, which help companies manage employee productivity even when they’re not in the office.

Video Calling Software Aiding Virtual Meetings And Special Occasions

This year has particularly highlighted the value of technology in helping people stay connected to their loved ones and celebrate special milestones in their lives. The use of video calling technology has surged drastically with consumers and businesses alike. More businesses are tapping into the use of video conferencing for remote working and public relations events. Meanwhile, on a more personal front, consumers have turned to video technology to help them plan and celebrate their weddings and birthdays.

Virtual weddings became popular this year, thanks to social distancing guidelines, but experts predict the trend may be a permanent one – particularly for wedding vendors. The use of video software like Zoom for virtual venue tours, dress fittings and ceremonies has seen many businesses and couples alike discover a new, fulfilling (but virtual) answer to an age-old celebration. With lower costs and less moving parts to consider, couples just need to shift their focus to satisfying the right protocols for their online nuptials and overcoming common barriers of virtual events like these, including finding ways to connect with their guests and incorporate traditional elements of a wedding.

Personal Finance Apps And Trackers Empowering Consumers To Take Charge Of Their Money Matters

Personal finance has long been a sore point for Americans. Over 20 percent of households spent more than their income in 2019, while 63 percent live paycheck to paycheck, according to a survey by Highland Solutions. However, the tech evolution has helped more Americans gain control of their finances, without endless hours in financial institutions and banks. The rise of mobile investing and money management apps means consumers can keep an eye on their finances whilst on the go.

Financial decisions like mortgage applications that traditionally took lots of paperwork and time can be done with a few clicks online, with almost instantaneous decisions. In fact, over two-thirds of Americans now bank digitally, and a similar percentage now use Robo-advisors for their investment and retirement planning.

These are just a handful of the ways technology has opened up a new world for everyone. While there has been some drastic progress, it is by no means, the end. For years to come, the technological revolutions will continue – and so will the changes to the way we live.

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