This Company is Offering $1000 to Not Open a Mystery Box

Published Date : Feb 25, 2020
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This Company is Offering $1000 to Not Open a Mystery Box

In today’s competitive marketplace, Mystery boxes have gained huge popularity across a wide spectrum of online buyers. You can simply grab these boxes of mystery from plenty of e-commerce websites including Amazon and eBay.

These boxes are full of surprises and can contain from anything to everything, ranging from products worth $0-$7000. In light of this, you could either get a Rolex watch or a chewed stick of gum, depending on your stroke of luck!

In spite of this, a company called MSCHF recently introduced a mystery box that follows the same idea, but with an unpredicted twist.

MSCHF is the company behind some of the most bizarre and viral pranks and products that have spread across the internet. Remember the Nike Air Max 97s trainers “Jesus Shoes,” whose soles were filled with holy water from River Jordan and cost $3000?

These Jesus-inspired Nike sneakers were redesigned by MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based creative company that takes pride in making hilarious products for its customers.

So, coming back to the MSCHF’s new mystery box twist I talked about earlier, the cost of each of these boxes is $100. Now, the probability of getting a Rolex watch is 0.1%, whereas the probability of getting that chewed stick of gum is 2%.

But, here’s the startling twist: you can not only redeem the price of the box but also you can make much more money by simply not opening the box! Yes, you’ve read it right.

As per the company, if you choose to not open the box, then you can return the unopened MSCHF Box after 100 days, and they will give you $1k ($1000).

MSCHF Box after 100 days, and they will give you $1k

According to the MSCHF, the value of the mystery box increases by $10 each day, so if you could really hold your curiosity for the next 100 days, you can send the unopened box back to the company to claim your $1000. 

As far as I am concerned, that’s a great strategy to increase the sale of mystery boxes. And personally speaking, if I could get a chance to grab any of these boxes, I would straight away rush down to the airport to use their X-ray scanner. Then I will make a decision whether to open the box or wait for my $1000.

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The MSCHF Mystery Box is scheduled to launch today, February 25, 2020. However, if you decide to open your box, check out the list of items that you could receive by clicking here.

So, are you really going to take on the 100-day challenge for a thousand bucks? Or are you someone who believes in destiny and loves to take their chances? Let us know in the comments section below!

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