Google Removed Popular Android Apps from Play Store that stealing Facebook Login Details

Published Date : Jul 08, 2021
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Google Removed Popular Android Apps from Play Store that stealing Facebook Login Details

Google has recently removed some of the applications which were found stealing user data from Android devices. The applications asking for login details load a Javascript command which can be helpful in hijacking the credentials. Keeping security in mind Google removed nine applications and even the older version will not be available for download.

Google is currently working on removing the application that violates privacy policies and commits a major violation. Till now nine applications have been removed and furthermore, other applications will also be removed. The application that was removed was discovered by Dr. Web analysts. According to the report, the applications had a trojan that steals the login data of Facebook.
The removed apps have more than 5.8 million downloads till now. The apps tricked the user by offering the same facebook sign-in page to load the javaScript command and then save the credentials. The apps moreover stole the cookies from the authorized session.

The apps used various variants of malware but the format that they used for stealing data was the same in every malware.

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Google said they have banned all the developers of these applications from the Google Play Store. Though they can easily make a new developer’s account and face not an issue. The company needs to get its big guns out in order to stop the attackers.

Now the company is looking to add automated screening processes to filter out such activity or malware. The issue of privacy hindering has been practiced for a long time but now after users got aware of all the activities the laws and actions against such applications are strict.

In the past, we have observed a ban on several applications due to data leaks, and moreover, the application has even seen a decline in the graph of active users.

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