Recover Deleted Files with Data Recovery Software

Published Date : Jan 03, 2020
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Recover Deleted Files with Data Recovery Software

Before the era of computers, the data has been stored physically on papers. Then by collecting papers, a big database has been created. The collected papers were stored in the big rooms or the data collection centers. There is a big drawback of a pen and paper system is that if you want to find specific data it’s like to find a pin in the sand.

Again there is a drawback that the data can be destroyed easily by destroying the papers with fire. The papers can also be affected by the Weather or you can’t store them for a long time span.

When computers are introduced there is a drastic change in the data handling techniques. When the era of computers had been started every word had been done by computers like to store the data, create spreadsheets, handle the database, etc.

There is a specific storage device in the computers to store the data, like Compact Disks (CD), Pendrives (Flashdrives), Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), etc. After the data has been stored in the Digital Format, it is easy to handle a large amount of data. But as we all know that there is also a dark side of every positive thing in this universe.

As the data is safe in memory devices in digital form but there can be a loss of data due to some specific reasons like:

1. Deletion of Data Accidently

If the user is deleting unnecessary data from the memory devices and the important files have been deleted by him accidentally. So this can be a situation in which there is a loss of necessary data.

2. Physical Damage of Memory Devices

There can be physical damage in the memory devices like Compact Disks(CD), Pendrives(Flashdrives), Hard Disk Drives(HDD), Solid State Drive(SSD), etc. So there could be a loss of data stored in these devices.

3. Attack of Malware and Suspicious Files

The present time is the time of the internet. Probably everyone in this word is connected to the internet. But as we all know that there is always a dark side of every positive thing in this world. There are many cons to the internet as well. By using internet hackers can easily go through your computer and with the help of Worms and Trojans, they can easily insert suspicious files in your computer that can be a reason to lose your all data present on your computer.

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But don’t you worry about it because we have a great solution for you. EaseUS provides you a Hard Drive Recovery & Data Recovery Software. By using this wizard you can recover your lost data easily.

So let’s talk how to get back your data using EaseUS a Hard Drive Recovery & Data Recovery Software and you can get the Pro version at 50% off.

  • First, you have to download the EaseUS, You can download the EaseUS Hard Drive Recovery & Data Recovery Software according to your operating system. As they provide many operating systems based data recovery software like for Mac, for Windows, for ios, for Android, etc.
  • After downloading the software you have to install it by following some traditional steps.
  • After the installations launch the application and you get started with it. As it has a very navigable interface so you have just to go with the flow.
  • Now from the application window, you have to select the disk you want to recover the data from.
  • Then it will make a quick scan and shows you the files you can recover (the list of files is based on residual files after deletion).
  • After the quick scan you have to select the file you want to recover and by hitting the recover button and deep scan will be initiated.
  • After the deep scan, the data has been recovered.

So this is the simple process to recover the data from the desired disk. It is a very simple and convenient method to recover the lost data.

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Now let’s talk about some of the best things about EaseUS a Hard Drive Recovery & Data Recovery Software:

1. The best thing about this software is that it shows you the list of files and lets you select the ones that you want to recover.

2. It can recover the various files from your PC

  • Document Files: document(.doc), PDF, Powerpoint(.ppt), Excel(.xlxs), etc
  • Images or Image projects: PNG, Photoshop, Illustrator, JPEG/JPG, etc
  • Audio or Audio projects: WAV, AIFF, AAC, MP3, etc
  • Video or Video Projects: MP4, MPEG-4, AVI, etc
  • Archived Files: RAR, Zip, Gzip, Stuffit, etc

3. File system supported by this application is

  • In Windows: FAT, NTFS
  • In Mac: HFS+, HFS(Hierarchical File System)
  • In Removable Storage Devices: ExFat

4. This software is very lite so it will not harm the current working process of your system.

So if you lost your data accidentally from your storage devices and giving the condolence to your self for your lost data. Don’t you worry about it we have EaseUS a Hard Drive Recovery & Data Recovery Software which helps you to overcome the threat of lost data. You can easily get back your lost data by following some easy steps. Still, if any query persists do notify us in the comment section.

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