Why is the PS4 Fan Loud and How to Fix It?

Published Date : Oct 11, 2023
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Why is PS4 Fan Loud and How to Fix it

Why is my PS4 so loud? Is this question bothering you as well? If yes, then take the help of this guide with some simple steps to fix the problem with ease. 

PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles to ever launch. The console from the house of Sony Inc. is one of the most bought and used devices of all time. Right from its introduction in 2013, the console has been quite popular amongst gamers around the world. Even after the launch of its successor, the PS5, the console is still going strong and bringing in sales for Sony.

Although the console is quite amazing, it has been complained to cause some problems for the users. The complaints related to PS4 fan loud are quite common. Gamers from around the globe have reported the same repeatedly. And this issue will appear on your device again and again until you do something about it.

However, there are a couple of easy solutions that you can try and put a halt to your query of “Why is my PS4 so loud?” In the coming sections of this guide, we will have a look at some of these solutions and make the PS4 quiet.

So, without any further ado, let’s understand everything that you can do to fix this problem with ease.

Things You Can Try To Fix the PS4 Fan Loud Problem

Below, you will find multiple methods that you can use to fix the PS4 fan loud problem. For ease of performance and to fix the problem quickly, we suggest that you go through the methods consecutively. Try all the solutions to ensure that your PS4 does not heat up. Not now, not ever. So, let’s start trying.

Fix 1: Use the Device In a Vertical Position

The first thing that you should try to fix the PS4 fan loud problem is changing its placement. We often position our PlayStation 4 system in a horizontal orientation. If you move it so that it is vertical, it can reduce the amount of heat and noise that your console produces. Therefore, we kindly suggest you give it a go to determine whether or not your PlayStation 4 can become quieter and cooler.

Your PlayStation 4 has the capability of standing erect or lying flat; nevertheless, an upright posture with a vertical stand would be the better option. It makes a considerable improvement to airflow, which results in improved cooling, and it has the ability to make your gameplay quieter. Keeping the console in a horizontal position may help lower the level of noise it produces, but a vertical orientation provides better ventilation. And thus, ending your concern of, “Why is my PS4 so loud?”

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Fix 2: Sweep Away the Dust

Another common reason behind PS4 fan loud is an accumulation of dust. Dust is one of the primary contributors to the distracting noise that the PlayStation 4 produces. The PlayStation 4’s internals are susceptible to collecting dust and other debris over time, which may block airflow and force the fan to work more diligently to remove heat from the system.

Without the assistance of a qualified professional, it is not feasible to completely remove dust from an area. A lot of gamers will wipe out the outside of the console, but they won’t have any clue what’s going on inside.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to clean up the mess. Cleaning the air ducts that supply the fans with air by using a vacuum cleaner is a procedure that is both practical and effective. It is not dangerous to operate a vacuum cleaner over the air vents that circulate chilly air.

If you want clean air to enter the control panel, you should clear the vents out thoroughly. It’s possible that the console has been clogged with dust, which prevents it from dissipating heat effectively.

If you are wondering “why is my PS4 so loud; this is the simplest and speediest method for clearing off your PS4’s storage. You can also use a can of pressurized air to clean up all of the inputs and vents in the system. You may put this procedure to the test once a month to clean your PlayStation 4 and maintain it functioning properly.

Warning: Never use a vacuum at high pressure or speed to clean your PlayStation 4, since doing so would almost certainly result in harm to the system’s individual components.

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Fix 3: Reduce the Game’s Graphics Quality.

Games that need a lot of graphics processing put a lot of strain on the central processing unit, which requires the fan to dissipate a lot of heat. As a direct result of this, the fan is working harder than usual to bring the temperature down, and as a result, it is creating a lot more noise.

Wondering “Why is my PS4 so loud?” Here’s the answer.

The aesthetics in some games are quite spectacular, and the gaming world is rather large. These games have the potential to put a significant strain on the PS4’s technology due to the intricate character models, realistic landscapes, and physics simulations.

It’s possible that the fan on the console may speed up while you’re playing in order to keep the system from overheating, which will result in the PS4 fan loud problem.

Hence, if you are also playing one such game, you can try reducing its graphics properties. Try playing the game with reduced graphics to rule out if this is the issue. If the problem persists, follow the next solution.

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Fix 4: Make Sure the Cooling Fan is Working

It’s possible that your PlayStation 4’s cooling fans may get damaged or stop working, which would result in increased levels of background noise. This in turn results in the PS4 fan loud problem. The constant rotation of these fans may lead to mechanical problems such as worn bearings or misalignment, both of which contribute to an increase in operating noise.

There is a possibility that the fans on the PS4 may malfunction due to electrical difficulties or problems with internal components. This kind of fault might result in the fan spinning erratically, rotating unevenly, or vibrating more, all of which contribute to an increase in the volume of the fan’s noise.

So, if you are wondering, “Why is my PS4 so loud?”, this can be a potential reason.

In addition to cleaning and vacuuming the console on a regular basis, the replacement of the cooling fan is the most effective solution to this problem. Although employing an aftermarket fan is a viable option, we do not suggest doing so.

Fix 5: Thorough Cleaning of the PS4 Console

The last method to fix the PS4 fan loud problem is to clean the console thoroughly. In the previous solution, you may have cleaned the console and its fan externally. However, the ultimate and the only solution to fix the problem is to clean the PS4 console. For this task, you can open up the console. However, we only suggest you do this if your device does not have a warranty now.

To open the console, take the help of a T8/T9 Torx screwdriver. Once you get your hands on the tool, use the same to open the box, access its cooling fan, and clean it using a brush, a piece of soft cloth, a compressed air gun, and/or a vacuum cleaner if available. Once you are done, you can put back the screws and assemble the device back to its original state.

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Why is My PS4 So Loud? Asked and Answered

So, now that we have reached the end of this guide, you must be able to fix the PS4 fan loud problem. We hope the solutions provided above, helped you with everything you wanted. However, if you still have any questions or want to provide some solutions, we are all ears.

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