ProtonVPN: A Complete Review with Features, Pros & Cons, and More

Published Date : Apr 12, 2023
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ProtonVPN- A Complete Review with Features, Pros & Cons, and More

Check out the entire ProtonVPN review listing its features, pros and cons, pricing, and other attributes related to the smart VPN tool for better decision-making. 

VPN or Virtual Private Network tool is an amazing way to maintain your privacy while surfing the internet. The VPN tool hides your IP address and jumps your location to another fake one to keep meddlers, troublemakers, and hackers at bay. When you look for a VPN tool online, you will find multiple ones. However, some of the most commonly used and best VPN tools have always been the first choice of users. One such tool is ProtonVPN.

ProtonVPN is an amazing app that offers a lot of features and functionalities to all. However, some users have been confused about the reliability and aptness of the software. For the same users, we have brought together this ProtonVPN review.

In this review, you will find all the details related to ProtonVPN like its features, pros and cons, pricing, and others. All the details will help you in understanding the working of the tool and its drawbacks. After analyzing the information, you can easily ascertain whether you should use the tool, whether it meets your expectations and every other question related to ProtonVPN.

So, let’s proceed to the review right away and start with features.

ProtonVPN Review: Top Features in 2023

To start this ProtonVPN review, the later sections of this guide will list and explain some of the best features of the VPN tool. Using these features, you can understand how the tool is different from other similar ones and what it has to offer.

No Data Logging

One of the best features of ProtonVPN is that it does not keep any log of your data. This means that you can use a VPN connection and surf the internet as much as you want without having to worry about recording of your surfing history. You may delete the browser history but some VPNs have the feature to record the history in the database. This privacy threat is not there with ProtonVPN.

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High Performance and Fast Connection

The internet connectivity that you get with ProtonVPN is quite amazing. With the help of the VPN, you can run various tools, games, and apps without worrying about a low internet connection. You will get the same internet speed as provided by the Internet Service Provider.

Strong Security

The security features of ProtonVPN are quite strong. It is a secure VPN option to choose because it has AES 256 encryption, a secure proprietary protocol, and a kill switch. Users of desktop computers and mobile phones have not reported any IP, WebRTC, or DNS leaks.

Online Streaming

The tool allows you to stream some of the most commonly used streaming platforms. You can use ProtonVPN to watch movies, TV shows, and various other forms of content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

One-Click Use

You can afford to waste time protecting your data. Thus, ProtonVPN protects your network and device connectivity with a click. If needed, select the VPN location and tap Connect to secure your connection and use the desired server.

Smart Encryption

Smart encryption is another ProtonVPN review highlight. The tool uses strong 256 AES encryption. This encryption protects your data from online meddlers and hackers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

VPN tools limit bandwidth, which is a major drawback. Internet connectivity slows. ProtonVPN does not limit bandwidth to help users. This means you get your internet package’s speed and connectivity without any changes.

No Geotargeting

Shopping sites and search engines display location-targeted ads. Search history determines these targeted ads. ProtonVPN blocks targeted ads in your browser. Thus, you can shop online without annoying targeted ads. The VPN tool hides and pings your network location to maintain anonymity.

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Public WiFi Safety

When you use public Wifi at a train station, bus stop, restaurant, hotel, or palace, hackers can easily access your data. ProtonVPN protects your data even on public Wifi, so use it if you must.

Multiple Servers/Locations

This ProtonVPN review should highlight the tool’s ability to access multiple servers from multiple locations. The tool’s developers have over 2,000 servers in 75 countries. Using regional servers, you can stream, play games, and more.

Unblock Data

Local governments or ISPs may censor content. Accessing such content is difficult. ProtonVPN smart features let you access multiple servers from different locations. Thus, you can easily choose an uncensored server and access any content. Online gamers use this feature to easily circumvent local gaming restrictions.

Multiple IPs

ProtonVPN lets you set multiple IP addresses for your device, a unique feature. The platform offers over 40,000 IP addresses. This makes it harder for online meddlers and hackers to locate you or steal your data.

Split tunneling

Some apps don’t need VPNs. For instance, you may live in England and want to stream Netflix regional content while playing an online game on a US server. ProtonVPN offers Split Tunneling so you can use the VPN in your preferred apps and platforms.

Kill Switch

A breach, excessive use, or other reason can disrupt the VPN connection. Without a VPN, hackers could access your data. ProtonVPN has a kill switch. If the VPN is turned off while streaming or surfing, this Switch stops internet connectivity. This feature protects your data if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly.


ProtonVPN’s auto start feature lets you use the VPN 24/7. This feature lets the tool run automatically when an internet connection is found.

Protects DNS

In the ProtonVPN review, the VPN tool’s DNS leak prevention is useful. The tool will always protect your IP addresses and location. This protection is unbreakable.

UI Multilingual

The tool has a multilingual interface. This interface supports 20+ languages. English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and many others.

This ProtonVPN review has enough features but the pros and cons will help you understand more about the tool.

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Pros and Cons of ProtonVPN

Below are some of the most amazing pros and cons of ProtonVPN that will help you ascertain whether the tool is useful for you:


  • Reasonably priced alternatives with a lot of features.
  • Using a Multihop VPN and the Tor Network.
  • Safety inspections.
  • For a fee, you can gain access to Disney+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.


  • Somewhat more costly than equivalent alternatives.
  • Problems with erratic performance

Lastly, let’s have a look at the price of the tool to know whether the tool fits your budget or not.

Pricing of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is available for a low, uniform price no matter where you are in the globe. Pricing begins at $9.99 per month and goes up to $11.99 per month. Here is a table that will help you comprehend the ProtonVPN review’s price policy:

SubscriptionMonthly YearlyBi-Yearly
VPN Plus Price$9.99 /month$5.99 /month ($71.88 per year)$4.99 /month ($119.76 for two years)
Proton Unlimited Price$11.99 /month$9.99 /month ($119.88 per year)$7.99 /month ($191.76 for two years)

You may use the ProtonVPN app on all your devices with the aforementioned subscriptions. Unless you cancel your membership, the funds will be automatically deducted from your account at the end of the term.

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ProtonVPN Review: Concluded Successfully

With the aid of the ProtonVPN features, as well as the pros and disadvantages, cost, and examples of how the tool can be used, we hope that you will be able to determine whether or not you should make use of the tool. You must have reached the conclusion by now that the program is pretty effective and enables you to easily maintain your privacy while still browsing the internet as you see fit. Using the program does come with a few limitations, however, and there are plenty of superior substitutes available on the market. Yet, it is without a doubt true that the instrument offers a wide variety of features and advantages at more affordable costs.

In the event that you have any inquiries about the ProtonVPN review, we will be more than happy to assist you. Please use the comments area below to ask any questions you may have or to provide any recommendations. Please share your thoughts on whether or not you enjoyed reading this review. You may subscribe to the newsletter from the blog page to ensure that you never miss an update and to get additional content such as daily updates, recommendations, and reviews.

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