Most Popular Operating Systems for Computer and Mobile

Published Date : Jul 25, 2022
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Most Popular Operating Systems for Computer and Mobile

This article lists some of the best and the most popular operating systems widely used around the globe on computers and smartphones. 

To run any smartphone, computer, laptop, or other electronic device, you need an operating system. Just like its name, this operating system allows you to operate your device with ease. Operating systems are the source that allows you to get the best out of the device, very easily.

You may not know this, but apart from the operating system integrated into your device, you can also install and use other popular operating systems on the device to get the desired features and functionalities. With the help of this article, we are listing some operating systems for different devices. You can ease these with ease and get the desired services easily.

Top Best and Most Popular Operating System

Below are the top and the most popular operating systems for different computers, smartphones, and other devices.

1. Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows

If someone is asked to name any two popular operating systems then Windows will be the most common answer you will get. Windows from Microsoft is indeed the most popular operating system ever created. The OS has managed to secure over a billion users around the globe who actively use the OS on different computers, laptops, and even tablets and smartphones. The operating system offers a lot of features to you. Some of these are:

  • Microsoft Windows is one of the fastest and most powerful operating systems ever developed.
  • The OS is compatible with different devices and different software. A lot of creators develop their programs with the primary focus to provide the best services on Windows.
  • Windows is amongst the most common operating systems that you can install on different devices with ease without much complicated and lower hardware requirements.
  • The operating system is very safe to use and protects your data from privacy breaches and security attacks. Additionally, the OS can also protect itself from viruses and malware.
  • The interface of all the versions of the Windows OS is very easy to use for beginners and professionals.

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2. macOS


As the first on the list is Windows, the second one of the popular operating systems is bound to be the macOS. macOS is a part of the Apple Universe, and hence is one of the smoothest and fastest operating systems ever. The sharing and controlling features offered by the macOS across other operating systems in the Apple Universe are unmatchable. Below are some other features of the OS that are the main reason why macOS is the most commonly used operating system:

  • The macOS has one of the most attractive and interactive user interfaces ever seen on any device.
  • macOS has various versions, many more than any most commonly used operating system. This allows you to download and install the required version on your device very easily.
  • If you are looking for a device that can run with optimal and quick performance, then macOS is the one to consider.
  • One of the unique features of the macOS is that it allows you to create multiple virtual desktops for your needs.
  • The developers of the OS add new and interactive features with every update along with bug fixes. This makes the operating system very reliable and keeps the users hooked.
  • The operating system has more helpful and advanced features than any other OS developer ever thought about adding.

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3. Android


If you are a smartphone user then you already may know about Android. Android is one of the most popular operating systems. The OS has over 2.5 billion users globally, more than any other operating system has ever seen. This is one of the most secure yet easy-to-use operating systems. So secure that if your device has an Android operating system, you will never be affected by a computer virus. Let’s have a look at the best features of this most popular mobile operating system:

  • The operating system supports more devices than any other operating system. You can install and use the OS on smartphones, tablets, watches, TVs, and even music and display systems in vehicles.
  • Android does not require any third-party app for protection from scammers and breachers as the integrated Google Play Protect feature protects you at all costs.
  • The OS allows you to take control over the sharing and accessibility of your location, files, and other personal data. Hence, Android is quite secure.
  • As the operating system has an open-source structure, any developer, user, or enthusiast can edit the OS as required and get the desired functionalities for the device.
  • All the major smartphone manufacturers and providers like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, OnePlus, Sony, etc. use the Android OS in their products.
  • The operating system has some other features as well that are not easy to find in other devices and systems.

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4. Apple iOS

Apple iOS

If you want to purchase an Apple smartphone or have the device already, then you will find iOS on the device. iOS, just like macOS, is a part of the Apple universe and provides you with some of the best and most advanced features ever. Just like with macOS, you can share data from an iOS device to any other Apple universe device with ease. Additionally, you also get to take advantage of features like a smoother interface with alluring graphics. Some other features of the most popular OS include:

  • The operating system is very handy and advanced for its time, especially when paired with other devices from the Apple Universe.
  • iOS devices have the strongest face recognition system ever created. The Face ID of iOS works even if you are wearing a mask. That’s something super amazing and missing in all the other major OS.
  • Using iOS, you can create an animated avatar for your character. You can then use this avatar to create videos, images, and more. You can share such outputs with your friends, family members, and other iOS users with ease.
  • Almost every operating system allows you to video call or video chat with others. iOS takes the video calling feature to the next step. Using the FaceTime app (the VC app on Apple devices), you can share the screen with the viewer, watch movies together, play, pause and seek the video as required, and do much more.
  • The Apple devices are known for their camera and picture quality but with iOS in the play, you can get a whole new user experience. The smart AI of iOS recognizes the faces in the images and groups them accordingly. Additionally, the OS can refine and provide radiance even in the dampest of images.

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5. Linux


If you are looking for the most secure and unbreachable operating system, then Linux is the best one for you. This is one of those few popular operating systems that allow you to work on the device securely and easily. The OS is open-source and hence allows you to make amends and modify the system as you want. Apart from this, the OS has so much more to offer to you that you will never face any problems while using it. Below are some of the best features of the most popular operating system for a personal computer:

  • The Linux OS is so popular and advanced that it also powers other operating systems like Android. This means that the creators of Android use a Linux base to develop the OS.
  • The OS has Kernel, one of the best functions that allow any system to manage and modify the processing unit, memory, and more.
  • This is one of the most famous operating systems that allows you to understand the working and structure of any program and modify or share as required.
  • You will find the Bootloader integrated with Linux devices. This is a feature that allows you to manage and transition to the boot menu or startup as required.
  • The operating system is completely free to use and does not charge anything to create apps for the OS or install the OS on your device.

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6. Ubuntu


If you are interested in the previously mentioned Linux or want to download and use it, then Ubuntu is the best OS for you. Ubuntu is among the best and most popular operating systems that are secure to use. As the OS is developed using Linux, most of the apps and programs on the OS are free to use and open-source, just like Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the best choice for those users as the most popular OS who are looking for an OS for desktops, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud platforms, or servers. Below are some of the basic yet unique features of Ubuntu:

  • Ubuntu is so trusted and stronger than ever, that banks and other finance companies use the Ubuntu system in their organizations and branches. Hence, Ubuntu is the best OS for office purposes and use.
  • Ubuntu, when powered with smart browsers like Mozilla Firefox, can offer you top-speed surfing and other advanced features that other operating systems can never match.
  • If you are a  gamer, then Ubuntu can deliver you the best gaming experience you will ever get. Although the general perception is that Ubuntu is for professional use only, a lot of gamers have also opted for the OS because of the ease of gaming it offers.
  • Previously, Ubuntu didn’t support various popular apps, but now, more and more creators are launching the Ubuntu version of their products and apps for ease of working.
  • Unlike any other commonly used operating system like Windows or macOS, Ubuntu does not require any expensive antivirus software for protection. It can protect your system very easily without any third-party software.

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7. ChromeOS


The next name on this list of the top best and most popular operating systems is ChromeOS. This operating system is newer as compared to others. Although the OS generally comes integrated with the device series called Chromebooks, it can be installed on other operating systems as well. The operating system is quite stronger and more professional than most others. Below, are some of the best features of the most common operating system:

  • The operating system is very secure to use and does not promote ease of security breaches to your device’s data.
  • ChromeOS can be considered as a blend of Windows and Android as its interface and apps are just like that in Android devices. However, the working of the OS is similar to Windows and the Google Chrome app.
  • As compared to other operating systems, ChromeOS uses fewer hardware properties and system tools to run. Hence, the OS can offer you the best performance at the lowest specs and battery use.
  • If you want, ChromeOS allows you to take the help of your Android device to unlock the device.
  • The boot time of ChromeOS is a lot lower than that of macOS and Windows.
  • You can integrate the Android device with your ChromeOS device to control and work on both with ease. This way, you can enjoy the features of both famous operating systems.

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8. Fedora


The next name on this list of the best and most popular operating systems is Fedora. This operating system is quite different from others and offers unique features to you. Just like Ubuntu, Fedra is also a Linux-based operating system, hence the most secure one as well. The OS is available for three different types of devices viz. desktop, servers, and IoT (Internet of Things). Below are some of the best features of the most popular operating system for a personal computer:

  • The operating system, just like most others, uses an open-platform structure for ease of use. Hence, any developer or enthusiast can edit and use the OS as and when required.
  • The OS is created by its developers after considering the requirements and desires of developers. Hence, if you are a developer, you will love working on Fedora.
  • Fedora’s interface is quite sleek and easy to use. Even if a new user or beginner gets his hands on a Fedora device, he will be able to use the device very easily and effectively.
  • More and more companies and creators are developing apps and programs that can support a better user experience.
  • The most commonly used operating system, Fedora, comes with an integrated Open Container Initiative (OCI) that allows you to edit and create the desired apps with ease.

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9. FreeBSD


FreeBSD is one of the few popular operating systems that are becoming more and more popular by the day. The best part about the operating system is that the OS is UNIX-based, a system that is quite similar to Linux. Hence, the OS is quite safe to use and best suited for professional and work requirements. To know more about the most popular OS, check out the features below:

  • The OS has some inbuilt apps that allow you to work and use the device easily.
  • FreeBSD is generally not preinstalled on devices, however, you can install it on your computer or laptop with ease.
  • If you want to customize and get the best out of the internet, FreeBSD can help you convert the computer into an Internet Firewall system.
  • A lot of researchers and students use the FreeBSD OS because of its research-friendly features and advantages over other OS.

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10. Solaris


Solaris is the last OS on this list of the most popular operating systems. The system is generally used by individuals and companies facing huge workloads. You may also find Solaris in different CRM (customer relationship management) systems. The Solaris OS may not be seen pre-installed in normal computers and smartphones, however, the OS is quite useful for other devices. Check out the features of the OS below for a better understanding of the commonly used operating system:

  • The interface of the OS is quite simple and easy to follow for all kinds of developers and users; beginners, professionals, and otherwise.
  • As the OS is created considering cloud platforms, Solaris is quite secure and does not require additional tools and programs for protection. Hence, the OS is cloud-friendly as well.
  • The OS comes in three different variants viz. Oracle Solaris (secure OS), Oracle Developer Studio (application development tool), and Oracle Solaris Cluster (app recovery and damage control tool).
  • With Solaris, you get the opportunity to protect your device’s system from crashes. Even if there is a crash, the same OS will allow you to recover with ease as well.

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Most Common and Popular Operating Systems: Listed

So, above we discussed the best and most commonly used operating system for you to try. All of these operating systems offer advanced and compatible features to you for better control. This means that you can use all or any of these OS as required to get the benefits of the desired features and services.

If you have some other related to the most famous and popular operating systems, then feel free to suggest the same in the comments. You can also ask your queries there as well. If you liked the write-up, do let us know and subscribe to the blog. Provide your email below to get real-time emails about new blog updates and more.

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