Installing Linux Distros is Now Easy in WSL as Windows 10 Make It

Published Date : Nov 04, 2020
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Installing Linux Distros is Now Easy in WSL as Windows 10 Make It

New Update in Windows Insider that makes it easy to install Linux in Windows. The most recent update in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20246 has more enhanced the WSL. WSL stands for Windows Subsystems for Linux. Users who are accessing this latest Insider Preview build, ready in Dev Channel, can now get the completely operative Linux ecosystem in the most recent version of Windows 10. Moreover, this all-new update also brought some handiest tools that let you install Linux distros with much ease. Basically, WSL allows developers to run the Linux environment on Windows without performing the dual-boot setup or need a virtual machine.  

Now, just with a single command, you can install the Linux distros on your Windows 10. Earlier, this feature has been released in early June this year with Insider Preview Build 20150. That clearly shows, the feature has been introduced in the two planes. 

Initially, the developers released the [wsl.exe – Install] command to run the Linux. After that, the command can automatically run all the steps that required to turn on the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) with voluntary attributes and with the other optional Virtual Machine elements. This is something beyond any zone, instead of running manually you’ll just need to run the [wsl.exe – Install] command to install WSL. 

Command will Now Install Supported Linux Distributions

Now, the latest Preview Build 20246 which launched a week back, will also install the supported Linux distributions. 

For example, the command [wsl.exe -install -distribution Ubuntu] will turn on the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and also download & install the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS distribution

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Latest Insider Build also Heads the Switch to the FE_RELEASE Branch

Just like earlier, when Windows introduced the builds from the MN_RELEASE branch and been constantly changed the abilities to make it way better. Similarly, this time Windows Insider will see that the name of the branch of FE(Iron) has changed to FE_RELEASE. Moving Insiders within branches will surely ensure that the work being accomplished in a particular branch. 

Moreover, the jump to the FE-RELEASE Branch results in the removal of some sort of features. Insiders will get to observe that some features including a reformed touch keyboard, typing through voice, theme-based dashing screens, upgraded emoticons, and more have been eradicated momentarily. However, it is being expected that they bring these features back into the Insiders in the coming future. 

Yet to Get The Best

4 years ago, Microsoft launched WSL at its Build developer conference in 2016. Through WSL, users can be able to execute their most preferable Linux command-line tools instantly in Windows with much ease and felicity. 

Recently, Microsoft launched part 2 of WSL, undoubtedly which is the better version of the earlier subsystem. Part 2 of WSL is not only the faster version, but it also lets you run a real Linux kernel at the core points. With this, Microsoft is close to accomplishing its aim of running graphical Linux apps on Windows just like the usual Windows apps. And, effectively, by observing the speedy work of the developers, we can say the Graphical Linux apps will sooner land on WSL subsystems in an Insiders. 

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