Microsoft Rolls Out New Fluent Style 2D and 3D Emojis in Windows 11

Published Date : Nov 25, 2021
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Microsoft Rolls Out New Fluent Style 2D and 3D Emojis in Windows 11

In official news, Microsoft revealed a new set of emojis with 3D designs. It was assumed that the set of 3D emojis will be showing up everywhere on Windows 11. But as the testing began the new emojis in Windows 11 were not in 3D design. The possible reason for that can be the Microsoft color font format used for emojis in windows. The vector format used by Microsoft has more file size benefits for flat emojis and is more scalable, unlike Apple which uses Bitmaps.

These emojis were a source of attraction for users and also became one of the considerate reasons for them to switch to Windows 11.

Emojis for Users
Image Credit: Microsoft

As clarified by Microsoft’s spokesperson these 3D emojis won’t be available everywhere. They are available only in the applications that support them and will not be a native for all the applications in Windows 11. It means the Operating System will use standard and updated 2D emojis but applications like skype, Microsoft teams, etc which support the update will have 3D emoji designs.

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For the updated set of 2D emojis, there’s a return for Clippy. The basic paper clip is now the character Clippy. The colors for the updated emojis are more saturated and bright.

Also, it has been made clear by the spokesperson that these updates will be only available in Windows 11 and Microsoft has no plans to bring any such updates for Windows 10 users.

All in all the emoji update is 2D for Windows 11 and 3D for apps that support them.

For the existing Windows 11 users, this emoji update will be available in November’s Windows update which also includes a number of bug fixes. The update can be done manually by checking any pending updates.

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