Windows 10: Microsoft Lowers the Frequency of Software Updates

Published Date : Nov 19, 2021
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Windows 10: Microsoft Lowers the Frequency of Software Updates

Microsoft in the blog post has stated that it will now offer major updates annually related to Windows 10, instead of the earlier periodicity of updating the operating system bi-annually.

Microsoft Corporation has recently rolled out an update for the Windows10 Home version users. With this update, the company has provided numerous fixes and has announced that it will keep rolling out software program updates for Windows 10, but it will lessen the recurrence of major Windows updates.

In an article posted on the blog by John Cable, Microsoft’s Vice President of Program Administration, Home Windows Servicing, stated

“We will transition to a new Home Windows 10 release cadence to line up with the Home Windows 11 cadence, aiming yearly attribute update releases… The next Home Windows 10 characteristic update is intended for the next half of 2022. We will continue to provide support to at least one version of Home Windows10 through October 2025,” 

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The Corporation has further validated that the earlier released variants of the Operating System will receive assistance only till October 2025, which implies, all the users of different Windows 10 variants will receive some more significant updates over a period of time.

The company has also mentioned that some variants of Windows 10 like the Enterprise editions and Education editions, version 1909 will end receiving assistance from May 2022. This implies after the dates mentioned in the article, the Operating System running on versions 1909 and 2004 will outlive unguarded. These versions will not receive periodic monthly security patches and quality updates consisting of protective cover against the latest security malware attacks.

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Likewise, Microsoft Corporation has also announced that Windows 11 updates will be rolled out annually to follow the rhythm. Windows 11 attribute updates will be published in the next half of the year 2022 and will appear with 2 years of assistance for multiple variants like  Windows 11 Home, Professional, Professional for Workstations, and Professional for Education. The corporation will only administer 3 years of assistance for Windows 11 Enterprise and Windows 11 Education variants.

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