The Lightweight OS Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 5.0 ‘Emerald’ To Replace Microsoft Windows

Published Date : Jun 06, 2020
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The Lightweight OS Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 5.0 'Emerald' To Replace Microsoft Windows

From Windows 7 to Windows 10, Microsoft is known for its efficient operating system. However the discontinuation of Windows 7 along with the presence of few bugs in Windows 10, Microsoft has left some of its Windows 7 users in a dilemma.

The confusion lies between the discontinued version of Windows 7 or the system upgrade to Windows 10. This is where the Linux operating system steps in. Linux lite will support both Windows 7 and 10 versions and will provide a modern and lightweight option to Windows switchers.

The new version is the 5th version and is known as Linux Lite 5.0 “Emerald”. It covers a full range of system updates and changes including design, theming, software, settings manager, and much more.

Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 5.0 ‘Emerald’ – All That You Need To Know

Linux Lite 5.0 ‘Emerald’ comes with several enhancements and features and is now available for download. The most prominent ones are mentioned below for you:

  • It is powered with Dual architecture support.
  • Its installer comes with a Third-party download option.
  • It does not include Pinta, Linux drawing, and editing tool.
  • A Firewall status functionality is added to its widgets.
  • Its Settings Manager is powered with HiDPI settings.
  • It comes with an updated and straightforward hardware section.
  • Emerald is supported with default UEFI boot mode support.
  • It is free from any hidden telemetry.
  • With Linux Lite 5.0 you also get a software update-notifier and logout options. You can use the Logout options to hide or show the functionality.
  • You will also see a replacement for the previously used note-taking app. New Zim app has taken over the old CherryTree application.
  • The Boot menu list will now have a dedicated OEM new boot entry.
  • For better security 5.0 version is also capable of checking the Filesystem integrating while booting.
  • The old Firewall utility GUFW has been replaced by a freshly designed, uncomplicated, and customizable FirewallD.
  • With the latest version you get three new Screen options including the:
  1. Feedback option.
  2. Select Light Or Dark Theme
  3. UEFI & Secure Boot.

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Software Specifications

Emerald is based on a lightweight and cutting-edge Ubuntu 20.04. Apart from this, it also comes loaded with several other modern and updated software including:

  • Gimp 2.10.18.
  • LibreOffice
  • VLC
  • Firefox 76.0.1
  • Linux kernel 5.4.0-33

Download and Installation Process of Linux Lite 5.0 “Emerald

If you have made your mind and have decided to switch from Windows to Linux lite 5.0 then you can install it from its official site. Once you have installed it burn the ISO image using a DVD drive or a USB port.

Official Website:

Here are some system prerequisites for installing it.

Minimum Recommended Specifications

  • Storage: 8GB
  • CPU: 1GHZ Processor.
  • RAM: 768MB
  • Resolution: 1024X768 resolution VGA Screen.
  • Media: USB Port or DVD Drive for ISO image.
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