LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management Tool Review 2023

Published Date : Jan 27, 2023
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Here is an honest review of one of the most popular backlink managers, the LinkChecker Pro Software. Check out the features, pros and cons, usage patterns, and other attributes related to the software that will help you decide whether you should use it in 2023.

Backlink manager software is one of the most crucial pillars that support any online business. With the help of the tool, a business can easily monitor and manage the backlinks of the business URLs. The tool will easily allow you to find out all the backlinks, keep an eye on backlinks performance, track the progress of the links, remove broken/harmful links, figure out the response in reference to the competitor, and manage the links in various other ways.

One such widely opted backlink management software is the LinkChecker Pro BackLink Manager. Although the tool is used by a number of online businesses and websites some may want to know more about the software. This is something that this article can help you with.

With the help of this LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management Software review, you will get information about various attributes of the tool. You will get the required and extensive information about the tool from features to pros and cons, from usage to performance. So, let’s proceed with this review right away and have a look at the features of the tool.

LinkChecker Pro Backlink Manager Features

Below are some of the top features of the LinkChecker Pro BackLink Manager for your ease. Have a look at these features and understand how the tool is different from a lot of similar alternatives.

BackLink Progress Analysis

One of the most obvious features of the LinkChecker Pro Backlink Manager software is that it allows you to easily check the progress of the backlinks. With a single click of the tool, you can easily figure out how well any backlink is performing. Additionally, you can also get information about broken or ill-performing backlinks. The tool comes in very handy especially when you have to find out whether an important guest post or any other kind of backlink is performing or not.

Sub Account Creation

One of the best features that you can avail of with the backlink management tool is sub-accounting. This means that if you want to create an additional account or sub-account for a specific project, then you can take the help of the tool to manage specific links and projects.

Usage Statistics and Comparison

The LinkChecker Pro Software is also helpful in getting specific usage statistics for you as well. If you want to know the performance of a particular backlink, you can categorize using the software and manage it as required. The tool also shows the overall usage statistics of all the backlinks at once. Using the statistics of specific projects, you can compare the same with the performing ones, and make further decisions for the improvement of the links.

Backlink Analysis

Apart from backlink management, you can also take the help of LinkChecker Pro for backlink analysis. If you want a one-stop solution that can help you get all the details related to the backlinks like the type of links, dynamics, anchors, and much more. You can set the filters for analysis and get the required information from the backlink management tool instantly.

Multiple Filters

One of the best features of the backlink management tool is that it allows you to set various filters and get the exact information you require. You can set the filters to find out the crawlability, indexability, and more. Additionally, if you are using the matrices of Majestic and Ahrefs. You can even set the period or duration for which you need the required information.

Unified Usage

All companies and businesses can not hire personnel in all departments. So, to understand the needs of all businesses, the LinkChecker Pro tool is developed in such a way that it can easily benefit employees, business managers, SEO executives, project managers, and every other department.

Real-Time Alerts

Another added benefit of using the LinkChecker Pro Backlink manager software is real-time alerts. Changes and errors can happen at any time, so it’s important to get the information about such errors and i.e what alerts do. The tool offers email and Telegram alerts to you in real-time for your ease. This includes notifications related to errors like the link not found, not Canonical URLs, etc.

That’s enough of the features of the LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management Tool. For better information and enhanced decision-making, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the software.

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Pros and Cons of LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management Tool


  • Suitable for all
  • Multiple packages to select from
  • A plethora of filters and periods for ease
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Allows you to figure out funds wasted on ineffective links
  • Analyze the performance of links in a batch
  • A streamlined workflow
  • Automation of redundant tasks
  • Helps in the top management of quality and responsive backlinks


  • Can be a little complicated for beginners
  • Multiple options can be confusing for some users

Now that we have straightened out the pros and cons of the software, let’s understand closely how the tool works.

How to Use LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management Tool?

With the help of the set of easy steps provided below, you can easily use the backlink software from LinkChecker Pro. Follow the steps and make the most out of the backlink management tool with ease:

  1. Firstly, get the backlink manager software by from its official website.
  2. Run the tool and add your domain to the backlink manager software by software. Provide the necessary access to proceed.
  3. Once added, click on the project name to proceed.
    Add linkchecker project
  4. On the project page, the tool will show you the found URLs, Dofollow links, and Indexed data.
    See URLs, Dofollow links, and Indexed data
  5. You can use different sets or matrices to get the desired information from the tool.
    use different sets or matrices
  6. You can get the Backlinks Analytics by clicking on the Analytics logo.
    Backlinks Analytics
  7. Click on the Links icon to get the details of all the viable backlinks to your URL.
    Links icon
  8. You can even filter the data according to your requirements.
    filter the data
  9. Scroll down the list to get the details of all the backlinks.
    details of all the backlinks

Now that we know the working of LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management tool let’s have a look at the pricing structure of the software.

Pricing of LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management Tool

The pricing structure of LinkChecker Pro Backlink Manager is quite varied. You get a variety of subscription alternatives to choose from. The below table represents the pricing data of LinkChecker Pro quite accurately:

Price (Paid Yearly)$ 21/month$ 42/month$ 83/month$ 120/month
Price (Paid Monthly)$ 25/month$ 50/month$ 100/month$ 150/month
Number of Links4001,0002,500
Number of Users1515
Number of URLs4,00010,00025,000
Number of Redirects100300600
SEO ToolsUnavailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Live DemoUnavailableUnavailableAvailableAvailable


The payments for the said subscriptions can be done very easily as the platform supports multiple forms of payments.

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Summing Up

So, here we are concluding the LinkChecker Pro Backlink Management Tool review. From the data provided in this guide, it must be clear that the tool offers a lot of extensive features and filters that are not easy to find. When compared to the similar tools and alternatives available online, LinkChecker Pro is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Hence, the tool can be the perfect choice for your business. As the software offers multiple packages, even the smallest of businesses and afford the software and get things done.

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