Windows OS Revamp is Expected to Hit In 2021

Published Date : Nov 01, 2020
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Windows OS Revamp is Expected to Hit In 2021

There are tons of speculations and hints were being spread and the word has it: Windows is dancing its wand for a revamp and this upcoming treat is codenamed as Sun Valley. It couldn’t be any more mysterious and equally interesting for Windows users to dig a little deeper in whatever that awaits ahead. 

We already had gathered signals from none other Microsoft on the working for a solid revamped refresh on Windows Operating System but then it all got confirmed with a teaser shared by Panos Panay, chief product officer of Microsoft in which we can see a great boost in interface coming. 

What We Can Expect from This Revamp

In a teaser video that was posted on Instagram, Microsoft has displayed the Windows Operating System evolving right from its initial phase, Windows 1.01 to reaching Windows 10. And we all had our eyes tucked into the seconds of glints that got us an idea how this UI reboot is going to appear like. This video has flaunted a sneak peak of revamped Windows with a whole new set of redesigned icons for the Start Menu.

Now the question goes to the flavors of treats this update is going to delight us with. So, what is it really that we can hope to see in a Windows revamp? 

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Well, Microsoft is getting ready to treat Windows users with a UI more significant than ever. This update will involve a new set of icons at Start Menu alongside the cleaner the file explorer and Action Center with updating designs and added functions. 

Apart from that, we can expect more seamless experience with the accessibility functions in the upcoming Windows revamp. Beside an improved design update, we may finally be able to get enhanced taskbar options, a range of pointers, and even the snipping tool. 

When Is It Going To Be Live

It seems to hasty to start counting on the upgrades this Windows revamp is going to shower on its users. But the fact that it has been forever since the big Windows 10 OS, we couldn’t contain the excitement to discover the major updates. Windows has always been in with minor changes and that had become too monotonous for a consistent user to spend time on. This reboot is expected to go live in 2021 and it’s pretty safe to admit, we all await the switch from the old version to the new one.

What are your thoughts on this buzzing update? Share your views in the comment section. 

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