Instagram Profile Pronouns Update for Display Gender Identity

Published Date : May 13, 2021
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Instagram Profile Pronouns Update for Display Gender Identity

Instagram has added a new profile pronouns update using which users can display their gender. The brand on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, took Twitter to announce the new update. The platform will soon offer the users four pronouns for their bio. The pronoun will appear in light grey text next to the name.

The pronounces can be added simply by editing your profile. Users can either make their identity public or can make it private. The feature is available at some market places and soon it will be available for all the users.

Vishal Shan, Vice President of Product at Instagram took Twitter to share how the new update will look at the profile and said, “Now you can add pronouns to your profile with a new field. It’s another way to express yourself on Instagram, and we’ve seen a lot of people adding pronouns already, so hopefully, this makes it even easier. Available in a few countries today with plans for more”.

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According to our sources, Instagram has 41 supported pronouns, the users can also suggest other pronouns by entering their dedicated pronouns request page. The of pronouns currently includes

  • co/ cos
  • fae/ faer
  • e/ ey/ em/ eir
  • She/ her/ hers
  • he/ him/ his
  • ne/ nir/ nirs
  • per/ pers
  • nee/ ner/ ners
  • mer/ mers
  • they/ them/ theirs
  • ve/ ver/ vis
  • xe/ xem /xyr
  • ze/ zie/ zir/ hir
  • thon/ thons
  • vi/ vir

Instagram has not made it clear in which part of the world the update is active. The users, however, can check the pronoun feature by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app, click on the ‘Profile’ button, and then ‘Edit Profile’.
  2. Now tap on the ‘Pronouns’ field.
  3. A new screen will appear, in the “Add your pronouns” type the pronoun and select the option that appeared.
  4. The users can choose up to 4 pronouns that they wish to add to their profile.
  5. The users can choose whether they want to make the pronouns public or private.
  6. After selecting all the options, click on the ‘Done’ button.

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This is how all the users can add pronouns to their profiles. After saving the changes made, in a few seconds, users can observe that the changes have appeared on the profile.

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