Instagram Introduces New Features to Reduce Online Bullying

Published Date : May 18, 2020
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Instagram Introduces New Features to Reduce Online Bullying

The 5th edition of the Community Standards Enforcement Report has been recently launched by Instagram. The primary focus of the reports is on the company’s efforts to keep their platforms safe and secure. The essence of the report has been picked from the policies followed by Facebook. 

Along with the 5th edition of the report, Facebook-owned social media app Instagram has also introduced several refined features to fight against negative comments and cyberbullying. With the newly added offerings, it plans to enhance users’ control over their accounts. 

Account-holders will now have the power to decide who can tag or post comments on their accounts. This has resulted in the removal of around 1.5 million negative comments from the Instagram platform. 

In addition to this, Instagram also has a unique feature for users with large followings, specifically celebrities. To avoid being a victim of coordinated trolls and negative responses over a specific post, account holders will now be able to limit multiple accounts from posting negative comments and delete bulk comments. This is probably one of the most awaited features which celebrities were looking for.

A spokesperson from Instagram stated that looking at the positive response and early feedback from people, it has not released the features for all its users, including mobile users.

  • Android users can simply manage and delete negative comments by selecting the comment and tapping on the dotted icon. 
  • iOS users will have to hold on a comment to get the dotted icon displayed on their screen. The icon will be placed on the top right corner. Users can choose the “Manage Comments” option from here and delete up to 25 comments in one go. Additionally, they can also opt for the “More Options” button to block various accounts in bulk.
Android users manage and delete negative comments by selecting the comment
Image Source: Instagram

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Positive Comments – Enhanced Way to Handle Them

In addition to the proper handling of negative user comments, Instagram also plans to launch a specific feature to amplify positive comments. The feature will be known as Pinned Comments which will have its major focus on user profile with more followers and positive interactions. This will mainly include celebrities, influencers, and top brands. It will allow users to place the positive comments on the top rack of their comments threat. 

Apart from this Instagram is also planning to release an elaborate set of features that will give users more control over their accounts. Besides restricting, uses will be able to choose who all can tag and mention you in their comments and stories. You will get to choose from various options including: 

  • Everyone.
  • No One.
  • Only People You Follow.

In light of the recent launches and upcoming events, it seems that Instagram is following a highly aggressive approach to handle cyberbullying and negative commenting on its user accounts.

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