Implementing a Unique Web Development Architecture

Published Date : Jun 27, 2024
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Implementing a Unique Web Development Architecture

Web development demands exceptional skills and vision. Oleksandr Rudin is among those experts who have excelled his career in web development architecture by accomplishing over ten projects in various industries, from robotics to the climate change sector. The diversity of his knowledge and unique approach to cutting-edge solutions helped him to earn a a top-rated specialist position. His contributions to such ventures as JobUFO, 1MRobotics, and others are invaluable in helping companies become more recognizable.

Oleksandr, what prompted you to enter the web development field?

My father, an engineer, taught me to enjoy engineering through math. Throughout school, I discovered that while football helped me build networking skills, chess helped me develop logical thinking, which helped me earn my master’s degree in Information Security at the National Aviation University in Kyiv.

While enrolled, I studied a lot of programming, which allowed me to join Codemotion as a software developer. It was my first step in web architecture as I developed projects from scratch. Codemotion promoted me to team lead while I worked as a full-stack developer.

Although I originally started as a backend developer, I realized my interest in JavaScript after being offered to try the language. Then, through eye-opening experiences, I realized that I could use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop interfaces for nearly any system, including the web. That’s how I began to establish myself as an interface development architect.

Can you tell us about your career success and how you have earned and pleased many clients?

I started working as a physical member for several companies, building projects and earning “team lead” status for full-stack and front-end positions. I learned the best web architecture practices and how to use methodologies like Scrum to deliver tasks promptly. 3Shape gave me experience in building a team and leading teams to success. I monitored my team’s wellness, salary, progress, and finances.

Leveraging my experience at these businesses, I started a business and became a senior architect to help startups transform their ideas into websites. Around the same time, I started working on modular architecture to streamline the development process.

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What is your biggest recent accomplishment?

I have secured long-term contracts without negative feedback from companies operating in different sectors. I believe this is due to my ability to quickly deliver high-quality projects to them. Some of my projects have even been geared toward presentations, conferences, and other events, which have been positively received. My commitment to customers drives me to even meet them during my travels if I visit their places. I adore traveling.

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I often choose locations where I can meet my clients personally.

Can you share your most challenging experience as an interface architect?

Working for 1MRobotics put my development skills to the test. The specifics for developing web applications vary greatly from that of robots. 1MRobotics’ systems were in an entirely different nation, so tracking bugs and resolving issues was challenging. I didn’t have all the data directly in front of me, so I had to recreate the environment and reproduce the issues from just watching a system’s screen.

How has your work impacted the social community?

Some of my clients are active members of the community and want to make the world a better place. For example, I developed online learning tools for, which wants to educate the world about climate change in hopes of developing solutions for reducing environmental impact.

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What architecture do you use in your work, and how does it help you streamline your projects?

In front-end development, a modular architecture is simpler to use than a traditional web architecture. A traditional web architecture consists of three business layers: presentation, application, and database. The presentation layer, or the user interface, presents information to a user. The application layer performs business logic and processes user requests. The database layer holds all of an application’s data.

Based on the grouping principle in Gestalt psychology, the human brain processes grouped data more efficiently than isolated data. Modular architecture behaves similarly, grouping related information so that the development life cycle saves time and money, and clients quickly grasp the purpose of different modules. This type of architecture is scalable, consistent, and well-structured for developers. It relies on React, Typescript, and the Redux Toolkit. In the future, I plan to integrate AI to improve it and optimize services for my clients.Earl Elliott 2

What are your future plans?

Well, I have already registered my company in the USA. Rudin Technologies LLC aims to provide interface development services using the architecture that I currently use in my work with my clients. I’m on my way to completing a business plan for the company’s short-term development and long-term strategy.

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Earl Elliott is a professional full-stack engineer who creates responsive web pages using Django and Angular. He works with remote clients, identifying and analyzing their design needs to deliver quality products.

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