Google’s ‘WiFiNanScan’ App to connects nearby device without the Internet or Bluetooth

Published Date : Mar 24, 2021
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Google Launches A New App That Connects Nearby Devices Without Bluetooth Internet Connection

This week Google launched the ‘WiFiNanScan’ app for Android users. The app aims to connect nearby devices without Bluetooth or an internet connection. Using the NAN technology the devices can connect between 1 meter to 15 meters. The software is available on Google Play Store.

NAN stands for Neighborhood Aware Networking, it is also known as Wi-Fi Aware protocol. The app has been designed for developers, vendors, universities, and other organizations that require users to connect the devices. Using the app once can create an independent and secured connection.

All the Android devices having Android version 8 and above can use this software to connect to the neighboring devices. When connected to a new device the user creates network sharing and can even share short messages.

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After the launch, the app has got a decent response from the users. The user has rated the software 2.7 out of 5 (120 reviews till the time of writing). The most common issue which the users are facing is that the software isn’t working properly. The reason behind the problem can be the WiFi chipset of the device.

What is WiFi Aware?

The WiFi Aware technology provides the user with a personalized local and social experience without any connectivity option. This technology requires at least Android 8 or better versions. Using the technology one can easily share data and receive messages from other devices.

The number of devices around will not affect the connection, one can easily connect and share.

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Benefits of WiFi Aware:

  • This technology can help users in sending files to the printer without an internet connection.
  • Attendance of the students in the school can be automated by this technology.
  • Connect various devices together to enjoy multiplayer games.
  • Play the same song on the connected devices.
  • Find the other connected devices in a crowded place easily.
  • Without an internet connection, the user can book while passing by a restaurant.
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