Google Launches New Version of Crawl Stats Report in Search Console

Published Date : Nov 27, 2020
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Google Launches New Version of Crawl Stats Report in Search Console

If you are a site owner (or maybe an enthusiast) who has been wondering about how discreetly Googlebot creeps into websites and where your website is really going then here’s a word you would definitely like to hear.

The search giant, Google is making headlines for a recent launch to help website owners get stats on the performance of their websites and allow them to know how their content is performing out there.

Google has introduced a brand new feature for its Crawl Stats report. In case you are confused with this term, a Crawl Stats report is a useful function which helps those who run websites have the freedom to understand the overall performance of their websites.

What’s New

The enhanced version of Google’s Crawl Stats report tool has brought a number of exciting features to the table which you should watch out for. In this new version, you will be able to view your data operating multiple helpful functions.

With Google’s enhanced Crawl Stats report you will be allowed to view information in details like the number of requests, the host status, and the URL examples that will let you know which part of your website has received site requests. 

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The detailed data on host status in the report will provide owners of websites the information on the availability of their sites that was present to Google over the duration of the last 90 days. The improved version of this Crawl Stats report tool will also present the data on the broken crawl requests. Apart from that, it has data on file type of the URL that’s been collected and also, the reasons why the crawl requests have occurred. 

Besides that, this report has come up with the ability to let site owners access the over-time charts, displaying the total requests, average response time alongside the total download size. It will help you decide whether you have to turn to another web hosting platform to maintain the average response time.

Investing yourself into a website and managing it is undoubtedly a task to not overlook as it demands consistent tabs. Thankfully, the Crawl Stats report by Google, with the help of detailed data, encourages site owners to make required changes and help them make sure that their sites are viewable in the search engine which ensures its accessibility to users. 

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