Google Launches a New Video App ‘Tangi’ to Take on Tik Tok

Published Date : Feb 03, 2020
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Google Launches a New Video App Tangi

The unexpected success of Tiktok has added a unique essence to the art of video making. Several market players are developing similar applications, Google being the newest entrant in this market space. 

Google has recently launched a social video sharing app ‘Tangi’, which comes from its experimental lab area 120. With Tangi, Google aims at providing multiple services like DIY (Do It Yourself) videos, art, and tutorials of various categories under one umbrella. Its main functionality is inspired by Pinterest and Tiktok, however, unlike Tik Tok users will be able to make 60 mins videos with Tangi. 

“Teach and give tangible offerings” is the underlying thought which led to the development of Google’s Tangi video making app.

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What is Tangi App? 

If you love creativity, Tangi is a must-have app for you. This video making app is a blessing for skilled people who are always looking for a platform to showcase their creative and innovative side. 

While Tiktok allows its users to post 15 seconds of entertainment videos, Tangi goes a step ahead with its 60-second videos. You can use it to upload videos in various categories including cooking, beauty, crafting, cosmetics, tutorial and much more. 

What Makes Tangi So Special? 

Google promises that the app is developed to help people productively use their free time and at the same time put their creative side on work. Its “Try It” feature is what makes it different from other Tiktok. 

The “Try It” feature of Tangi allows its users to recreate various videos and post them. It aims at providing a common platform for video creators and reviewers to share comments and enjoy healthy interaction.

The app also provides you the details of the number of views and likes on a particular video. Additionally, you can also see the details of the videos you liked from the “Like” section in your profile. 

Compatible Platforms and Accessibility

As per recent updates, the app is already available for use on iOS and web-based platforms, however, there is no news regarding its working on Android devices. 

Apart from this, it is not available in the European Union, and any user who wishes to upload their videos will have to join the waitlist. 

How to Use Tangi | Google’s Video Making App

Tangi is a user-friendly app that not only offers easy working but also keeps its users mesmerized with its appealing designs and stunning graphic representations. It is quite simple to navigate through it. 

If you happen to like a particular video you can like and save that video by clicking on the heart button. 

Unmatched Features of Tangi at a Glance

Without wasting much more time, let’s check what Tangi has in store for us. 

  1. It is inspired by popular creative platforms like Tiktok and Pinterest. 
  2. The app is currently available on iOS and web platforms, however, there is no news about its compatibility with Android devices.
  3. Its main focus is on creative and “DIY” Do It Yourself videos.
  4. Unlike TikTok users can create up to 1-minute videos in multiple categories like cooking, creativity, cosmetics, crafting, painting, etc with Tangi.
  5. Its use is not open to all and anyone who wishes to upload videos will have to join the waitlist first. 
  6. It is available on
  7. The application is entirely free from unwanted ads.
  8. If you specifically love someone’s work, you can click on the “Heart” icon corresponding to appreciate its creator.
  9. It supports category wise video searching. 
  10. Last but not the least, the app is completely free to use.

Concluding words

With so much in store, we are sure Tangi will sparkle in no time. Similarly, Instagram has recently launched its video-music remix service called, “Reels” and Facebook has launched “Lasso” last year to compete with Tiktok, the market leader in video making.

Download Google Tangi | Join Google Tangi Creators Waitlist

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