Google Chrome Will Notify You When You Visit a Website That Loads Slowly

Published Date : Nov 19, 2019
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Google Chrome Will Notify You When You Visit a Website That Loads Slowly

Google never ceases to upgrade and optimize its services and facilities. With the latest update that came from Google recently is that users will get a warning notification message for websites which are usually slow to load. This will help internet users a great deal as they can now distinguish whether it’s the site’s loading problem or the fault of their internet service provider.

Chrome will now indicate in the color-sensitive progress bar as well as on the loading screen, that the site is slow to load. A green progressive line would indicate that the site has a fast loading capability compared to a slow loading site which will be primarily indicated with a blue line as shown in the images below. The loading screen of slow sites will also have a message that the site ‘usually loads slowly’ with a red triangle.

Google Chrome Starts To Warning For Website Page Speed Slow

Page speed is an essential performance indicator of your website and gets impacted by a number of factors like:

  • The server and hosting of the website impact page speed. If the number of resources is less on the server then automatically the page speed will decrease.
  • Then, the size of the files, as well as the image size also decrease the page loading speed.
  • Too many plugins can also slow down the site.
  • The traffic that your website is receiving at any given moment is another factor that causes a site to load slowly.

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Page loading speed further impacts SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as it is among one of the most important Performance indicator metrics. If a site loads slowly, then it can automatically influence the ranking of the page on the search engine. If the ranking is downgraded then the website traffic will also get affected further.

Google also hinted that they are now going to monitor the page loading speed of a website very carefully to decide about the better ranking of websites on the search page.

Therefore, to enhance and optimize the website loading speed, businesses can take the help of Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, to get valuable suggestions about the improvement zones of their website. 

Lighthouse is another tool that has been automated by Google to evaluate a website’s performance.

Additionally, running an SEO audit for your website with the help of sites like can also help businesses gain useful insights on the page speed and other SEO related issues.

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The Chromium team expressed its plan in a blog about assigning badges to websites that will indicate which sites are slow to load. However, this plan is still in the experimental stage and will take some time to roll on full-fledged and be entirely functional.

The Mountain View firm said that it is going to provide a helping hand to users to understand when a page is slow to load. 

This is the best chance to update the websites as per Google’s standards to avoid being flagged for page speed issues.

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