Fujitsu FI-6130 Driver Download and Update for Windows 10, 11

Published Date : Sep 28, 2023
Fujitsu FI-6130 Driver Download and Update for Windows 10, 11

To execute the Fujitsu FI-6130 driver download and update on Windows 11/10, take the help of the below solutions and get the driver with ease. 

Fujitsu is currently considered to be among the best portable scanner manufacturers available on the market. This is because of its space-saving design and high-quality document management software. There are multiple scanners that you can try from the brand. But a viable one is the Fujitsu FI-6130.

The scanner is portable and takes care of your scanning requirements with ease. Nevertheless, the scanner begins to experience a wide variety of issues. This happens as soon as its driver is either unavailable or outdated. To protect yourself from this, you must ensure that the Fujitsu FI-6130 driver is always running the latest version.

In order to make the process of obtaining and upgrading the drivers for the scanner as easy as possible for you; this detailed tutorial will guide you through each step of the process. If you follow the procedures that are detailed in the following parts, you won’t have any problems obtaining and installing the driver for any Windows operating system.

So, let’s get into the tutorial right away.

Tested and Verified Methods for Fujitsu FI-6130 Driver Download and Update

You will find instructions to download and update the driver for Fujitsu FI-6130 driver Windows 10/11, manually and automatically, in the following section. You don’t have to follow all of these solutions; just proceed down this list and choose the method that is best for your devices and preferences. So, use any and get the latest version of the driver with ease.

Method 1: Automatically Update the Driver with Bit Driver Updater

The most efficient way to complete a Fujitsu FI-6130 driver update on Windows 11/10 is to make use of the driver updater tool. Bit Driver Updater is a free and the finest application for upgrading drivers that any Windows PC user can utilize. This utility is used by a large number of industry experts as well so that they may guarantee that their drivers are constantly up to current.

The tool, apart from downloading the drivers automatically and instantly, offers a variety of other features to you. Some of these are:

  • Single click updates
  • Driver update scheduling
  • Driver backup and restore capabilities
  • Smart UI
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Pleasing and ease usage approach
  • A huge database of drivers

How to Use the Bit Driver Updater for Driver Updates?

With the help of Bit Driver Updater and by adhering to the steps given below, it is possible to successfully execute the Fujitsu FI-6130 driver update for Windows 11/10 on your PC.

  1. To begin downloading the latest version of Bit Driver Updater, all you should do is click the link that has been given below.Windows-Download-Button
  2. Install the software and once the same is complete, activate the driver updater program, and from the menu on the left, choose the Scan option to begin the process of locating problematic, missing, broken, or out-of-date drivers.Scan outdated driver of your windows pc
  3. You have the option to update the driver for the Fujitsu scanner by selecting it from the list of outdated drivers and then clicking the Update Now button that is shown next to it. In any other case, you may update all of the device drivers at once by selecting the Update All option that is located in the upper right corner of the window.bit driver updater- update all
  4. Following the completion of the process, Bit Driver Updater will require that you restart your computer in order to apply the newly installed drivers.

In conclusion, this is how to utilize Bit Driver Updater to update out-of-date drivers on any Windows PC. The utility tool only requires a few clicks of the mouse to finish the process of installing the Fujitsu FI-6130 update and performing other necessary driver updates.

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Method 2: Take the Help of the Device Manager

Utilizing the Device Manager is yet another incredibly easy method for executing the latest Fujitsu FI-6130 driver update on Windows 11 & 10. On every Windows computer, you will find this program already pre-installed. To install the drivers utilizing Device Manager, follow the instructions provided below:

  1. In the search box located on the taskbar, type “Control Panel,” and then click the Enter key located on your keyboard.Search Windows 11 Control Panel
  2. Select “Large icons” as the icon view from the “View by” dropdown menu, then search for “Device Manager” and select it when you find it.Choose Device Manager
  3. To open up further options in the Imaging equipment category, click the arrow that is located next to it.
  4. After that, select Fujitsu FI-6130 by clicking the right mouse button.
  5. Proceed to the next part and select the option to Update Driver Software.Update driver software
  6. When the new pop-up window appears, select “Search automatically for drivers.Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software

Following the steps outlined above, the required Fujitsu FI-6130 driver Windows 11 will be located, downloaded, and installed on your computer system. After you have finished everything, you will need to simply restart your computer for the modifications to take effect.

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Method 3: Use OS Updates for Fujitsu FI-6130 Driver Update

Our last option is to use Windows Update in order to install the drivers on Windows-based computers. Not only does updating to the latest versions of the WindowsNT OS bring new improvements and some latest fixes, but it also makes it possible to install any driver updates.

Therefore, you may search for and get your Fuji FI-6130 driver update using the Windows Update service. To accomplish this, all you should do is follow the steps that are outlined in the following paragraphs:

  1. To start, you will need to hit the keyboard’s Windows key along with the I key simultaneously on your keyboard. This will bring up the Start menu.
  2. Once you are in the Settings menu, click the Update and Security option.Updates and Security
  3. Next, you will need to make sure Windows Update settings are chosen from the left pane. Afterward, click on “Check for Updates.”Check for Windows Updates This will begin the process of downloading and installing any available updates.
  4. While you are waiting, the device that you are using will automatically check for and download any updates that are still due.

You will need to restart your device in order to put these updates into effect when Windows Update has successfully installed all of the available driver updates as well as any other system updates.

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Method 4: Manually Download the Driver from the Official Website

Lastly, the only method to execute the Fujitsu FI-6130 driver download is from the official website of the manufacturer. If you have expertise in a technical niche as well as a lot of time, then you can go to the official website of the manufacturer and search for the compatible driver file for your device. Likewise, you can visit Fuji Xerox’s official site; to find and get the installer. To do this, all you should do is follow the procedures that are outlined below:

  1. The first thing you should do is go to Fuji’s main website.
  2. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose the correct operating system and language, after click on Apply Filter
  3. The next step is to continue by selecting the download option from the menu.
  4. At this point, open the downloaded setup file by double-clicking on it, and then proceed to follow the instructions that appear on the screen in order to install the latest version of the drivers.
  5. Once you’ve finished, you’ll need to restart your computer in order to save your changes.

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Fujitsu FI-6130 Driver Windows 11/10: Downloaded and Installed

And that’s it! You should now be able to successfully complete the Fujitsu Fi-6130 driver download on any Windows version. We are hopeful that you will now be able to simply and quickly install the latest version of the necessary drivers for your device.

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