Mozilla Firefox to Adds Separate Search Engine for Private Browsing

Published Date : Oct 11, 2019
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Mozilla Firefox to Introduce a Separate Search Engine for Private Browsing

Firefox in its latest release adds a new feature that allows its users to set different search engines for normal and private browsing.

It is believed that the recently introduced feature has taken inspiration from Vivaldi Browser, which works on the DuckDuckDGo browser in its private mode. 

To use the newly added functionality, you need to enable it by making certain changes to “about: config” bar. By default it is disabled and you will have to manually activate it.

Follow the below steps to enable the Firefox Nightly mode on your system.

  • Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox Nightly.
  • Open it and type “about:config” in the URL bar.
  • Paste the below mentioned commands in the search box and set their values to true.
  • Now click on the “Options” button followed by the “Search” button and finally click on “ Default Search Engine.” 
  • A drop-down list of available options will appear on your screen. Choose the default search engine you wish to use for private browsing. 
  • The list of options includes Amazon, Bing, DuckDuckGo, eBay, Wikipedia, Google, and Wikipedia. 
  • If you want the same search engine to work on private and normal mode, a simple check on “Use this search engine in Private Windows.” 

So, this is it for now. Currently, this functionality is available only in the testing mode. 

However, seeing the response towards this new Firefox Nightly feature, experts are anticipating that there are high chances that it will come as a default feature shortly unless any major complication pops up.

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