How to Enable the Dark Mode on Instagram for Android

Published Date : Oct 03, 2019
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Enable the Dark Mode on Instagram for Android

With Android 10 and iOS 13, Android gadgets have officially entered the era of Dark Mode. Most native Google apps are already compatible with this new technology. However, not all third-party apps are adaptable to it.

Among the third-party apps, Instagram has recently introduced it and has started testing the Dark Mode theme on Android devices.

It is known as the AMOLED Dark theme and signifies a black background color. It works reasonably well in all parts. However, there are still a few parts which are not perfect yet, hopefully with corrective updates we can expect them to work effortlessly.

Long battery life is one of the most talked benefits of the Dark theme, but unfortunately, the same doesn’t hold true for Instagram. Unlike other apps, it might not save too much battery life for you.

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It is still a substantial change, firstly because it will reduce the unwanted strain on users eyes and at the same time will make our surfing experience more enjoyable. 

Dark Mode | Do we need it?

In this technological era, everyone seems to be glued to their smart phone’s. Prolonged screen time can lead to excessive strain of eye, thereby leading to serious health issues. The Dark Mode theme comes with several benefits, some of its most prominent features are: 

  • It saves energy. 
  • A dark text on a white background improves the readability and reduces the level of strain on the eyes.
  • A dark screen reduces the glare, which minimizes the blue light and flickering. 

Recent Updates

As per recent reports, The Dark Theme is already available on some Samsung devices. It is accessible for use to beta users with the latest built-in version on Android devices, Version #

For Instagram users, it gets activated when you toggle on the Dark theme on your device. However, there is no exclusive option available to turn it on-off. Since Insta has not officially commented on this feature, all we can do is wait for correct updates. 

As per experts currently, there is a bug in the application, which hides the status bar icons when the Dark mode is activated on your phones.

How to set the Dark Mode on your Instagram account for Android devices?

  •  Install Apk on your device.
  • Enable the Dark Theme option.
  • Experience the Dark mode feature on your Instagram App.

Till now, the new feature is made compatible with Android 10 devices and is running flawlessly on a few other native devices like Redmi Note 7 Pro and Samsung One UI. 

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We hope that Instagram will make this feature available for a few more devices shortly.

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