HP Printer Driver Download, Install, and Update for Windows 11,10,7

Published Date : Nov 22, 2023
How to Download, Install and Update Printer Drivers for HP Printers

Correct and compatible drivers for your HP printer driver ensure the printer performs smoothly. Hence, you can read this article to learn the best ways to get the updated driver downloaded and installed.

Founded in 1998, Hewlett Packard (HP) is among the world’s leading manufacturers of computers and computer peripherals. Specifically, the company is a celebrated name across the globe for its top-notch printing solutions. HP printers are well-known for their accuracy, fast speed, and exceptional performance. However, they can function well only in conjunction with an HP printer driver.

The Hewlett-Packard printer drivers connect your PC to the printer. They translate your commands in 0s and 1s, i.e., the language your computer knows. Without an appropriate driver, the computer cannot understand and perform your commands as you may expect.

Most Recommended Method for HP Printer Driver Download for Windows 10 

The simplest and most trusted way of downloading and installing the latest version of HP drivers for printers on your Windows PC is through Win Riser Driver Updater. The software not only updates all the HP and other hardware drivers automatically in a single click of your mouse but also takes the performance of your computer to a whole new level. You can try this program for FREE by clicking on the below button.


Moreover, the absence of a driver can lead to system crashes, an unresponsive printer, and many other annoying problems. Hence, this post guides you through the best methods to download, install, and update the HP printer drivers for Windows 7/10/11. The following section shares them.

How to Download, Install, and Update the HP Printer Driver

You can follow the methods shared below to download and install the HP printer driver’s updated version for your Windows 11, 10, or 7 computers.

Method 1: Download the HP printer driver via HP’s website

HP releases the updated drivers for its printers on the official website. You can download and install the HP printer drivers for Windows 10 and other Windows versions from HP’s website if you know your computer’s operating system. If you do not have your PC’s operating system details, you can find them through the directions Settings>System>About. Once you have the needed details, follow these steps to get the driver.

  • Firstly, navigate to HP’s website.
  • Now, hover your mouse over the Support tab.
  • Select Software & drivers from the on-screen menu.HP Official Support - Click on Software and Driver
  • You can now choose a Printer as your product type.Click on printer - Hp Official
  • Input your printer name in the on-screen box and press Enter. For example, enter HP Envy 7640 if you wish to download the HP Envy 7640 printer driver.
  • Choose your operating system if it is not detected correctly.
  • Click on the Download button to download the HP printer driver’s installer.
  • Lastly, double-click the installer you downloaded above and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the printer driver installation.

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Method 2: Use Device Manager to download the Hewlett-Packard printer drivers

Device Manager is a tool available on all Windows computers to download and install the latest drivers for various peripherals. It helps fix driver-related problems. Though the driver download process through Device Manager is a bit lengthy, here is how to try it to update the HP printer driver.

  • Firstly, right-click on the Windows icon on your taskbar and select Device Manager. Select Device manager
  • After opening the Device Manager, choose the Printers or Print queues category.Select Print Queues in Device manager
  • Now, right-click on your HP printer and pick Update driver from the on-screen options.Update the Driver in windows pc
  • Choose Search automatically for the updated driver software option. Windows 11 users need to click on Search automatically for drivers.Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software
  • Have patience until Windows finds the right driver, downloads it, and installs it (it may take a couple of hours to do it).
  • Lastly, restart your computer to complete the process.

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Method 3: Download the HP printer driver update automatically (Recommended)

Above are all the manual ways you can try to get the required HP printer drivers for Windows 11/10/7 downloaded and installed. As you can notice, all these manual methods have a few downsides. For instance, downloading a non-compatible driver from the official website can harm your computer, and Devices Manager seems to take ages to get the correct driver.

Hence, we suggest automatic driver downloading and installation using a renowned driver updater like Win Riser. The Win Riser software updates all outdated drivers hassle-freely with one click and optimizes your computer for top-notch performance.

Moreover, Win Riser boasts many helpful features like ignore options for drivers you do not wish to update, driver backup and restore, schedulable and in-depth scans, malware detection, and junk removal to name a few.

The following link lets you get the Win Riser software on your computer.


After the software gets installed, you can simply follow the steps shared below to update the HP printer driver and all other drivers automatically.

  • Firstly, launch the software.
  • Choose the Scan option.Win Riser Scan the Outdated Driver
  • Now, wait for a couple of seconds until you get the scan results.
  • Review the scan results available on your screen.
  • Lastly, select the option to Fix Issues Now to resolve all issues automatically.Win Riser Update the All Outdated Driver Click On Fixes Now

If you wish, you can choose the Update Now option to download and install only the printer driver. However, it is not a recommended option as updating all drivers improves the computer performance significantly.

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HP Printer Driver Downloaded and Installed

This article introduced you to the approaches you can follow to get the latest HP printer drivers for Windows 7/10/11 installed on your computer. You can download and install the driver through any of these methods.

However, we suggest updating drivers through Win Riser, as it is the fastest, simplest, and safest way to do it. If you have any confusion, or questions, or wish to suggest something related to this post, please drop a comment in the comments section.

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