Install and Update Latest Canon Printer Drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7

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Install and Update Latest Canon Printer Drivers for Windows 10, 8, 7

Canon presents an amazing range of hardware and software products. Canon digital scanners, Canon digital camera, Canon printers, and even Canon camcorders are extremely popular. Canon has specific drivers for each kind of product.

If you are in this article because your Canon printer is not working properly, then we would like to inform you that there might be some serious problems with the Canon printer drivers.

Your Canon printer will only work properly when you are using the latest Canon printer drivers on your Windows computer. You can install Canon printer drivers for Windows 10 with the help of this article. Additionally, you can also learn to update outdated Canon printer drivers from this article and troubleshoot any problem with your Canon printer drivers.

Why Do The Canon Printer Drivers Not Function Properly?

Canon printer drivers can stop functioning due to the following reasons:

  • If the Canon printer drivers are outdated.
  • If the Canon printer drivers are corrupt or damaged.
  • If the Canon printer drivers are missing after a Windows Update.
  • If the Canon printer drivers are not compatible with Windows after you have upgraded to Windows 10 OS version.

Types of Methods to Install Canon Printer Drivers:

The below methods can help you with Canon printer drivers download. The methods have been laid out in a descriptive and step-by-step manner for ease of understanding.

Type 1. Manually Install Canon Printer Drivers

For Canon printer drivers download, you can opt for the manual method that can be carried out from Canon’s website. The steps have been given below:

Step 1. First of all, visit the official Canon Product Support website.

Step 2. You need to provide the printer model number in the Search box or find your product from the Products Category Section.

Manually install Canon printer drivers

Step 3. You will need to select the drivers by choosing the correct Windows OS version of your computer.

Step 4. From the retrieved results, locate the relevant driver package, and then you can go for Canon printer drivers download.

Step 5. After you have downloaded the Canon printer drivers package, then you can unzip the file (if the package is within a zipped folder) and double-click the .exe file.

Step 6. Doing this will start the installation process of Canon printer drivers.

Step 7. You can perform the required actions as per the on-screen instructions and finish the installation of the latest version of Canon printer drivers on your computer.

Step 8. Once done with the above steps, you can just reboot your computer.

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Type 2. Automatically Install and Update Canon Printer Drivers

Now that you have learnt the manual process of Canon printer drivers download, next you can learn how to obtain the Canon printer drivers in a quick, painless, and easy manner with the aid of an automated tool such as the ITL Driver Updater.

ITL Driver Updater Tool

The manual method is tedious, hectic, time-consuming, and requires basic technical skills whereas the automatic way is swift and tool-dependent, hence is independent of the user’s understanding and technical skills.

Steps for Canon Printer Drivers Download with ITL Driver Updater:

Step 1. Click the download button below to download and install the tool on your computer.

Step 2. Then, use the tool to “scan” your computer. It will furnish you with a list of missing drivers, corrupted drivers, as well as outdated drivers.

Step 3. Click the “Update” button so that the driver updater tool can automatically find the Canon printer drivers download version from its extensive driver database.

Step 4. Afterwards, it will automatically install the Canon printer drivers on your computer.

Step 5. Lastly, you can restart your computer once.

Offerings and Benefits of ITL Driver Updater:

  • Backup & Restore feature helps you save all drivers and data files and recover them when needed.
  • One-Click Update feature saves your time to update multiple device drivers at one go.
  • You can schedule scans at regular intervals to keep track of your device driver condition and always keep them updated.
  • Offers 10 times faster driver download speed.
  • Features an extensive driver database.
  • Optimizes the PC performance.
  • Includes a driver exclusion list to omit certain devices from being scanned and updated.
  • Users can avail round the clock technical support.
  • The tool constantly maintains the system drivers and hence mainatains the PC performance over a prolonged period.

Conclusion: Install Canon Printer Drivers

Canon printer drivers download is a breeze with the methods described in the article above. Hopefully, you can now resolve the issues with the Canon printer drivers on your own and use your Canon printer smoothly.

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