CleanMyMac vs CCleaner a Best Comparison 2022

Published Date : Nov 02, 2022
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CleanMyMac vs CCleaner a Best Comparison

Check out this comparative guide explaining the difference between CleanMyMac and CCleaner and know which one of the tools is better for your use. 

Mac Cleaners are quite important for your macOS device. These tools allow you to get the best performance out of your device by getting rid of excess junk, unwanted files, and more. Additionally, as such tools remove all the unnecessary data from your device, you also get more storage at your disposal.

Two of the most popular and commonly used Mac cleaning applications are CleanMyMac and CCleaner. Although both of the tools are quite great at what they do, there has always been confusion between the two about working, performance, and more. This is something that we will straighten out with the help of this guide; CleanMyMac vs CCleaner.

So, first, let’s know the similarity between the tools and then move on to CleanMyMac and CCleaner differences.

How are CleanMyMac and CCleaner Similar to Each Other

As you know, both CleanMyMac and CCleaner are tools from the same category of effective Mac cleaners. The performance of both tools is quite similar in certain aspects. Hence, below are some of these:

  • Browser History and Login Data Cleaning: Both CleanMyMac and CCleaner allow you to remove the browser history and cache. Additionally, you can also get rid of the login data with a single click.
  • Integrated App Uninstaller: Additionally, using either CleanMyMac or CCleaner, you can get rid of unnecessary apps by uninstalling them.
  • Cross-Platform Base: You can use both CleanMyMac or CCleaner on Windows or Mac devices. However, the CleanMyMac edition for Windows devices is named CleanMy PC.
  • Single-Click Optimization: Moreover, both CleanMyMac and CCleaner offer single-click optimization options for your Mac.

So, these were the common features posed by both of the cleaners. Now, for more information, let’s get to the part explaining CleanMyMac vs CCleaner.

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CleanMyMac vs CCleaner: The Difference

The table below shows how CleanMyMac and CCleaner are different from each other as Mac clean apps. However, we suggest you go through the entire basis of differences and decide which one of the tools is better as per your requirements.

Basis of Difference CleanMyMac CCleaner 
Available Space OverwritingCleanMyMac doesn’t allow you to overwrite the storage cleared.CCleaner allows you to overwrite the storage cleared.
Folder CleaningUsing CleanMyMac, you can not get rid of unwanted data from specific folders.Using CCleaner, you can get rid of unwanted data from specific folders.
Cleaning of Large FilesCleanMyMac supports the cleaning of large files very easily.However, CCleaner does not support the cleaning of large files on Mac.
Cleaning of Old FilesWith the help of CleanMyMac, you can easily get rid of all the old files.With the help of CCleaner, you can not get rid of all the old files.
Malware CleaningCleanMyMac helps you to remove malware from your Mac very deeply.But, CCleaner does not remove malware from your Mac.
App Updater CleanMyMac comes with an integrated Mac app updater for your ease.Alternatively, CCleaner does not have an integrated Mac app updater.
Space ChartsYou can use CleanMyMac to know about the types of files taking up your space using charts and other visualizations.CClenaer does not support charts and other visualizations for space analysis.
Resetting of AppsUsing CleanMyMac, you can easily reset any of the apps present on the Mac.Using CCleaner, you never reset any of the apps present on the Mac.
Cleaning SuggestionsMoreover, CleanMyMac provides different suggestions for cleaning to improve the performance of the device.Alternatively, CCleaner does not provide any suggestions for cleaning to improve the performance of the device.
Thinning Time MachineCleanMyMac supports time Machine thinning with ease.However, CCleaner does not support time Machine thinning.
User-FriendlyCleanMyMac has a lot of options under different menus that sometimes become very difficult to find. Hence, CleanMyMac is not as user-friendly.The interface of CCleaner is very user-friendly as it offers all the functionalities on the main page of the interface.
Benefits with the Free VersionCleanMyMac does not offer as many benefits, features, and functionalities with the free version.But, CCleaner offers different benefits, features, and functionalities with the free version.
Price Difference The premium version of CleanMyMac is available for you at $34.95.The premium version of CCleaner is available for you at $24.95.
Privacy ProtectionAdditionally, CleanMyMac’s free version does not offer privacy protection features with its free package.CClenaer’s free version offers extensive privacy protection features with its free package.
Optimization Tools and OptionsCleanMyMac offers more optimization tools and options to you.However, CCleaner offers fewer optimization tools and options to you.
Storage Cleaning LimitationsWith the free version of CleanMyMac, you get storage cleaning limitations of 500MB at most.With the free version of CCleaner, you do not get storage cleaning limitations.

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CleanMyMac vs CCleaner: Conclusion

So, we hope that after analyzing the data provided in the previous sections, you were able to determine how CleanMyMac and CCleaner differ from each other. If we talk in conclusion, the price posed by CleanMyMac is more than that of CCleaner. However, the tool makes it up to you by offering more features and functionalities. Additionally, if you want to try the free versions of CleanMyMac and CCleaner the former offers fewer features as compared to the latter.

Lastly, if you are a beginner-level user of Mac cleaners, then you may face problems while using CleanMyMac. This is because the tool offers tons of different functionalities that are not as easy to find as that with CCleaner.

Additionally, if you have any doubts related to CleanMyMac vs CCleaner, then we may be able to assist you further. Write your queries to us using the comments section below. We will come up and provide you with the best solutions possible. Moreover, you can also provide your feedback regarding the guide. Your suggestions are much appreciated and we would try our best to implement the same.

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