What is Blue Eyes Technology – Benefits and Usage?

Published Date : Sep 22, 2019
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What is Blue Eyes Technology - Benefits and Usage

What is Blue Eye Technology? 

Blue Eyes technology aims at taking today’s computer system to the next level by giving them human abilities and powers.

This incredible technology can make a computer understand human behavior, sense feelings, and make them react and reciprocate to all sensed emotional levels. 

Till now, computer systems were able to sense our presence with the help of mechanisms like a fingerprint, face recognition, and video calls. However, it was unable to detect and control human feelings and emotions. 

One of the most significant advantages of Blue Eye technology is that it will empower computer systems to understand human powers and react accordingly. It works on facial recognition and speech recognition technology. 

The hidden meaning of this technology is a combination of Bluetooth and Eye. It tracks eye movement to gather information. It works on two interconnected devices: CSU (Central System Unit) and DAU (Data Acquisition Unit). Both the devices are connected to each other with a Bluetooth connection. 

DAU functions to accumulate data from the sensor and share it with Bluetooth. Additionally, it also supplies all messages from the CPU to the operator. While on the other hand, the Central system unit buffers incoming data to provide a visualization interface. 

What is the Need for Blue Eyes Technology?

  1. Human errors remain the primary cause of most natural calamities. Any unsupervised social contribution can degrade the overall performance of a system. Using an automated and permanent solution can avoid significant losses in such scenarios.
  2. Human intervention and supervision can result in a drop in vigilance and weariness. We need an automated observer who can work uninterruptedly, and this technology offers a perfect solution to such problems.
  3. Most importantly, we need it to develop a computer system that can feel, understand, and reciprocate human behavior. A computer system that can listen to the talk and even scream. 

How will Blue Eyes Technology Empower Computer Systems? 

  • It works on an uninterrupted sensing mechanism that uses high-end microphones and video cameras to understand human actions.
  • It uses various physiological parameters to notify and trigger pre-defined alarms. The parameters include heartbeat rate, eye movement, blood oxygenation, and many more. 
  • It works on a personal area network linking mechanism which connects all supervision system and operators.
  • The operator observes the controlled systems using hearing and sight senses while the physiological parameters are taken care of by the supervising system.
  • Moreover, it also uses a high-end eye movement sensor integrated with a CMOS camera to track the point of gaze and see what the operator is looking at. 

Applied Sciences in Blue Eyes Technology

  1. Emotional mouse: This advanced mouse mechanism is used to identify and observe human emotions like happiness, fear, anger, etc. It also supports the tracking of behavioral changes (finger pressure, mouse movement) along with physiological information, including skin temperature, heart rate, etc. 
  2. Speech recognition technique empowered with Artificial intelligence: In this method, the input words are matched with the already fed words. The user uses a microphone to speak to the computer for identification purposes, and then words are filtered, fed to an Analog to digital converter and are finally stored on the RAM.
  3. Manual and Gaze input: This technique uses two magical points known as the conservative and liberal, to target the selection by reducing the cursor movement. 
  4. Simple User interest tracker: Simple user tracker is used to noticing and tracking user behavior and reactions using various channels including web browsing, application, and gaze. It observes users behavior and displays relevant information.
  5. Eye movement sensor: It measures eye position along with its movement. 

Blue Eyes Technology | Its Benefits

Out of the many uses of Blue eyes technology, below mentioned are some of its most prominent benefits

  • It supports eye monitoring by interpreting and recording human movement.
  • It is widely used in new generation video games to make them more interactive and exciting.
  • It helps in monitoring human behavior and physiological conditions.
  • Its proves to be a helpful technique in flight control centers, power plant control room, and captain bridges.

Final Words

This incredible technology aims at providing a simplifies living environment by empowering computer system with user-friendly facilities. 

It is undoubtedly one of the best methods of reducing the computer and human gap and continues to develop with each passing day. The day is not far when we will have the computer system interacting directly with human beings. 

However, a lot remains uncovered, With its incredible working mechanism and power. Blue Eyes technology can prove to be exceptionally useful in military command centers, operations theaters, transportation and many more

Image Source: Krazytech

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