Best VR Games For Android [Latest 2024]

Published Date : Dec 29, 2023
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Best VR Games For Android

Everyone dreams about becoming a hero! Thanks to Virtual Reality, ordinary people can now experience being Super-Heros. All they need to do is play any of the best VR games for Android. VR android games allow people to live their imaginations by stepping into an entirely new virtual world using just their smartphone.

With android virtual reality games, regular lives become more exciting for some time by simply encountering incredible virtual spaces and environments. For that, one doesn’t need a desktop or laptop. Your mobile screen can also offer you the same simulation. Yes! You heard it right. You only need your smartphone to transport you into the all-new fantasy world.

Virtual Reality games for android help you have a ‘real experience’ in a virtual world. So, if you’re looking for the best android VR games, you’ve come to the right place. But, with so many good VR games for Android, it isn’t easy to know what is really worth trying out. Therefore, we prepared a list of the best VR games for Android. Check them out below!

17 Best VR Games for Android [Latest 2024 Updated]

If you haven’t tried playing VR phone games yet, we recommend grabbing a mobile VR headset to try it now. Once you are into it, VR games for phones can be addictive and immersive. So we recommend playing these top mobile VR games moderately.

1. Eclipse: Edge Of Light

Eclipse: Edge Of Light

Eclipse: Edge of Light is one of the best mobile VR games where you crash-landed on a sentient planet. When you wake up, you discover an alien wonder armed with an artifact that helps you find out the planet’s past doom and shows you the secret to survival.

Using your jetpack-equipped space suit, you can explore the ancient ruins in this free VR game for Android. You will also discover the planet’s mysterious past and encounter intimidating challenges. The game task lasts over three hours and retains you occupied every moment.

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2. InMind VR 2 – A Scientific Brain Quest

InMind VR 2 – A Scientific Brain Quest

We all desire to become space astronauts, time travelers or super-heroes. The InMind 2 as a VR phone game offers an extraordinary experience combining play and study. Hence it is an action/arcade VR android game based on educational purposes.

It shapes your desire to become like someone you admire. The game allows you to have a ‘brain experience’ that examines your abilities like decision-making and facing challenges. This virtual reality game for Android is about the chemistry behind human emotion inspired by the Disney movie “Inside Out.”

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3. Whispering Eons

Whispering Eons

Whispering Eons is one of the best VR games for Android by Google Cardboard. With this VR phone game, you don’t just play the story but live the game. The Whispering Eons comes with immersive puzzles and spectacular scenes.

The cyberhero named Ryan Condrad assists you in exploring his planet Gaea. The experience seems real as you meet and interact with a few non-playing characters. A bonus is a pleasing soundtrack that mesmerizes this virtual journey.

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4. Sisters – Best Horror Android VR Game

Sisters – Best Horror Android VR Game

Horror is one of the most popular categories in gaming, and ‘Sisters’ certainly earns its place among the top contenders in new VR games for Android. This VR android game allows players to watch the terror unfolding around them. The controls are simple for easy play with immersive 360-degree visuals and superior audio.

Can you imagine how challenging it is to survive when ‘someone or something doesn’t want to tolerate your presence here? So, be careful where you look or what you do in this 360 VR game for Android. Have a horrifying gaming time!

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5. Gravity Pull – Android VR Puzzle Game

Sisters – Best Horror Android VR Game

If you like to move as you play, check out the perfect VR game for Android  – Gravity. In this VR game for your phone, you need to use your head and legs, walk or even jog around. So ensure you have enough space while playing this top mobile VR game.

The Gravity Pull is designed for Google Cardboard and Daydream, which lets you solve 16 mind-blending physical puzzles by strategically inserting cubes on switches to open doors. We recommended playing the Android virtual reality game with Cardboard V2, which has a capacitive touch button headset.

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6. Minos Starfighter VR Game

Minos Starfighter VR Game

Ride and zoom through the space with difficult challenges in the Minos Starfighter VR game for Android. But before starting this VR android game, ensure your phone is compatible with the Google Cardboard app since it is built specially for Google Cardboard-type VR headsets.

Minos Starfighter is a first-person arcade space shooter game featuring triple AAA graphics. Additionally, it comes with uninterrupted gameplay with progressively harder enemies waves. So gear up to race through the stars.

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7. Proton Pulse Google Cardboard

Proton Pulse Google Cardboard

With more than 50 levels to cross and beat the well-known M.O.A.I., this is one of the most popular and best phone VR games. Proton Pulse Google Cardboard is a 3D arcade brick-breaking virtual reality game for Android with a new perception.

The entity is called M.O.A.I have attacked, and now you have to save the world. You are opted to compete in the game of atomic paddleball. You must use your paddle to direct the proton and finish the M.O.A.I core. The proton is an energy ball with enormous power.

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Gathering trophies is always fun in VR games, and BAMF is a VR platforming game. There is no jumping or running around but only teleporting. So you will have to explore, lose your way in mazes, and tackle time hurdles.

It is currently compatible with screen-tapping, Bluetooth/USB controllers, and magnetic switches and therefore makes it to the list of best VR games for Android. However, it is a Google Cardboard virtual reality game for Android and needs a compatible smartphone. We recommend that you play this 360 VR game for Android on a swivel chair or standing up, as it facilitates the 360-degree turns easily.

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9. VR Wrong Voyage

VR Wrong Voyage

Sometimes wrong turns are the best, says this best free VR game for Android with its title VR Wrong Voyage. Made for the Cardboard, it is an fps/puzzle hybrid android virtual reality game with retro style made by Team Fguillotine. It is compatible with Google Cardboard with FreeFly VR, Archos VR, MIRVirtality, and Dive VR.

To play this wonderful VR android game, you must have a Bluetooth gamepad and Virtual Reality HMD like Google Cardboard. It is a crazy world that you get to experience since you meet ancient construction and modern technology. So, maybe getting stuck or lost in a mysterious environment is your excellent gaming experience.

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10. VR Fantasy

VR Fantasy

One of the top mobile VR games makes you feel like a knight in shining armor. Discover the dungeons of an old fortress and fight with your sword in this fantasy virtual reality game for Android.

You must have a Virtual Reality viewer like Cardboard to play a fantasy VR android game. You get to test your skill with ancient fighting weapons like the sword, ax, and a powerful magic stick that helps you to shoot fireballs.

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11. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Roller coaster rides have been the gaming zone’s most popular and well-tried experiences. So the Roller Coaster virtual reality game for Android lets you experience a 3D fantasy ride with variations to garb different senses of adventure and excitement.

It is one of the best VR games for Android, as roller coaster rides will never go out of fashion. If you have a device without a gyroscope sensor, tilt your head left or right to rotate the view. The 360-degree video rides come from real footage, making this roller coaster simulation very real.

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12. Hidden Temple VR Adventures

Hidden Temple VR Adventures

Unleash the treasure hunter inside you in the deepest of the jungles! The Hidden Temple VR mobile game offers you a mystery, treasures and a great adventure. Therefore, this Android virtual reality game is the most popular among every age group.

This VR phone game is a classic point-and-click type where you must collect and combine items to resolve riddles. You will uncover the secret chambers, have corridors to explore, view places and find the hidden treasure of gold and jewels. The Hidden Temple is best to play with a VR headset that provides a 360-degree view and a great gaming experience!

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13. VR Noir

VR Noir

If you find comfort in the familiar, consider playing this Android VR game – VR Noir. Not a new but worth playing one; VR Noir, where you play the role of Veronica Coltrane, a private detective forced to take a job for the sake of money.

This is one of the best mobile VR games with a fantastic storyline and immersive gameplay. You need Google Cardboard to play this conspiracy VR game. So if you are keen on investing in things and concluding solid points about cases, this game is certainly for you.

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14. BattleZ VR

BattleZ VR

BattleZ VR is a multiplayer FPS VR game for Android compatible with Google Cardboard and Gear VR, making it popular among friends who want to play together. Team up with your friends and defend their homes that zombies rule in this popular Android VR game.

For a completely thrilling experience, you need a Virtual Reality Viewer and a motion-tracking controller like a RealViewer or a RealControl, which can get it from the website

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15. Hunters Gate

Hunters Gate

If you fancy a gothic-themed dungeon crawler adventure with plenty of hack and slash challenges, you might want to check out this VR game for Android. In addition, you also get to become one hell of a bullet shooter.

For example, you can pick out to be either Forge, who is a gunslinger or Payne, who is a revenge-driven mage. But, first, you have to start protecting the town from the demon attack. It finishes when you take the combat to the demons by invading their world. You can also unlock and upgrade artillery, spells, and Hunter Skills.

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16. InCell VR

InCell VR

The next one on our list of best VR Games for Android is InCell VR. The racing and action game offers a thrilling journey to gamers inside micro world of human cells & to stop virus waves. It is based on science and strategy. The best part is it doesn’t require any set of cables.

Rated as 13+ the game requires Android version 4.4 or higher and requires a storage space 1.28GB. The casual game is single player and is also available for offline playing. If you want to switch off the VR mode you can easily do that from the Main menu or by simply tapping and holding your screen.

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17. Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels

Acron- Attack Of The Squirrels

This is without a doubt one of the most captivating and enjoyable virtual reality experiences that can be had on a mobile device, and it is definitely something that is worth devoting a significant amount of time to. It is not exactly a virtual reality game, but Acrorn: Attack of the Squirrels is. It is a really thrilling experience to throw a variety of projectiles at squirrels who are approaching, and it is much more fun to pick them up and throw them off somewhere in the distance. The virtual reality component is the highlight of the game, despite the fact that playing as the squirrels is very amusing. The sheer magnitude of the gap in size between the squirrels and the tree makes you feel big, and the magnitude of each meeting is even more remarkable.

In Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, one person assumes the role of a tree by donning a virtual reality headset and playing the game. On the other hand, it would be inexcusable to leave it out, given that this is without a doubt one of the most impressive virtual reality games available for mobile devices. The remaining players play the game on their mobile devices as they normally would, and they are tasked with stealing the acorns off the tree.

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Google is leading the way in VR games for phones with platforms like Cardboard. So if you’re looking to experience the best VR games for Android available right now, start with the Cardboard and Daydream apps for the best mobile VR experience.

But when you’re looking for the best android VR games, the future will surprise you. Though VR technology is still in its infancy, it is gradually becoming mainstream. So get ready for what comes next.

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