Best Vlog Audio Editing Tools for Windows and Mac in 2024

Published Date : May 07, 2024
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Best Vlog Audio Editing Tools for Windows and Mac

Audio is instrumental in helping you connect better with your audience. Hence, here are the best editing tools to create impactful and gripping vlog audio.

Do you know over 3.48 billion people consumed video content online in 2022, which has only increased since then? Well, such is the popularity of vlogs. Hence, marketers and creators greatly use vlogging as an effective strategy to reach a wider audience. However, only a fraction of vlogs capture the desired attention, with perfect vlog audio editing playing a key role in attracting viewers.

With audio editing, you can modify your video audio’s sound elements, incorporate engaging dialogues, add music, apply sound effects, and do much more to create a truly engaging vlog. However, it is no secret that editing vlogs is an easy task only if you have the best vlog audio editing tools for Windows/Mac.

Hence, if you are looking for software to edit vlog audio, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to present a ranked list of the best software curated after deep research and analysis of various factors, such as features of the software, ease of use, etc. Let us not waste valuable time and begin with it right away.

Best Free Vlog Audio Editing Software in 2024 for Beginners and Pros

Here are our top recommendations for the best vlog audio editing tools for Windows and Mac.

1. Audacity


You can go for Audacity if you are looking for the best free software to edit vlog audio. It is an easy-to-use tool for single and multiple-track audio editing with features, such as support for a variety of third-party plugins (VST3, Nyquist, etc.), multi-track mixing, waveform editing, noise reduction, and those given below.

Key features of Audacity

  • It allows you to export, import, and convert all popular audio formats, such as WAV, MP3, Ogg, FLAC, and more
  • The Audacity spectrogram lets you view or apply scientific Vamp analyzers
  • This software lets you stream to podcast listeners directly

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2. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

Next, we have Adobe Audition as one of the best vlog audio editing software. It is a one-stop destination for audio editing, recording, mixing, and restoring. With this software, you can apply more than 12000 sound effects to create exciting podcasts, audio, or film projects, compress audio files, and do a lot more with the following features.

Key features of Adobe Audition

  • It supports external plugins, such as VST3, VST, and AU
  • Adobe Audition boasts a noise-reduction tool to detect and remove undesirable sounds from your audio
  • There is an option to add frequently performed actions as favorites to save time
  • It helps you speed up multi-track editing using templates
  • This software supports video tracks and allows you to view the reference video during the editing process

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3. Acoustica Standard Edition

Acoustica Standard Edition

If you are looking for an Adobe Audition alternative that is also among the best tools to edit vlog audio, you can choose Acoustica Standard Edition. With this audio editor, you can perform single-track waveform editing, and multi-track mixing, and apply effects such as an equalizer, a limiter, and get the following features to amp up the audio in your vlogs.

Key features of Acoustica Standard Edition

  • It supports Broadcast Wave Metadata, including time offsets
  • This software has a restoration tool to remove pop, hiss, and other unwanted sounds from recordings
  • It supports third-party plugins in VST3, VST, and AU formats
  • The Processing Chain box lets you create your effects
  • Acoustica boasts a user-friendly tabbed interface with a dark color scheme

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4. Audiate


Next, we have Audiate for everyone who needs transcription-based vlog audio editing for macOS and Windows. With this simple yet powerful tool, you can effortlessly edit audio even if you are a beginner. It uses the power of AI to transform a script into studio-quality audio in a variety of languages and styles. Moreover, here are a few other features that make Audiate an attractive software.

Key features of Audiate

  • You can use this software to generate a script, rewrite a script, summarize videos, and translate current scripts for multiple language creation
  • Audiate marks and remove hesitations automatically with a single click
  • It boasts studio-quality effects to help you remove noise, enhance your voice, and solve common audio problems
  • This software offers many user-friendly editing shortcuts, such as an option to insert silence before and after to break up the text

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5. SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

Here comes SOUND FORGE Audio Studio. It is a complete audio editing solution. You can use this program to record podcasts in high quality with up to 384 kHz, edit audio, and apply a wide variety of professional effects to edit your recordings. Moreover, the following features make this software an excellent choice for vlogs.

Key features of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio

  • You can edit up to six channels with this software
  • There is a loudness meter that displays the loudness of your audio files in the form of a graph
  • The mono compatibility meter lets you track playback compatibility and identify phase cancellations and other problems
  • It boasts multi-language documentation and interactive tutorials to help you use the software
  • There are predesigned presets to create excellent recordings

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6. Hindenburg Pro 2

Hindenburg Pro 2

Let us introduce you to Hindenburg Pro 2. It is quite a unique software that allows you to transcribe and edit your recordings like a text document, locate sound bites, move segments, or organize material even without the internet. Moreover, this software can automatically adjust volume levels, use a built-in profiler, enhance voice tracks with an automatic equalizer, and take advantage of the following features.

Key features of Hindenburg Pro 2

  • It lets you make chapter-based audio separations or add markers during recording
  • You can divide the sound bites, ambiance, music, and other clips into four groups using the clipboard function
  • It lets you access the Soundly library to find the best audio to incorporate into your production

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7. AudioMass


Here comes AudioMass on our list of the best software to edit vlog audio. With this web-based tool, you can use the device’s microphone to record audio, edit uploaded files from your PC, or direct it to any URL to open any file on the internet. Moreover, it is well-known because of its user-friendly single-track waveform editing. Furthermore, the following are some notable features of this software.

Key features of AudioMass

  • It allows you to perform cut, trim, move, duplication, and various other operations on your audio
  • There are many effects you can use to enhance the audio quality of your vlog
  • AudioMass boasts tools for noise reduction, equalization, compression, normalizer, reverbs, delays, and distortion
  • This software offers an extremely helpful spectrum and frequency visualization

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Best Vlog Audio Editing Tools: The Conclusion

So, these were some of the top software we would recommend to edit vlog audio effortlessly. You can choose one or more of these programs after comparing their features with your requirements. However, if you have confusion, questions, or suggestions to improve our list, please use the comments section below to get in touch with us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to ensure you do not miss out on our next post.

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