9 Best Sticky Notes Alternatives in 2024

Published Date : Jan 04, 2024
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Best Sticky Notes Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Sticky Notes, then this post can help! Here, you will find the 9 best Sticky Notes alternatives. Read the entire article for complete details.

Notes are crucial for a person who wants to be productive and do more in less time. Notes help us to keep our tasks, priorities, and appointments organized and sorted. Post-its and traditional paper notes are good but they make your workplace look haywire and messy. Now’s the time to go digital and use note-taking applications or utilities that can make you more productive and procrastinate less.

Sticky Notes is also such a program that allows you to list your tasks, ideas, and schedules on your computer. However, people using Windows for a while might have noticed that our favorite note-taking application hasn’t received a single update in many years. With technology evolving every other day, Windows users expect their favorite note-taking application to evolve too.

But, that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. So, such lethargy has caused users to look for Sticky Notes alternatives. And, we decided to look for the best alternatives to the Sticky Notes program. The software or note-taking utilities listed here are similar and better than Sticky Notes.

Factors to consider before selecting your alternatives for note-taking application:

  1. Feasibility
  2. Security
  3. Rich features
  4. Customizable notes

A List of Top 9 Sticky Notes Alternatives in 2024

So, consider these factors and go through this list and look for your dream Windows Sticky Notes Alternatives:

1. Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft has brought us a more advanced, feasible, and better alternative known as Microsoft Sticky Notes.

Using Microsoft Sticky Notes, you can add or keep a check on your daily tasks, maintain appointments, schedule reminders, and so much more. The aforementioned is one of the best Sticky Notes alternatives available on the web. Users can also use multiple text formatting features such as bullets, strikethrough, and more.

Microsoft Sticky Notes also offers intelligent insights as per your input data. For instance, if you type an address in your note, it’ll turn into a clickable link that will open the place on the map. Cool, isn’t it?


  • Multiple text formatting available
  • Smart insights on your input
  • Advanced than its predecessor


  • Doesn’t possess a stay-on-top feature which makes it irritating for some users.

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2. StickyPad


StickyPad is another one of Sticky Notes alternatives for Windows 10. It’s a free and light program that allows users to make floating notes on their desktop or other windows.

StickyPad allows you to configure the opacity of your note at your convenience. It also has a ‘translucent feature’ that ensures your note stays on your screen while you work relentlessly.

StickyPad also allows you to save and print your notes. A quirky feature that StickyPad provides to its users is to program a hotkey to switch the program to ‘note-taking’ mode.

So, instead of hovering around with the mouse to launch StickyPad, you can simply press the hotkey.


  • Availability of translucent features.
  • Users can program a hotkey to launch the program.
  • You can adjust the opacity of the notes.


  • There are better and more advanced alternatives present in the market.

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3. Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes

We would also love to enlist Simple Sticky Notes here as one of the Sticky Notes alternatives. This note-taking tool is simple, fast, light, and yet powerful. Simple Sticky Notes allows you to keep all of your tasks appear on top of all windows, which is a great and useful feature. So, the user can browse seamlessly and add or delete tasks as they move forward.

This program also allows you to drag and drop texts directly in the notes. Multiple text formatting features are also present in this tool. However, images are not supported. Other than that, you can edit titles, change colors, configure opacity, share notes, and whatnot! Simple Sticky notes are the perfect Sticky Notes Windows 10 alternative.


  • Have almost every feature of a note-taking program and some premium features also.
  • Multiple text formatting options are available for the user to use.
  • It’s a free alternative for Sticky Notes.


  • Simple Sticky Notes doesn’t support images or pictures.

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4. Notezilla


Notezilla is another Windows Sticky Notes alternative that you can consider. This program’s design is somewhat similar to the previous Sticky Notes application and might give you a bit of nostalgia.

However, the difference between the both is the latter’s cloud connectivity and the availability of design skins. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that this program can also be your dream replacement for the Notepad app as it can get as wide as the Windows screen.

If a simplistic and minimalist note-taking application gives you monotonous vibes then Notezilla can help you with its many design templates and skins.

Notezilla also provides a feature to pin your notes to Word documents or other Windows files.

This app is available for free, but, if you like it way too much then you can buy a one-year subscription at $19.95 or the lifetime version at $29.95.


  • Cloud connectivity
  • You can access notes from anywhere and from any device.
  • Possess multiple design templates to spice up your notes.


  • Some features are restricted to free users.

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5. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google is known to make its versions of the popular app. Sticky Notes is also not spared, google has its perfect alternative known as Google Keep.

Google Keep makes your note-taking simple, fun, and fast. With Google Keep, you can create notes and access them from anywhere as long as you have the internet(and credentials of your google account).

Google Keep allows you to create text notes, add an image, make a to-do list, or even record voice notes if you’re too lazy to type.

OCR(Optical Character Recognition) is also available in this online tool. So, you can glean text out of images and even search for them on the web. Google Keep also transcribes your audio notes into text and attaches them for you to examine yourself.

You can even invite and collaborate with your friends on a single note in real-time.


  • Keep has OCR and auto-transcribe features.
  • Google Keep is free of cost
  • You can also set various kinds of reminders with this tool.
  • Dark theme is also available.


  • It’s an online tool like Google docs and not an application or software.

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6. PNotes


PNotes is also one of the Sticky Notes alternatives available on the net. This application is a fast, simple, and customizable manager of your notes.

PNotes supports multiple languages, separate note toggles, transparency of notes, scheduling and so more.

Security and portability are the main mottoes of this note-taking utility. PNotes provides password protection on each level of note-taking, whether it’s on the program, group, or even single note. Users can back up and also synchronize their notes.

PNotes is extremely portable. It doesn’t require an installation and can be booted from any drive and leaves no fingerprints on the host computer after finishing.

Users also enjoy seamless text formatting features, skins and design templates, note scheduling, Text-to-Speech, and many other awesome features.


  • The gamut of premium features for absolutely free.
  • Top-notch security and portability for your notes.
  • Flexible organization or grouping.


  • PNotes can be a little complex for non-geeks.

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7. Sticky Notes 8

Sticky Notes 8

Sticky Notes 8 is another popular alternative to the original Sticky Notes. However, the change here is that this application walks in tandem with the advanced Windows 10 and users worldwide.

This program allows you to choose from a few colors for your notes, the customization is negligible than some desktop apps in terms of font size, color, etc. Sticky Notes 8 provides a ‘Live Tile’ feature in three sizes: small, medium, and wide view.

We highly recommend using only the wide view as the medium and small views can’t show a satisfactory amount of text to a user.

The best lookout feature in this application is in-built syncing with OneDrive that instantly backs up your notes. Sticky Notes 8 shows ads to its users, which you can remove for a one-time fee of $1.50. In sum, one of the most popular Sticky Notes Windows 10 alternatives.


  • In-built sync with OneDrive.
  • Reliable and easy to use.


  • The small and medium views can’t show much text
  • Ads might irritate you.

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8. Hott Notes

Hott Notes

Hott Notes allow you to create notes with the day’s date as the title. Although, you can change the title later on.

Hott Notes is similar to other Sticky Notes alternatives present in this list as it allows the user to change the font, color, and design or theme of the notes. Setting reminders is also an easy-peasy task with this application. All the notes are manageable and can be grouped as per your choice.

The feature that makes Hott Notes stand out in this list is you can scribble and doodle with a stylus. Another cool feature is the wastebasket. So, you can restore your deleted notes if needed.


  • Unique stylus functionality.
  • Light and fast note-taking application.


  • Might not have the advanced features that numerous free software have.

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9. EverNote


Here’s another note-taking app that will justify this list of the best Sticky Notes alternatives. EverNote is considered to be an advanced and better alternative to Sticky Notes. This tool offers so many additional features to EverNote that Sticky Notes can never. Using this streamlined nad centralized note-taking tool, you can easily take notes on one device and modify it on another. The tool works on Android, Windows, and other operating systems.


  • Multiple editing options
  • Friendly reminders
  • Real-time operation


  • A bit pricey.

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Closing Words on Best Sticky Notes Alternatives for Windows in 2024

So, these were some Sticky Notes alternatives that will perfectly suit your needs and help you in managing, scheduling, and appointing your tasks with ease. Most of the note-taking applications mentioned here are free but some have premium plans that unlock some cooler features.

We hope you find this guide helpful. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any better suggestions.

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