Best Productivity Apps for Mac You Should Use in 2024

Published Date : Jan 03, 2024
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Best Productivity Apps for Mac

To work better on your laptop, here are some of the best productivity apps for Mac for free in 2024. Try one, two, or maybe all of these apps and quickly improve your productivity on Mac. 

Smart work over hard work.

macOS is a lightning-fast operating system that offers tons of features. The interface of the OS is quite amazing and smooth. You may use your Mac to execute a variety of tasks. However, productivity matters a lot when it comes to executing any type of task. Even a fast operating system will be of no use to you if you are not productive in using it.

Hence, everyone tries to achieve maximum productivity while using macOS. You may feel at times that you are not being productive while working on Mac. This feeling of lack of productivity can be very demotivating and may hamper your productivity even further. But, you don’t need to fall victim to this feeling.

You will find various tools on the internet that can easily help you be productive and get things done very quickly. To help you even further, we are providing the best productivity apps for Mac for free in this article. These tools or apps will allow you to work better on your device and consume less time and effort in executing various tasks. So, let’s have a look at the apps for further information.

Best Productivity Apps for Mac Free in 2024

Below are some of the top best productivity apps for Mac free for you to try in 2024. Using any of these tools, you can get the best productivity out of the Mac and do more in less time. Download and use any or all of these Mac productivity tools as necessary and skyrocket your performance with ease.

1. ProofHub


Let’s start with this list of the best free productivity apps for Mac by listing the actual best app at the top. ProofHub is an amazing app that allows you to increase your productivity on the Mac very easily. With the help of ProofHub, you can manage all the members of your team and collaborate with the same as required.

Why this app is loved so much by professionals is because it is one of those few best Mac productivity apps that allows you to assign and manage tasks and roles of every member. Using the same app, even the users can raise an alert if they have a problem with any task. This way, the concerned party can address the problem raised as necessary. And that’s not all. With ProofHub you get many features and options that you never have to worry about your productivity levels.

Get ProofHub for Mac

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2. Clockify


Clockify is the next name on this list of the best productivity apps for Mac for free in 2024. If you want to track the time of any task or schedule work for yourself or your team members, then Clockify is the best pal for you. With the help of Clockify, you can create timesheet(s) and/or share the calendar with others.

Additionally, Clockify also contains a Kiosk section that shows the presence and absence of different users of the platform connected to your platform. The Clockify app is also available on iOS devices. Hence, you can use the app as well to keep track of the project members and execute different tasks on time.

Get Cockify for Mac

3. Cron


Cron is a not-so-well-known but one of the most popular and amazing best productivity apps for Mac for free. The tool works like a next-generation calendar tool for your Mac. With the help of Cron, you can easily manage all the upcoming events, meetings, and whatnot using a standalone tool.

The app is quite advanced and reads your Gmail, Zoom, and other account information to provide real-time notifications of upcoming tasks. This way, using Cron, one of the free productivity apps, you will never miss any important upcoming events. Additionally, the tool is very easy to use and beginner friendly. But that does not mean that the app is of no use to experts. Cron is a versatile productivity app built for all.

Get Cron for Mac

4. Krisp


If you are working remotely or attend a lot of meetings during the day, then Krisp can be one of the best productivity apps for Mac for free in 2024. The app is quite advanced and allows you to receive and present better during meetings. With the help of Krisp, you can improve the receiving and sending audio quality.

Apart from this, Krips is one of the leading best Mac productivity apps that have proved to reduce the noise from an ongoing meeting effectively. But that’s not all, Krisp is an amazing meeting tool that allows you to even add or remove virtual backgrounds while attending a meeting. Moreover, if you are in a confined space, Krisp will allow you to reduce the echo and deliver audio perfectly as required.

Hence, this one of the free productivity apps can be of great help to professionals.

Get Krisp For Mac

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5. Alfred


Alfred, just like the butler of Batman, is one of the most helpful and best productivity apps for Mac. With Alfred, you can easily boost your productivity by allowing you to work with hotkeys and text expansion. But the working of the app is not confined to these two services only.

Alfred is a one-stop solution that allows you to look for and launch the desired apps on Mac according to your specific requirements. This way, you don’t have to spend tons of hours typing and looking for things. Instead, you can use the hotkeys in this productivity tool. Hence, the app is also a part of some of the best productivity apps for Mac students.

Get Alfred for Mac

6. Spark Mail

Spark Mail

If you deal with tons of emails regularly, then managing such emails effectively can really boost your productivity. Spark Mail is one of the best productivity apps for Mac for free that can make this task easy for you. Just like its name, Spark Mail is designed to deliver easy management of emails on your Mac.

Spark Email is one of the most downloaded and popular apps on the Apple Store. The app sorts all the emails into various categories and allows you to manage them accordingly. Why Spark Mail is one of the best Mac productivity tools is because it allows you to attend to important emails first and get things done quickly. Additionally, you can even discuss emails privately with Spark Mail.

Get Spark Mail for Mac

7. 1Password


We create a lot of accounts on various online platforms. This allows us the ease of getting things done. However, creating so many accounts and passwords can be very confusing at times. Hence, the next tool on this list of the best productivity apps for Mac for free in 2024 is related to the ease of managing such passwords and accounts. 1Passowrd is an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage and secure all the accounts and passwords on a single platform.

1Password, one of the smartest free productivity apps, makes it easy for you to login into platforms. Instead of entering different passwords and account credentials repeatedly, the tool allows you to get one password for all and use the same to log in. Instead of using the tool for your requirements only, you can get a subscription to 1Password for different users.

Get 1Password for Mac

8. aText


The next name on this list of the best productivity apps for Mac for free that make working easy on the device is aText. Just like its name, the aText app is related to text or typing. With the help of aText, you can easily automate trying tasks and make text recording easy. If you tend to use a specific word or phrase repeatedly, you can use aText to map some keys to that word or phrase.

This will allow you to type faster and complete all the pending tasks without having to type repeatedly. Another benefit of this tool as one of the free productivity apps or tools is that you can download and use this tool on Windows and macOS. Moreover, the tool will also correct the wrongly put phrase for you as well. Even if you are using a remote client or PC, you can use aText to get the typing experience on the device.

Get aText for Mac

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9. Franz5


Franz5 is another one of the best productivity apps for Mac for free. You may use different social media platforms for chatting. If this is so, you need to download and use the Franz5 app as it allows you to integrate messaging platforms like Whatapps, Telegram, Facebook, Slack, and more. This app is the best for those who use different social media platforms readily or those who use these platforms to provide support for business customers.

With the help of Franz5, you can manage multiple accounts and platforms on a single source. All you need to do is allow the app to collect some account information for ease. Additionally, this one of the free productivity apps is not limited to social media platforms only. Franz5 also allows you to manage learning platforms like HubSpot, Slack, and more. You can easily use the tool to maintain work and life balance along with increasing productivity.

Get Franz5 for Mac

10. Airmail


Airmail is the last name on this list of the best productivity apps for Mac for free in 2024. The app, just like Spark Mail, is an email management tool that makes it easy to control and use emails on your Mac. The interface of the app is so smooth and attractive that it has also won an award for the same.

If you are using email from more than one platform (Gmail, GSuite, etc.), then Airmail is amongst the best Mac productivity tools that can be the pal you need. You can easily add as many accounts as you want on a single platform and manage them with ease. Additionally, the app contains a Send Later option that allows you to schedule the email for later as per your requirements. This feature may not be available on regular mail apps.

Get AirMail for Mac

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11. Todoist


Another one on the list of the best productivity apps for Mac is Todoist. The app is extremely useful for note-making. Use it to ace your best projects both personal and professional. All the extraordinary features of the app are available for free. These include browser extensions, adding interactive boards, and task creation.

However, to expand the functionality you can switch to the Paid version of the app. The upgrade offers regular backup, automated reminders, and much more.

Get Todoist for Mac

Best Productivity Apps for Mac for Free in 2024: Listed

So, in the previous sections of this article, we had a look at some of the best Mac productivity apps in 2024. All of these apps are designed and created for ease of your use. The sole purpose of these apps is to make all the tasks easy for you and do what’s required very quickly. Therefore, increasing the overall productivity of beginners, intermediaries, or professionals.

We hope that the best productivity apps for Mac for free in 2024 listed above were of some help to you at the very least. If you are satisfied with the write-up, do let us know your views and suggestions in the comments section below. You can even ask your queries and doubts related to the topic in the same. We will respond with the best reply soon.

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