7 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android & iPhone in 2024

Published Date : Jan 08, 2024
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7 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

Many of us have grown fond of mangas over years. This creation that dashes in right from the Japanese culture has been a major source of entertainment to many and now the charm is spilled across the world, among several cultures, accenting an increasing demand for manga readers out there. If you are looking for a manga reader with easy navigation, a world of tremendous catalog and decent quality, here are the ones. This article fetches you 7 best manga reader apps for Android and iPhone that you can give a shot right away. Here we go.

Best Free Manga Reader Apps For Android & iOS Devices in 2024

There are tons of categories that the best manga reader apps offer to match your taste in manga reading. In case you have failed searching for them, here are the best manga reader apps for iPhone and Android devices. 

1. MangaToon


Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Price: Free; In-app purchases

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Manga Toon is one of the best free manga reader apps for Android and iPhone to give a shot: MangaToon. This powerful manga reader app has your ability to access the diversity of content covered in its own colorful appearance  of comics. MangaToon features a large library and a diverse range of genres like love, comedy, action, horror etc. This app lets you create your own collection of books and you are free to download your favourite ones if you’d like to read them offline in your next leisure. What makes this app even better is its feature to let you compose your own stories and unveil your creativity by sharing them with others. On the top, this app supports multiple languages apart from English including Spanish, Thai, Indonesian and Portuguese.

Download App: Android and iPhone

2. Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Price: Free; In-app purchases

While counting on the best manga reader apps for iPhone and Android phones, it is not a surprise to mention Manga Dogs. After all, this one has an intuitive functionality along with solid features that are too useful to miss. This app offers you a grand library of tons of mangas from multiple sources and treats you with a diverse selection of content to meet your interests. Apart from recommending you the best ones and matching your taste, this app makes sure it isn’t tough on you when it comes to using it. What else? This app keeps updating books timely and alerts you when the fresh content is up. Besides, a variety of custom features are there in this app to boost your experience.

Download App: Android and iPhone

3. Manga Reader

Manga Reader

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Price: Free; In-app purchases

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Manga Reader is yet another best app for iPhone and Android devices. This fantastic manga app brings forth a winsome sort of functionality and if you are a manga fan, this one’s has got a lot for you. You get to walk through a vast library of mangas from multiple sources and this app makes sure your standards are being met. Then, this app lets you boost your search with a smart filter to let you easily find what you’re hunting for. You are offered a platter of recommendations here as this app has its eye on your tastes and not to mention, your search history. What’s even more powerful about this manga reader app is that it lets you download multiple mangas simultaneously with the maximum number being 5. Spot your favourite, have it downloaded and save it for your impending weekend pleasure with Manga Reader.

Download App: Android and iPhone

4. VIZ Manga

VIZ Manga

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Price: Free; In-app purchases

Viz Manga is one of the best manga reader apps for Android devices as well as iPhone. This app brings you the privilege to roam across the popular manga and comics and you will always find the newness in content being updated from time to time which keeps you hooked on this one. Besides, it’s a great app for you if you are into creating a library out of your favourite mangas. VIZ Manga offers you a custom library which lets you go on with your favourite comics whenever you want. This manga reader app offers you free access along with in-app purchases and you can read the previews of paid content for free. On the top, you always have an option to download and read your favourites offline

Download App: Android and iPhone

5. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Price: Free; In-app purchases

If you want hassle-free access to the most trending and ever-updating mangas in your tweaks then Crunchyroll Manga comes cruising all the way to you and makes sure you have the hottest picks covered. This one is another best manga reader app for Android and iPhone that brings you truckloads of manga books as soon as they hit the release in Japan which eradicates the option to keep waiting to read the books you desire. Apart from that, it features a clean appearance along with a lane of custom options that you can use to manage all your favourites as your taste asks. Using the basics in this app comes for free but if you want to get your hands all over the one big catalog then there’s a premium version you can get in this app.

Download App: Android and iPhone

6. ComicRack


Compatibility: Android

Price: $7.99

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Are you the Android user who’s in search of a power-packed manga app? Well, your search may come to an incredible outcome as ComicRack fairly makes one of the best manga reader apps for Android. This app has its one big world of features that are simply irresistible. It offers you a heck of tools to experiment and modify your reading experience with ability to fine-tune the colors on content according to your comfort and to tag your readings as unread, completed alongside the bookmark option. It provides the widgets, making sure that you get a quick pinch of reading. At times when you are sick of its appearance, you can try those live wallpapers this app offers to have your own kind of touch-ups done on it. Another interesting part about this one is Twitter integration which lets you share your current reads with your followers. Unfortunately, this feature-filled tool is only for Android users. Besides, you may have to spend a good price on this one but as its features suggest, the app is worth those extra dimes.

Download App: Android

7. Manga Rock Pro

Manga Rock Pro

Compatibility: iPhone

Price: Free

Manga Rock Pro is a solid choice on the list of best manga reader apps for iPhone users. It offers a vast collection of tons of comics. From comedies to horror ones, whether your heart craves romance or you just need an escape to a fantasy world, this app has got everything covered. It brings you a room of custom options that let you tweak the app with your taste. Besides, it keeps your inner explorer kindled by updating fresh comics regularly and gives you the perk reading your dear ones offline with the download option. To inculcate this app with the coolest of handy options, it’s safe to say that there surely has to be a place for this one in your to-try list of the best manga reader apps.

Download App: iPhone

Wrapping Up

There you were selecting your favorite manga reader apps and we hope you have found what you were looking for. But if you think we’ve missed any name that deserved a mention here, shoot it in the comment section and we will be back with another list of best ones soon. 

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