7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2021

Published Date : Nov 27, 2020
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7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2021

In today’s interconnected world, the emergence of best keyword research tools makes the business landscape a very exciting arena for products, web content, and online marketing campaigns that want to rank higher on the most popular search engines.

In other words, you need to figure out how people are searching for the products, services or a piece of information that you offer, in order to make it possible for them to find your site via Google search results—otherwise, they’ll land on one of your competitor’s web pages.

In light of this, building a strategy around the keyword you wish to rank for is vital, and there are plenty of keyword research tools to help you with that.

Here’s the list of best keyword research tools (free & paid) to help you choose the right combination of short and long-tail keywords for gaining more organic traffic.

Let’s jump right into the world of keyword research.

List of 7 Best Keyword Research or Analysis Tools for SEO

1. SEMrush


With more than 4 million users, SEMrush has long been recognized as one of the best SEO keyword tools to analyze your competitors’ strategies and keywords.

From SEO to SMM (Social media marketing), SEMrush can help you find the best SEO keywords and develop a perfect content that drives more sales & organic traffic for your website.

With a database of 10 billion keywords, SEMrush provides an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, keyword rankings, paid and organic search, and Backlinking.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool with its 2 million keyword ideas allows you to pick the best keywords for your SEO or PPC campaigns.

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2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner by Google, is one of the most effective SEO keywords tool with you can find the relevant keywords for your business in a matter of seconds.

With this free keyword research tool, you can easily narrow your SEO keyword list down to the ones you really want.

You can use this SEO tool to search for short or long-tail keywords related to your products or services to boost your online business.

3. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is one of the most popular keyword research tools that can help you find keywords for your target audience to grow more search traffic.

The amazing set of tools you get with Ahrefs helps you analyze your competitors’ strategies, keywords, and search traffic for better SEO optimization.

Ahrefs not only helps you perform SEO and PPC keyword research, but also provides an in-depth competitive analysis, backlink research, content research, rank tracking, and many more to improve your brands’ organic search traffic.

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4. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is one of the best keyword research tools for SEO that provides 500 million traffic-driving keywords to rank higher on Google search results.

It also helps you perform competitive keyword analysis and evaluate SEO keywords by search volume with more than 95% accuracy.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer also provides various free SEO tools to identify long-tail keywords with high relevance for generating more organic website traffic.

5. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is one of the best free keyword research tools that offer up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term.

This tool is currently rated as the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner and other keyword research tools.

You can use this smart keyword research tool for free, even without creating an account.

It uses Google Autocomplete to generate thousands of long-tail keywords for any given topic.

Keyword Tool might come last in the list of best keyword research tools, but it is definitely worth trying.

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6. KWFinder


If you are searching for a tool that only committed to Keyword research then KWFinder is your most preferred bet. However, KWFinder is new in this realm. But, at the same time, it is the one who rapidly growing in the realm of SEO tool companies. It helps you in getting high-targeted traffic by generating the best keywords. Moreover, if you are a newbie and don’t have any idea how to get started. 

Then, KWFinder provides a beginner guide to help you out. So, by accessing this trainee guide you can get started. Apart from this, KWFinder is equipped with tons of great features including an easy-to-use user interface, filters to cultivate the keywords list, no language barrier, can use it anywhere, and many more. 

However, it is not free completely, after a free trial, there are three parts i.e., Basic, Premium, and Agency. So, to move further, according to your requirements you can opt for one out of all. Without a doubt, KWFinder is one of the best Keyword research tools that you can use.

 7. LongTailPro


Next on this rundown, LongTailPro is one of the best keyword research tools that find standard keywords to get the targeted high-reach. This keyword research tool produces the long-tail keyword for ideal websites. Moreover, it increases the standards of SEO. LongTailPro is not a free tool, it only offers the 7-day free trial and once the free trial gets over you need to buy its premium packages. 

The premium packages include $25 per month for a beginner and $45 per month for a pro. User-friendly, offers suggestions, quickly find long-tail keywords, and so on are some of the core features of LongTailPro. You can’t afford to miss it, so, go grab it and use LongTailPro, one of the wondrous Keyword analysis tools to set the new bars of SEO. 

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Increase Traffic via Best Keyword Research Tools 

In today’s digital era, keyword research (also known as SEO keyword research or keyword analysis) is the most important SEO factor for any web content, cost-per-click (CPC), and online marketing campaigns.

SEO tools listed-above are some of the best keyword research tools on the basis of ease and popularity. So, if you’re looking to build a brand or rank high on Google’s first search engine results page (SERP), choose any aforementioned SEO tools to find the right keywords for your business or blog to reach a relevant audience. 

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